36 weeks

The late September sun was shining brightly as the leaves started changing color and falling of it's branches, autum was here and that meant the birth of the newest blader was almost here.

The teams sat outside while they trained, cheering each other on as they battled.

Miguel was almost skipping with joy, he had just knocked Ray out of the dish and kissed Kai on the forehead as he sat down next to him, putting a hand on the big belly.

"You feeling alright?" he asked gently, a little smile creeping up, Kai nodded "yeah, why do you ask?"

The blond only grinned wider "well...you know, mini me is ariving soon and I was reading my books...are you cramping, or anything like that?"

Kai shook his head "no, not really...I feel fine sweetie"

Tala couldn't help over hearing them and turned his attention to the couple "you feeling alright Kai? Is something wrong?"

"What is wrong with you two...no I'm fine" he laughed lightly "today is my due day and Miguel is freaking out"

That got the entire groups attention "you're giving birth today?" Hilary asked excited "If I were Miguel I'd be freaking out too" Bryan pointed out "If I were you I'd be freaking out!" Tyson said, almost horrified.

Kai was silent for a moment then smiled "nah...I'll have the kid within the next 24 hours...don't worry."

Six days later

Kai kept pacing around the living room "why is this happening to me?" he nearly shouted.

His mood had changed drastickly from happy and mello to fricking pissed off, he was a week over due and nothing seemed to be happening anytime soon.

He had even made a visit to his docktor who told him it was normal and to be calm and try eat spicy food, go on walks and stupid stuff like that.

"Kai, love you shouldn't be stressing this much...it's not good for the baby" Miguel said worried as he watched Kai walk back and forth the appartment, it was kinda making him dizzy so he was trying to get Kai to stop.

"I swear to God I will build a fire in there and just...smoke it out!" he was mostly just talking to his belly than Miguel "get out, get out, get out, get out!

"That's it" Miguel grabbed Kai and forced him to sit down on the couch, he rubbed his shoulders and whispered soothing words to him "it's gonna be ok love, just be calm"

"I'm so uncomfartable Miguel" Kai was actually crying by now "we've tried everything, we tried the spicy food and the long walks and..."

Miguel cut him off "We haven't tried sex!"

"What?" Kai seemed taken back by the idea of this much discomfort could be turning his boyfriend on "you know that's what got us into this whole mess to begin with!"

Miguel chuckled "No silly, an orgasm could start the birth, the docktor said so...I'm not saying it because I'm horny"

It didn't take Kai a long time to grab Miguel by the shirt and kiss him "then we should have sex!"

The blond ripped his shirt off quickly, exposing gorgeous abs and kissed Kai forcefully.

They made out for awhile on the couch until Kai shoved Miguel off "what's wrong?" the blond chocked out dissapointed, the smaller boy looked up at him shocked "my...my water just broke" he muttered.


"So Kai, are we ready to have a baby?" their friendly doctor asked, a smile gracing his kind face.

"I guess" Kai said, he lay in a hospital bed with Miguel next to him "how far are the contracktions apart?" the man asked.

Miguel looked at his watch "well we came here an hour ago, and he's had three already...so I'd guess about 14-15 minuets"

A hiss of pain from Kai "more like 5 minuets apart now!"

The doctor only smiled "that means we can start" Kai gave a whimper of pain and a nervous look was passed between the two young men.


"Oh god!" came Bryans annoyed voice "we've been here for two and a half hours!"

Spencer glared at him "giving birth isn't like goinng through the drive through at McDonalds!"

"Thanks Spence, now I want a burger!"

Hilary and Mathilda exchanged looks "boy's will never understand birth" Hilary said and crossed her arms, huffing at how inconsidirate they were being.

Tala only grinned "well, Kai will know"

"That's not what I meant!" the girl snapped, jolting Cloude who was resting on Tala's shoulder out of a peaceful slumber.

The light-haired teen looked around confused "do we have a baby yet?"

"No not yet, go back to sleep love" Tala said kindly and kissed his temple, Claude layed his head back down and within minuets he was back to sleep.

An hour passed and they were all getting pretty restless, until finally Miguel came running into the waiting room "I HAVE A SON!"

The group sprang to it's feets but were too late because Miguel had sprinted back in, laughing happily.

The words "it's a boy" echoing through the halls of the maternity ward.

"It's a boy!" Max finally said, the words hitting everyone, smiles and laughs broke out as they hugged and congratulated each other, they all had a little nephew.


"Have you found a name for him?" Ray cooed as he stood over the crib, the baby holding on to his index finger in it's peaceful slumber

Miguel shook his head, looking down at his sleeping son "No, we just call him baby Hiwatari-Lavalier"

"That's kinda long don't you think?" Tala chuckled "how about baby awesome? Or baby blader"

It was just them, the couple and the baby, the rest of the teams had claimed exhaustion and headed home for the night.

Ray turned to Kai who was sleeping on the hospital bed, worry marring his face "how is he?" he asked Miguel gently.

The blond shrugged "exhausted, as to be expected" he looked over at his lover and smiled "he held the baby for the first time and cried, we're going to be just fine Ray"

The neko smiled, he couldn't wish for better news.

They may be young and maybe they weren't really ready for a baby but they had each other and as Miguel thought of how he fell in love with Kai over just nine months he got butterflies in his stomach, he couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with Kai and baby Blader Awesome.

They would be just fine.

6 years later

Kai sat on the porch of Granger Dojo, the warm summer sun was shinging as Miguel held his 6 year old son Gou and spun them around, making the child giggle.

Tala was setting up a small beydish as Max worked on a new blade, they had begged Kai to let them teach Gou how to blade today and Kai had finally given in.

As the boys set everything up Mathilda came waddeling towards him with Spencer's arm around her waiste, she sat down next to Kai and put her hands on her big pregnant belly, Kai smiled at her "how's she doing?"

The pinkhaired woman smiled "just fine, she has a strong heartbeat, and yourself?"

Kai looked down at his pregnant belly, this would be his second pregnacny, he smiled at the couple "the doctor told us it's twins"

"That's fantastic" Spencer said happily, Kai nodded and looked over at Miguel, he looked so happy with his son, teaching him to beyblade, he had be beyond happy when Kai had told he he'd be expecting again, but this time they would get married, the Spanish mother-in-law had insisted.

And god knows, you didn't want to piss her off.


It's finally done, took some time and I just want to thank eveyone for their wonderful reviews and support.