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Summary: In which poor Remus has started sleepwalking, but fortunately has the wise and wonderful (ahem) Marauders to help him out. Maybe. RLSB slash!

Walking with Werewolves

By RinkyPink

To say that the Marauders behaved like nancy boys the first time they discovered Remus sleepwalking would be both unfair (on nancy boys) - and an understatement. It is, however, perfectly safe to say that they all handled it very badly indeed.

Sirius was the first one of the Nancy Tribe to discover their hapless friend. He was lying sprawled on his back in bed, caught between dreaming and wakefulness and lazily adamant that he would not be getting up any time soon. He was also certain that the same applied to the rest of his homeboys (a phrase he had picked up from one of the Muggle-borns and had been using to refer to the Marauders since.) So when he heard the distinct sound of soft footsteps outside his curtain hangings, the first thing he did was poke his head out through said curtains to inspect what was going on.

The teenager blinked a little in sleepy surprise when he saw Remus moving slowly but steadily past his bed towards the door.

Sirius frowned, partly because he was puzzled and partly because his head was hanging upside down off the bed and the blood was rushing down towards his brain. What in Merlin's name is Remy doing up? he thought, gazing at the back of his retreating friend. It was full moon a couple of nights ago, so he usually sleeps in.

Pushing himself up, Sirius crawled (a little dizzily) off the edge of his bed, determined to intercept the young werewolf and find out what was going on. Of course, knowing Remus, he was possibly going down to the kitchens for some early morning chocolate. That boy and his bloody chocolate… it's practically a love affair!

"Remus!" he hissed, standing up. "Oi, Moony!"

The smaller boy continued walking towards the door, not even twitching at the sound of Sirius' voice. (Which was actually quite loud- Sirius' idea of whispering and the rest of the world's differed tremendously.)

Sirius frowned again, and strode forward, putting a hand on Remus' shoulder to gently pull him round. "Hey, Moony-"

The dark-haired boy broke off with a small squeak of shock as he came face to face with his friend. Remus' large amber eyes, usually so lively and alert, were blank and unfocused, staring straight ahead in a distinctly unsettling manner. He was staring straight through Sirius like he wasn't even there. And Sirius didn't handle this very well.

He leapt back from Remus with a muffled curse, staring at his friend wildly, before turning and lunging at the nearest bed. "James! JAMES! Moony's been possessed!"

The unsuspecting inhabitant of the bed let out a strangled shriek, bed-sheets and pillows exploding in a great white flurry as it fought its way out from beneath the cocoon it had created.

"Sirius, you bloody tosspot, what the hell do you think you're doing?!"

Sirius knelt on his friend, gripping his shoulders and staring down at him wildly as he gasped out, "You heard me! Moony's been possessed, our Moony! What the hell are we going to do?!"

"Whazzat?" came the sleepy mumble from across the room as the third and final member of the Nancy Tribe woke up. "Moony's in a dress?"

Sirius shook his head furiously, bouncing up and down in agitation and ignoring the choking sounds coming from James, who was still trapped beneath him. "No Wormtail, you idiot! I said Moony's possessed! He's acting all weird and his eyes don't look right!"

The rest of what he was going to say was abruptly cut off as James flung him bodily off of him and onto the floor, where he landed with a loud thud. The messy-haired boy rubbed his now bruised chest, glaring at his friend as he snarled dangerously, "What in the name of Merlin's underpants are you ranting about, Padfoot? Where the hell is Moony, I can't even see him!"

Sirius, who had been contemplating getting back up and decking James for dropping him on the floor (he had forgotten that James Potter Was Not A Morning Person), blinked and looked around. Sure enough, there was no sign of the werewolf anywhere. It looked like during the scuffle, he had wandered out the door.

The black-haired teen swore loudly and scrambled to his feet. "Damnit, he's gone! Quick, we need to find him!"

James and Peter (who were still a little behind on events but were starting to get the general idea) had long ago decided that in situations like these, it was usually easier just to humour Sirius and get it over with. However, that didn't mean they had to like it.

"I swear, Black, if this is a repeat of the Death Eater episode from last month I am going to feed you to the Giant Squid," growled James as he stalked along after Sirius. Peter was tottering behind both of them, wearing one of his sheets like a cape and still not entirely awake.

Sirius ignored both of them as he hurried out the dorm room and down the stairs towards the common room, eyes flicking this way and that. Suddenly he stopped dead, flinging his arm out and catching James square in his already bruised chest.

"Look, there he is!" He gasped over James' wheezing and cursing.

