A/N: I have never finished The Phantom Hourglass, unfortunately, but I do know quite a bit about the story and the Zelda series in general. I originally wrote this in January this year, quite soon after getting my copy of the game and after playing quite a few hours of it. I'm rather proud of it, too; I'm not normally incredibly good at poetry.

When a ship would sail close to the haunting magic fog
And they have a precious cargo set on board
They would look out for the Ghost Ship of your darkest nightmares, lad
For it be ready and be coming for your horde

And for those courageous people who would seek after this damned ship
Beware, for you would have your souls be lost
You'd better steer from the shadows, let the cannons lie in rest
And leave before your shipmates paid the cost

But one Tetra faced the dangers and the puzzles and the myst'ry
And her nameless forest elf friend came along
Then the shape on the horizon loomed above them dark and harsh
And the fog around spread so thick and strong

From the dullness of the scene there was nobody to defend her
Poor lass Tetra had forgotten the old myth
And so the Ghost Ship went and took her and began to sail away
And her boat began to steer for the cliffs

The Kokiri became desperate and jumped after the ship
Despite the crying of his fellow sailing men
The boy hung on the rigging and began a steady climb
But he dropped and they would not see him again

As the ocean raged and raged, and the storm started to thicken
The elf was lost into the waters blue
The winds began to howl like a wolf unto the moon
And the seagulls lost their courses as they flew

When the weather went to calm upon the yellow light of sun
The rays struck on the Island of Mercay
There was a body lying in the sand, an elf boy dressed in green
And all looked as if he'd simply lost his way

Madam Ciela, the fairy girl, flew down to meet him there
And she woke him from his slumber to the day
And he faced her down that second, then turned towards the sea
He'd lost Tetra, there was nothing more to say

Now the boy, you may discover, cannot be found on Mercay Isle
Not since he plotted out his journey bold
He will track down the feared ship and steal her from its evil clutch
With the Powers of the Spirits young and old

With King Oshus on his side and Captain Linebeck at the helm
This Kokiri boy goes searching for the girl
For it isn't everyday that Princess Zelda's on your boat
And for her, he'd cross the oceans of the world.