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Note: This's supposed to happen after season 2. It's actually written before Season 3 started for the Live Journal "Heroes Big Boom" of which deadline I missed. That's why it's completely AU from Season 3. Most parts of the story have actually been completed. I'll see how the response is before continuing writing the ending, therefore feedback is appreciated. :-)

Mohinder held a taser and a gun in both hands and looked at both Nathan(s) in front of him.

"Come on Mohinder, it's me Nathan, your partner. Why don't you taser the other guy?", urged the left Nathan.

The right Nathan added, "What makes you think Mohinder will trust you? Don't trust him, Mohinder. Ask us questions if you're not sure."

With scientific precision, Mohinder quickly labeled them as Nathan A and B.

"Enough of this arguing. I can taser you both and ask questions later. Where's Matt when I need him? It's always me who ended up in situation that needs decision making and you know my track record for decision making. I'm so going to kill whoever gave the idea of setting up this agency."

Nathan A said, "Well, you know who it was and how it all started."

Mohinder answered, "Yes, unfortunately, I remembered too vividly. If only I can go back to the past and change my decision not to join this agency."