Sure enough, standing by an armchair and gazing into the fire, was their pyjama-clad friend, seemingly completely unaware of their presence. The Nancy Tribe gathered at the bottom of the stairs, staring at Remus cautiously.

"He doesn't look possessed," observed Peter, breaking the tension-filled silence. "He just looks like… well, Moony."

Sirius shook his head, still eyeing the motionless Remus darkly. "I am telling you two, something's not right with him. Go and see for yourself!"

James snorted loudly. "Sure, Padfoot, he's possessed, and he's going to take over the world wearing tartan pyjamas. My God, Voldemort's got nothing on him!"

Sirius glared at his thoroughly pissy friend (I repeat, James Potter Is Not A Morning Person) and declared, "Fine! I'll go over there, and I'll show you something's up with Moony."

Muttering uncomplimentary things about James under his breath, Sirius moved cautiously forward towards his friend, trying to move quietly. As he approached, he called out softly, "Remy? Remy, are you alright?"

Drawing nearer, Sirius started to feel slight concern for his gentle friend. He was staring into the fire, unblinking, and Sirius could see the dancing flames reflected in his abnormally dull amber eyes.

The older teen reached out and once again placed his hand on Remus' shoulder. Behind him, James and Peter, (who were now becoming a little concerned themselves) had moved closer and were now standing closely behind him, watching the proceedings.

As Sirius opened his mouth to try talking to Remus again, James interrupted with, "Have you tried shaking him to see if he'll react?" And before anyone could answer, the tousled headed boy reached out to do just that.

This certainly produced a reaction. Remus jerked like he'd just received an electric shock, the life suddenly flooding back into his eyes and a piercing cry ripping itself from his throat.

And like I said before, the Marauders handled this new event in the proceedings very badly indeed.


"Potter, your levels of stupidity never cease to amaze me. Just when I think you can't possibly be any more empty-headed, you go and pull a bone-head move like this and prove me wrong. Well done, Potter, well done indeed!"

It should be noted here that Lily Evans isn't particularly a morning person either. Of course, this might have been intensified by the manner in which she was actually woken. Being forcibly wrenched from your slumber by three simultaneous screams echoing up from the floor below you does have a tendency to leave one in somewhat of a foul mood.

James attempted to rise up from the sofa to protest at Lily, who was pacing furiously in front of the sofa where she currently had all four marauders cornered, but another piercing glare from the pink dressing-gown clad redhead had him shrinking back into his seat with his retort still on his lips.

A weary voice from the opposite side of the sofa spoke up instead. "Lily, it's alright. They weren't to know that it was sleepwalking, were they? Just leave it be."

Lily whirled round furiously, but her eyes softened and she stopped before launching into another rant. James and Peter (the latter wearing his blanket over his head and round the rest of his body in a slightly disturbing imitation of the Virgin Mary) both peered round as well.

Remus was sitting on the far end of the sofa, leaning back against the headrest. There was a look of utter exhaustion on his too-pale face, and his amber eyes were miserable as he looked up at Lily pleadingly. The young werewolf hated shouting and scenes of confrontation at the best of times, and being violently awoken from a bout of sleepwalking really wasn't one of his better moments.

Actually, the whole half-hour hadn't been one of his "better moments". After scaring the Nancy Boys' into the middle of next week with his abrupt transition into the world of the waking, he had suddenly lost the use of his legs from the unpleasant shock and had nearly fallen into the fire. Fortunately Sirius had recovered marginally quicker than his fellow brothers (James had been hyperventilating and Peter had fainted) and managed to grab his friend and save him from becoming Werewolf Flambé. He had ended up sitting on the ground, shaking and disorientated, before being gently cradled in the young Black's arms whilst he apologised anxiously over and over again in his ear.

This tranquil, touching scene was rudely interrupted by the whirlwind arrival of one livid Lily Evans, who came storming down the stairs like each one had done her a grievous wrong, hissing like an angry cat as she came.

"…and what do you think you're doing, you've woken the entire girls dormitory up, it's seven o'clock in the morning and everyone deserves a rest, and for goodness sake Potter pretending not to breathe like that is not amusing, and why is Peter unconscious on the floor wearing a shroud and what the hell is going on?!"

A small, detached part of Remus' mind made the idle observation that Lily's ability to talk for a good minute without pausing for breath once was very impressive. The rest of him just wept inwardly at the sign of yet another confusing element to add to his already bewildering situation.

This was how he ended huddled up on the sofa with the rest of the Marauders, leaning tiredly against Sirius (who still had a comforting arm around him) whilst James alternated between trying to explain the events of the morning to a fuming Evans and gazing at her worshipfully. Peter just sat on the sofa between the two jet-haired teenagers, wreathed in his blanket and already half-asleep again.

