Chapter 1: Prologue

It is a dark rainy day in Heatherfield and a young woman stood there in the rain letting the rain soak through her cloths and into her skin. She has long red hair which is all you could really see. Her eyes are closed and she has each hand on a tombstone. She relaxed and felt a sense of peace flowing through her. She had one wish and that would be to turn back time. Ever since the day of z. Everyone called it that which the woman found pretty ridiculous. The Z meant zombie so the whole name, though it makes since, is kind of stupid. The only ones that call it the day of Resurrection was her and all the troops she worked with including her troops. She preferred a different name for it though. She had called it H Day. Or in other words, Hell Day but that was only the second half of her troubles. Anyway, she started walking around to the tombs that meant the most to her.

The first hand was placed on one that had a black eagle on it. This reminded her of Matt, her husband. She had asked for an eagle to be placed on it as a symbol. Matt was always the brave one and though he had a dark appearance when he was his other self he was still a wonderful person and nothing on the outside could change that. She placed some roses down and in a way, hugged the tombstone.

The next one she went to has a picture of a dove on it with some roses in the mouth. This is her mothers. She remembered the last thing that she did and said before she left. She had called her up and told her that she loved her more then anything and blew a kiss into the phone. Her mother said that that would have been a good time to die knowing that her daughter loves her. Ever since then, the women hated irony since she did die that day. The women put some roses down and like before hugged the tombstone.

The next one she went to has a big raindrop one it. This is Irma's and she had always been the clown even in horrible times with the few exceptions. She had also been her first friend. The women placed down a rose and hugged the tombstone.

The next has flames on the bottom. This is Taranee's and she was the smart and sensitive one and also very obedient and a little shy. Taranee grew out of the shyness after being a guardian for a while. She then did the routine thing and placed a rose down and hugged the tombstone.

The next has a tree with flowers around it. This is Cornelia's and she was kind of a hard headed person. She fit her powers to a tee actually. The only thing that didn't fit really was that she wasn't really a down to earth girl; actually she was so she does fit her powers. She did her routine and went to the next one.

This one has the picture of a twister on it. This is Hay Lin's and she was the artist of the group. She had also been the one to be the most outgoing. Always signing them up for something without asking. She also had the worst of the trauma. She made it through though which proves that she wasn't as weak as she may have looked. They all looked rather weak actually but that is beside the point. She did to this as she did to the others and left to the bar nearby.

She arrived at the bar and walked in and then took off her jacket. Then she heard one thing. "Hey Will." Everyone yelled to her in unison. Will had grown in muscle since she became a cop. She was by no means huge but you could tell that she worked out. Everyone that knew her knew that she would keep the city safe at any cost to herself and she is always prepared. Everyone thought that all she wore is her cop uniform and they had been right. Will had changed a lot and but on the other hand, she really hadn't changed at all. Will sat down at the bar and lowered her head. "So Will, you want a drink this time."

"No Jack, you know I don't drink no matter how depressing things are." Will shook her head and smiled a very small smile and then went to her normal face that showed almost no expression. "Just get me some water ok." She said sweetly and then held her head in one hand and placed her elbow on the table.

Jack, the bartender, got some water and brought it over to Will. "So Will, when do you plan on telling us this story?"

Will wanted to talk about the whole thing but talking about these things were hard. So she promised that she would today to make it easier for her. "Let me relax for a bit and then I'll tell you and everyone else."

Jack went with it knowing that it was hard but also knew that she needed to talk about it. So he wasn't going to let her leave without starting it at least. He had to laugh a little though. He just couldn't figure out how someone as good as Will could have been so cruel at the same time. He could remember the first day that she came in, a fight had started which had been a normal thing. When she walked into the bar, she saw a knife in one of the guy's hands and was getting ready to kill the guy. No one knew what the two had against each other but something was messed up. Will pulled out her gun and told the guy to freeze and he yelled back to her. 'No way, he is so mine.' Will had gotten close enough to the guy to physically. She grabbed the guys arm and twisted it back. He went to hit her but she ducked and threw him into the wall. He threw his knife at her and it went right through her hand. At first the guy smiled but then everyone saw Will rip off some clothing and pull out the knife. She rushed at him and flipped the guy around and handcuffed the guy. Ever since then, there had never been a fight and how she was able to just pull the knife out is still a mystery to him.

"Ok everyone; you want to hear my story?" Everyone nodded. Then listen up because this is going to be said once and only once. I will tell half of it today and the other half tomorrow. With that, everyone gathered around.

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