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Summary: Dedicated to a special lass: Skag Trendy get's payback on a certain someone. Sam and Dean just happen, voilence, crack...

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WARNING: you know who you are! this, fic...right here. They're after you missy...I'd run.

"Hey what about, erm...that chubacarbra in New Orleans?...Or the vamp nest in Maine?"

"Nah man...does't stand out, and it's waaayy too far away, some other hunter'l do it."

Sam sighed.

"Dean man, just pick something please!...We've been going over leads for three hours man!" Sam rubbed a hand through his hair, and sighed.

"Well...I got nothing dude. Just lay back, I wanna' do something..."

Sam's interest was peaked. "Really?...what?" Dean could practically hear the grin in his brother's voice.

"Nothing Sammy, calm down. It's just some spare time...ya know, to ourselves..."

Sam contined to stare Dean out. "You? Relax?...spare time? Dean what the hell? what's going on?"

"Just a little something I do in the spare time, when ya know we actually get some..."

Sam scoffed. "Well what?"

Dean squirmed. "It's called Fanfiction...this girl, she's fucking amazing Sammy, seriously you should read you age 15 ha! and some of the stuff I get to go through..."

He wiggled his eyebrows suggesively.

"What?...she writes?...about us?" Sam's eye's widened.

"Yeah, friggin' amazin' ass Brit too!" Dean beamed.

"Well, what's her name?"

"Skag Trendy..."

"Hey, isn't that a song by..." Sam licked his lips. "The View?"

"So...? look at her profile dude!"

A few minutes later Sam had a mega watt grin, and he really should warn someone when he's going to do that.

After half an hour of clicks and chapters and stories. Sam was giving a standing his seat no less.

"Dude you like em?" Dean smiled, bottle of water open in his hand as he sat on the motel bed.

"Who's Jay?..." Sam's smile looked embarassed and Dean burst into laughter. "I erm...I really like her." He coughed and crossed his legs, features knitting.

"Dude...told you! like leave a review now, she needs to know what she's doing is awesome!"

Sam was about to open the review box, click on the purple button!

"Hey Dean...have you read this?...the latest fic...'I didn't mean it' someones like...abused her? it sounds really bad..."


"Seriously? what is the point, is this like the creepy old lady who groped you, there's no need!"

Sam grimaced that old lady did not grope him, she tried to.

"Where is Skag from?"

"Erm...Jersey, one of the tiny ass channel Islands near England..."

"We should go."

"Dude, slow on the uptake or what?...We are going, were before you even spoke. Ohh this bitch is going down! she's gonna' fucking wanna wish she'd never been born!"

Sam nodded, wrapped up the laptop, grabbed his duffle and jacket and the Impala roared to life.


"Okay, we flying?...or erm...boat?" Sam hesitated.

"We're gonna' steal a float Sammy, what did you think! I've made a call to some guy dad knew, he owns yachts and...he's ugh...gonna give us one..."

"Give?" The eyebrows rose.

"Well, we helped him...I scratch his back n' all..."

Sam sighed. "We're sailing to England?" Eyebrows raised.



Sam sighed again.


"Dean, do you even slightly know the way to Jersey...? To England no less?"

"Ch'yeah...sure I do. It's not that hard just gotta' uhm...navigate the compass an' shit..."

Sam's audiable slap of palm on forehead echoed on the flimsy boat.


"Please just turn us around or something...I don't wanna' get lost in the whole ocean with you."

"Sammy, don't you trust me?...I mean c'mon we're doing this for S.T."

Sam sighed. "We're lost ya' moron, how can we possibly know from here...?"

A horn made the brothers jump and a fishing boat sailed by, more than 12 feet from their own and Sam stood and walked to the railings.

"Excuse me?...hey!"

The elderly man slowed the engine and waved over.

"What can I do for you boys?"

Dean paled from behind Sam. The man's accent unmistakable.

"Nothing, never mind!"

After the boat had floated by, Sam turned to face his brother. "Follow that fuckin' boat Dean and get us to an airport!"

Dean mumbled under his breath while he turned the yacht. "I didn't know we were still in America..."


Apparently Dean knew a lot more people then he let on, another high perk of the job.

A friend Sam and Dean helped a while back with a plane possession, knew someone who knew someone else...who new John.

How convienient.

After almost 24 hours of failing to sail, wandering in aimless circles, the brothers had two first class air tickets to Jersey and one free ride anywhere else.

Helping one pilot not so long back seemed to spread to all the others, private and public airlines alike.

"At least we can't run out of luck now." Dean laughed, being served fresh champagne and chocolate eclairs. It looked kind of weird, Dean terrified of planes but with a hot stuardess, food and alcohol not to mention the fifty-odd pillows he had stuffed around him, anyone could feel safe.

