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Summary: Olivia is pregnant and can't wait for the arrival of her baby. However, after she gives birth an accused pedophile with a grudge against the SVU snatches the baby. It's a race against time for the detectives to get the baby back and catch their perp. But with the kidnapper making constant and new demands; it's a race that the SVU look doomed to lose. None of them, however, will give up. They're a family at the SVU and they're fighting for one of their own…

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It was almost 11.30pm and for once it was dead quiet outside St Anne's hospital. Inside was another story, the hallways were littered with patients and Doctors and nurses ran around hectically trying to fix up the patients as quickly as they could before moving onto the next one.

This was hardly the best hospital in Manhattan. It was usually full of criminals or people who couldn't afford better hospitals. All in all it was somewhere you came when you were desperate.

The place suddenly got even more hectic when the medics pushed a trolley in. Doctors and nurses quickly ran over to them, this was clearly a job for the ER.

"What have we got?" A Doctor asked.

"Caucasian, female, just turned eight months pregnant, heavily bleeding with abdominal pains. We've tried everything but this baby's coming and the bleeding isn't stopping." A medic said.

"What's her name?" a nurse asked.

"Benson, Olivia Benson." Elliot Stabler said.

He took a quick glance around the hospital, which suddenly had an eerie silence over it. He couldn't help but be grateful it was the nearest hospital to the SVU. He, like the medics, hadn't been sure that Olivia or the baby would make it to another one. At this moment they were desperate.

He looked back down at Olivia and took her hand in his as he walked along side the trolley as the medics and Doctors practically ran it to the ER. He listened as the Doctors, nurses and medics shared their medical jargon. The only things he seemed to be able to understand were 'blood' and 'she's losing it fast'.

His heart was pounding wildly in his chest but he daren't show his partner and best friend how scared he was. He had to be strong for her. Instead he looked into her big brown, tear filled eyes and said, "You're both gonna be fine Liv, I promise."

Olivia gripped his hand tighter as more pain ripped through her body. Her other hand remained on her swollen stomach. She couldn't help but cry out as more pain hit her, pain that was only getting worse and worse.

Elliot was so busy praying as hard as he could to God to keep her and the baby safe that the Doctor had to repeat himself. "I said how far along is she?" the tall older looking Doctor ordered, bringing Elliot away from his thoughts.

"Err…she's 37 weeks." Elliot informed him.

"How did this happen?" A nurse asked him.

"We were interviewing a perp and he attacked her. We're detectives at the Manhattan SVU." Elliot told them, never taking his eyes of Olivia. He hated seeing the obvious pain on her face. Her fear was so clear it broke his heart.

"What the hell is she still doing working when she's this far along?" Another nurse asked.

Elliot ignored her question and just concentrated on Olivia. He hated himself for having not stopped the perp before he had attacked her and he hated having to see her like this.

Olivia suddenly cried out in pain, the pain she had been feeling had suddenly tripled as she felt a gush between her legs and knew it meant she was bleeding more. She couldn't help but cry.

"She's bleeding more!" A nurse yelled.

"Let's just get her to the OR before we lose her!" The tall Doctor ordered.

"Elliot…" Olivia said. Her voice was barely audible.

"It's okay Liv. You're gonna be fine." he said.

"I'm losing the baby." Olivia thought out loud.

"No you're not." he said confidently.

Olivia couldn't help but feel guilty. She knew she should never have been interviewing the perp and should never have put her baby at risk the way she had. She just wanted so badly to get this perp, she hated him for all the things he had done to those kids. She had pissed him off so much that he had beat her and possibly killed her baby, the only family she would ever have.

Elliot, no matter how hard he tired, couldn't take his eyes off Olivia. He was so scared for her right now, for her and the baby. He knew she was bleeding badly and the pain she was in was obvious. He knew the doctors were talking about her but he couldn't understand a word they were saying. He was suddenly scared out of his wits as Olivia screamed in pain again and lots more blood began forming around her.

He stopped dead on the spot and ran his hands over his face. He couldn't stop thinking he was about to lose her forever and there was so much he still needed to tell her. Something he should have told her years ago. When he managed to pull it back together he ran after them. He got there in time to see the Doctors and nurses push the trolley into a lift.

"Don't let them die!" he yelled before the doors shut and he was left staring at shiny metal.


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