Kai sat in a waiting room, waiting for the receptionist to call his name up; he had been feeling sick and throwing up every morning for couple of days now but he had been feeling weird for about 8 weeks after the Christmas party that Mr. Dickenson threw annually.

Sure, he'd gotten a little drunk and made a complete fool out of himself by dancing around like an idiot, but at least he hadn't been alone, Miguel had gotten into some vodka and danced with him…then dragged him outside to make out and in the end Miguel had gotten into Kai's pants.

Kai shook his head, he felt so stupid and easy, and Ray had joked that maybe Kai was still hung over, he had after all nearly drank the whole vodka bottle alone.

Kai sighed heavily and looked around to get the memories of Miguel's strong arms holding him down and kissing his neck out of his head, he looked at the other patients who sat calmly waiting to be called, an elderly man with a hat, clearly bald 'God I hope I'll never become bald' Kai thought to himself then he noticed a young girl with a belly big as a pumpkin, clearly pregnant 'glad I'm not her' Kai then though and chuckled, the girl didn't look a day over 16, she sat there alone and read her Cosmo. Magazine.

"Kai Hiwatari" the lady in the reception called lazily out 'finally!' was the only thing that passed through Kai's mind then he stood up and walked into the doctor's office.

A mid 40's man greeted him and offered him a seat "good day Mr. Hiwatari, I'm Dr. Kumara"

"Morning doctor" Kai replied and sat down

"What seems to be troubling you?" the doctor asked and began writing something down

Kai shifted in his chair, he never liked sitting in a doctor's office and tell them about himself "well…I've been throwing up, a lot…for two weeks"

The man frowned " I see…let me do a blood test and take your pressure"

Moments later Kai walked out of that building with no answers and a needle wound…not happy

Kai had gone after doctor's orders and stayed in bed, he could use the rest anyway and he could catch up on his reading while he was at it.

Five days later, Kai was walking around the house, feeling bored and frustrated, he had nothing to do, he had finished his book and his teammates had gone out shopping.

He decided to give Dr. Kumara a call to see if had found anything interesting in his blood, he dialed the number and waited for him to pick up.

"Dr. Kumara's office" the doctor answered, "oh, yeah…Hi, it's Kai Hiwatari, I'm calling about my blood test I had about a week ago"

There was silence for a moment "ah, Kai" he said slowly, like he was in doubt "I think you better come down here, so we can have a little chat"

It didn't take Kai long to get dressed and catch the first bus down to the hospital.

Kai sat there while Dr. Kumara stared at a file, trying to figure something out "Mr. Hiwatari…is there a history of illnesses in your family?"

Kai thought for a moment, then shook his head slowly " I don't think so"

"No cancer…tumors?"

Kai shook his head again "no…oh but my mom did have depression…and my grandfather suffered from insanity"

The man frowned "not what I was looking for but this might be a problem later on perhaps"

The teen was confused "why would my mothers depression be a problem?"

"I'm not sure how to…you know what? I'll just blurt this out…Mr. Hiwatari…you seem to be pregnant"

It took a while for it to reach Kai's brain for him to hear right "say what now?"

"Pregnant, as in with child…knocked up…the oven is on" Kumara repeated

"I know what pregnant means!" Kai snapped at the older man "are you shitting me?" the man did not react, he looked calm and replied, "no…I'm not 'shitting' you"

Kai started to breath faster "this is bullshit!" he muttered "I knew the Abbey would come bite me in the ass after all these years"

That was the moment Kumara looked concerned "what happened in the Abbey, Kai?"

"Experiments" Kai muttered while he held his head in his hands "they altered my body…and I'm guessing for this!"

An hour later Kai walked out of the doctor's office, the only thing on his mind was that he had to call the father and tell him about everything.

And he did…

Kai had called up Miguel and invited him to go for some sushi at this small and cozy little place.

They sat awkwardly in silence and at their sushi until Kai cleared his throat "ok…there's a reason why I called you"

Miguel looked up "I think I know what it is…"

Kai looked surprised "you do?" he thought for a moment "what do you think it is?"

The blonde gave a small smile and took Kai's hand "you want another go with me right?"

The younger boy couldn't look more offended "WHAT?" he spat at him "NO! I'm pregnant you arrogant prick!"

Miguel looked blank for a moment "it's not mine!" he then demanded "it can't be mine"

"Then who's is it?" Kai pointed out "listen I'm not sure what I'm going to do about this but you can come with me to the doctor tomorrow and he'll answer all your questions"

Miguel, who was still not done wrapping his head around this, looked at Kai "how can you even be pregnant?"

Kai sighed "I'll maybe tell you later when I trust you"

The rest of the night went by calmly, the boys had sat and chatted their options about this baby, and Kai had confessed he wanted a girl but he didn't care either way, Miguel had agreed.

Miguel had paid for dinner even though Kai had argued, then he walked Kai home like a true gentleman.