Sam glared hard at Dean. "Don't poke fate...fatty." He mumbled.

Dean stuffed the last eclair in his mouth and frowned. "Am' not..."


Over 12 hours later, the brother landed, albeit loudly at Jersey airport.

"Friggin' short ass island huh...?"

"People have said the same about you brother..." Sam smiled and let Dean follow him to a taxi.

"Hey, erm...States of Jersey emergency services, please...and step on it."

"Sure, matey...oh, I see you're from America. Love your accent pals, like to go there when I'm a bit older, with the family like, wife's just started...-"

Before long the hospital came into view, the joy in having such a small island, not that many twatting cab drivers to talk to.

The cold breeze hit them as soon as the taxi left, and they scurried into the swinging doors.

Approaching the front desk, Dean asked about said Skag Trendy while Sam scoured the boards of docter's and nurses on call.

"Dean, she works in the lab...I remember, c'mon!"

Dean thanked the receptionist, and took after Sam.

Locating the lab was easier said then done, they're was more fucking hallways and corners and left wings, and sections than a tortoises life span.

It was empty. Go figuire. But that didn't stop the brothers rifling through heaps of paperwork, looking at some blood tests and finally sitting on one of the few computors with someone still logged on.

"I think this might be her..."

"What's got you so sure?"

"EH!...who are you two, and what the fuck ya' doin' round me...oh...hello." Her voice turned to pure purrs to Dean's ears as he turned. A 'Bean around the world' coffee cup in her right hand.

"Because it's got supernatural fiction on it..." Sam finished the earlier statement. "Hi, we're uhm..." He stood, and held out his hand after Dean. "Sam and Dean...we heard about the reviewer-"

"That bicth is going down!" Dean said, looking longingly into Skag's eye's. "Your writing is really something." He said politey. A licked lips, grin lighting up his face.

Skag sat at her desk, eye's never leaving the boy's faces.

"You came all the way be here?"

The boy's nodded. "We need to hunt something, this is the best lead we've got so must be a demon." Dean winked.

Sam nodded at that. "Do you know anything of where they live, who they are...? at all?"

Skag regarded them. "You two a' really gonna' hunt em?...over that review?"

"That demonic review..." Dean emphasised.

Skag clapped her hands. "Can I fucking help!...oh you've gotta' let me lads! I wanna' do some right damage!"

Dean blinked. "We were thinking more...payback than personal revenge, how can anyone blame you afterall, if you're here at your desk...minding your own business..."

Skag cocked an eyebrow. "I like that jammy plot...I like it alot love! when do you start?"

"Just let us track the reviewer and you'll soon see the damage..."

She smiled. "Fuckin' deal boys...bloody deal!"

They all shook hands, leaving the actual punishment a suprise, the boys said their thanks, shared a coffee and stood to leave.

" more thing lads!..."

"Yeah?" They echoed.

"Remember Gordo's fic?..." Skag wiggled her eyebrows.

Dean caught on. "Oh, don't's gonna' interesting payback..." The brother left with a wink.

Skag sat with a devilish smirk on her lips. "I love those boys..."


Apparently, finding someone through a profile wasn't so hard. A few tracking skills here and there, coupled with Sam's computor knowledge and Dean's quick thinking they'd pinpointed the perpetraitor closer than they'd expected.

A private jet was waiting for them, personal travel at the Jersey airport.

Only Dean had to make a quick stop at Ann Summers for some...payback items.


Sam stopped on the way to pick up a curse box of their dads, it was hidden under a bookshelf and wrapped in layers of Trojan condoms.

Sam grinned. This was too easy.


The house looked seemed normal.

But the worst evil on earth resided in it, and Dean hesitantly knocked on the door.

He placed the bag of aquired 'items' next to the curse box, painted over in pink and left a nice poofy bow and a letter of 'open me' in a heart on the box.

When they heard movement in the house, Sam pulled on Dean's jacket and they high tailed it out of the garden and round the corner of a very large oak.

A stouty woman with what seemed a russian doll version of chins came to the door, teeth poked over her lips she regarded the bag, silly symbols she noticed matched on the box and the bag, but smiling horribly she opened the box to reveal...


Sighing she closed the door, left the bag of bulky items on the sofa, next to the box and suddenly felt a breeze.

The temperature dropped and a low forced cackling erupted through the house.

Suddenly the bag was being emtied all around her, the items ending with various thuds according to their 'size' and the lady screamed.

A half man formed face of mist appeared before her. Features turned up into a smile it raised a few of the items and charged for the woman.


The brother's were trying not the laugh when they saw her open the box.

And when she screamed...and the thuds that followed.

Not to mention when one of their aquired 'items' smashed through the front window and landed further into the garden before them.

Dean was choking on laughter, bent at the waist, and Sam rolled on the floor, shrieking at the pavement at the sounds in the house.

It was the funniest 9-1-1 call Dean had ever had to make.

He tried to sound scared but Sam was jumping on his tip toes, pointing at the house and rolling in hysterical laughter.



"S.T. it's Dean, I think you'd better come down to the hospital over here, there'll be a jet at the airport, just say Winchester and we'll see you in a few hours...don't worry they'll take you to us..."

Skag heard Sam laughing in the background and found herself smiling away.

"You've got it mate! I'm on my way!"

She hung up, saved the story she'd been writing and hopped it down to the airport, first class too...god was she grinning when she turned up in the US.


As promised Dean and Sam were waiting outside the hospital, faces cheery, cheeks red and eyes streaming from laughter.

"Skag!...glad you could make it. There's something inside you're gonna' wanna' hear..." He raised his eyebrows.

Sam stifled a laugh and followed them through the main doors, up to ICU waiting area, where a docter in bright blue scrubs stood waiting.

"This is the family member we told you about Dr. knox."

The docter shook Skag's hand and she noticed the boy's acting, all serious now eh...

Leading them down to the patients room, he explained what injuries she'd recieved and the effects of how long they'd last.

"So doc, what exactly happened to her?" Skag asked, her own smiles held back.

"Erm...we...arrived at the scene and found..." He struggled for right words. "certain devices, scattered everywhere...all over, even outside..."

Sam scoffed and snorted back a laugh. Dean grinned.

"We removed one...ah..device, from her ear and...other various areas, she's quite uncomfortable but..."

"The injuries aren't extensive but she suffered quite an amount of trauma...she's sedated for the time. Thought it best. You may see her when your ready Miss. Trendy..."

"I know I am..." Skag grinned. The docter took a look through the glass panal of the patients room and paled, he grimaced and hurried down the hallway.

Skag looked through the glass at the person lying in the bed. Huge bruises covered her arms and face in the shape of...

"What did you lot do?" Skag smiled, laughed at the odd flinch of the patient in the bed.

"Well awhile back, our dad faced this spirit...only wanted one thing..." Dean widened his eyes.

"We just stopped by your comfy Ann Summers, had us a little binding spell on a few 'devices' and let it go..."

Skag's face burned red. "You set unreleased sexual tension form of a ghost on her...ha! You set a horny spirit after her! what did it do!?"

Sam chuckled low in his throat. "We binded it to these" He handed her the bag, what was left.

"Well what did he beat her up with? those bruises look like..." She opened the bag. And bust into high pitched laughter.

"DILDO'S!" Skag shouted around the hospital wards.

All three callapsed into a state of never ending laughter, hands leaning on the walls, and feet sliding onto the floor.

It ws ICU not the mental clinic.

Skag sat on the floor, heaving breaths and putting the picture together in her head. Then laughing some more.


The brothers had informed the docter Skag was the only relative and ordered her to be flown out, find out about the fate of a certain individual all herself.

The fun still hadn't died down an hour or so after she arrived.

Once the patient woke up, it became even funnier.

They took it in turns to jump up at the glass panal window, holding the various cocks, and shaking them wildly at the petrified patient.

That only made the day more fun...especially when Skag found out how old the spirit was, and where the lack of devices had ended up,

"Eh, so...if you bought that come's there's only four 'ere?"

Dean laughed. "That's why she went into surgery...they couldn't get the rest out!"

"It's over four centuries it was gaggin' all this time..."

"Well it took most of it out on her...ha! she's been smurfed!"

The brothers echanged puzzled looks.

"Slapped with a cock...?...ugh, you two need urban dictionary."


The brothers hitched a ride with Skag back to England and her island, and shared the next few days going over hunts and her stories and general work she delt with.

The brothers realised the gal wasn't that different from them at all, and they were more alike then they thought.

When it was finally time for goodbyes they didn't miss the way Skag was smirking.

"What did you do?"

"Swiped the adress of our not so friend..." She grinned.

Sam piped up "What did you do?"

"Aww don't sound so harsh about it, I only sent her a gift!"

Dean found it hard to set an example and yet not grin his head off.

"What gift...?"

Skag blushed. "The ghost got lonely..."

Dean's jaw dropped. "You sent it back!"

Sam laughed. "Don't you think she's had enough..." Even though he too was grinning.

"What!..I sent protection too!"

And that just set them all off again.


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