The boys stood in front of the Granger Dojo where Kai was currently living with the rest of his team "well…this is me"

Miguel looked at the Dojo "you live with Tyson?" Kai only nodded a little "my god…how's that working for you?" Kai shrugged "I have Ray to keep me sane"

Miguel replied with a smile, and then he leaned awkwardly in and kissed Kai on the forehead "well, good night…I'll see you tomorrow at the doctors?"

Kai nodded but just as Miguel was turning to leave he called after him "Miguel!" the blonde stopped and looked hopeful at Kai "yeah?"

"I…you want to stay over?" Kai blushed and looked down at the street "it's easier if we just left together from this place, the hotel you're staying at is further away and…" but he was cut off by Miguel's lips pressing against his, Kai moaned in surprise and wrapped his arms around Miguel's neck to deepen the kiss

The two broke apart and the blonde whispered, "I'd love to"

The next day Kai and Miguel sat at the waiting room to see the doctor Kumara had recommended for them, it was very crowded, full of crying babies and mother or pregnant, wobbling women.

They were soon called into the office for a check up, the doctor showed them the baby's heartbeat and printed out a picture of Kai's uterus.

Dr. Wright wrote something down and smiled "well, it looks like you're about 8 or 9 weeks pregnant…and don't worry about anything Mr. Hiwatari, I have done my research about you and everything will be just fine"

Kai smiled and nodded "thank you"

Moments later Kai and Miguel walked out of the office with a lot on their minds "listen" Kai began "I'm going home to talk to my teammates" Miguel nodded "yeah, good idea"

They went their separate ways to speak with their teams to tell them the news of Kai and Miguel's baby.

Kai came home to find everyone there; even grandpa had sat down when Kai had told everyone he had to speak with them about something important.

Kai wasn't sure how to begin a conversation like this to his friends "ok…I have some news, it's either good or bad…I'm not sure myself right now"

Ray gave him a nod "what is it Kai?"

The blunette cleared his throat and started blushing "I'm sort of pregnant…and I think I'm dating"

There was silence for a short moment "h-how can you be…?" Hilary had started but didn't dare finish that sentence

Kai quickly shot in "it's really complicated, has a lot to do with the abbey" he then looked a little uncomfortable "I just wanted to tell you this because I didn't want you to be surprised when I suddenly go into labor"

"Who's the father?" Tyson asked and folded his arms; clearly thinking pretty hard about this, Kai blushed a dark shade "it's…well…Miguel"

"Miguel?" Tyson asked shocked "when did this happen?"

"The Christmas party…8 weeks ago…you don't approve?" Kai suddenly asked and looked more worried than ever, he was so afraid of what people thought of him that he actually had to ask his friend if they approved of him starting a family, Ray got up and went straight over to him

"Kai, if you want to have a baby, you'll have this baby" then he wrapped his arms around him "and we'll be there with you, no matter what"

And with these words the whole team agreed and they went over to congratulate him.

Miguel sat in a chair in a large hotel room he sheared with his team, he was looking at his team mates who were all doing something of their interest, Aaron going through his iPod, Matilda was going through her hair products and Claude was reading a book about philosophy.

The blonde Spaniard cleared his throat and got everyone's attention "I'm going to be a father" he said bluntly and smiled a little at the thought.

There was silence, until Matilda blushed a little and asked shyly "who…who's the girl Miguel?"

"Yeah!" Aaron nearly shouted, "You've been sleeping around and didn't tell us?"

Claude shook his head "Miguel, one would think you'd be smart enough to use protection"

Miguel got a little angry at their reaction "first of all, I haven't been sleeping around! And second…it's not a girl so I thought I didn't need any protection!"

Their faces went blank "not a girl?" Aaron now shouted, "How the fuck did that happen...who is it?"

The blonde cleared his throat once more "it's Kai Hiwatari"

Matilda stood up and walked out of the room, she had a look of despair in her eyes and was nearly crying.

The boys looked as she left, thinking she was probably just shocked about this whole thing.

Claude looked at Miguel worried "what are you going to do?" Miguel only shook his head "I think we're keeping it"

Aaron looked shocked "seriously?" he gave Miguel a grave look "I think you should abort it…pregnancies lead to infants that lead to your life being over! "

Claude looked outraged "WHAT?" he took Miguel's hand "no! Don't let him get to you…you can't do that to a poor child that hasn't even opened it's eyes and seen the world!"

The blonde shook his head "I don't think Kai would want to abort it, and neither do I" he then gave them a smile "we're going to have this baby"

"Then we're happy for you both" Claude said smiling, Aaron gave a little smile and nodded, after all he was going to be the cool uncle that would teach the baby how to swear, he could be fine with that.

A/N, Well…another Mpreg story, only with Miguel Kai who are the loves of my life right now :P

I really like how this is turning out, hope I'll stick with this

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And no, Aaron isn't an asshole; he just has different opinions than Claude and Miguel.