Lily (who had remained blessedly silent for a moment) frowned and opened her mouth to speak, but Sirius got there first.

"Well, Lily-flower, thanks for that charming speech, but if you don't mind we'd like to get our Moony back upstairs again, alright? Sorry to have woken you up and all, but you know, shit happens, etcetera etcetera…"

Remus, who had finally gotten his body to stop trembling slightly, missed Lily's outraged response as he was absent-mindedly concentrating on the way Sirius' chest rumbled pleasantly when he spoke. This lazy thought made him blink and sit upright abruptly. Merlin, he was more traumatised than he'd thought…


Somehow the Nancy Tribe and their previously-possessed friend managed to escape from the common room intact, making for the dormitory with the air of men rushing to salvation. This was there they now sat, and this was where they were now faced with a much more demanding task than dealing with an irate Lily- begging Remus for forgiveness.

"I swear, Moony, I had no idea that you were sleepwalking! I didn't know you weren't supposed to wake sleepwalkers up either! I really am sorry…"

James ran his hands through his black mop of hair, succeeding only in making it even more of a mess then it previously was as he looked to his friend pleadingly. Remus, who was by now back in his own bed and resting gratefully against his pillows, sighed and shook his head at James before he had even finished his babbling.

"It's alright Prongs; I'm not surprised you didn't know. Anyway, I suppose its better that you lot found me, rather than somebody else. Some poor first-year might have seen me and thought I was possessed or something!"

The werewolf chuckled at his own words, missing the looks Peter and James both gave Sirius. The grey-eyed teen loftily ignored both of them as he slipped off of his own bed and clambered onto Remus' instead, turning his back on his Kin of Nancy. Ah, the bonds of brotherhood…

"So, why exactly were you sleepwalking anyway, Moony? Was it something you ate, do you reckon?" piped up Peter curiously, leaning forward over James' sprawled form. Remus frowned worriedly, twisting the bed-sheets in his hands absently as he answered the chubby boy.

"No, sleepwalking doesn't work like that Peter. If someone begins to sleepwalk, it's generally due to unrest in the mind, like if they're worried about something or they're stressed. Obviously, this makes it quite hard to control. But I don't think I've ever sleep-walked before… so why is it happening now?"

"Maybe you're getting antsy about the N.E. coming up," suggested James, hitting Peter with a pillow to stop him from moving about on the bed.

Remus shot James a disapproving look for his blatant mis-usage of bedding before answering, "Prongs, the N.E. aren't until next year, and in any case I didn't sleepwalk last year when we had O., did I? It must be something else."

"You must be worried about something else then," mused Sirius, frowning contemplatively. His grey eyes widened suddenly and he swung around on his friend, sending the pillow he was leaning on flying across the room. "Moony! We're your friends! How could you not tell us that something was bothering you?!"

Remus, alarmed, held his hands up in front of him in a placating gesture. "Nothing's bothering me, Siri! I mean, unless you count me worrying about my transformations every month… but I have you three now, so I don't even worry about them as much as I used to. I really can't think of anything else important enough to make this start happening- and if I can't figure out what's causing it, then how am I supposed to stop it?"

The blatant misery on his friend's face broke through Sirius' slight indignation, and he hastily shuffled over to Remus' side, putting both arms around him to hug him comfortingly.

"Don't worry Remy; we'll work out whatever it is that's got you wandering round in your pyjamas and help you sleep again, 'kay?"

Remus leaned into Sirius' chest gratefully. He didn't know how he did it, but Sirius had the gift of making him feel better when nothing and no-one else could, and in this particular instance he was extremely appreciative. He inhaled the scent of his friend quietly; a sort of spicy, smoky smell, coupled with the distinct aroma of clean puppy. There really was no-one else in the world with that special Sirius-y smell, and for a glorious moment Remus felt completely relaxed and comforted.

Of course, with the Nancy Tribe around, such a feeling could never last for very long.

"Yeah!" Peter cheered loudly, oblivious to the howl of pain coming from James, whose ear was unfortunately in very close proximity to the blonde boy's mouth. "We'll help you Moony! It probably won't be too har- oof!"

James nodded enthusiastically at his friend as he smothered Peter in revenge. "That's right Moony; have no fear, the Marauders are here!"

Sirius whooped in agreement, punching a triumphant fist in the air. "Ha! Sleepwalking won't stand a chance against us!"

Remus whimpered softly as he hid his face in his hands, a gesture that went unnoticed by his now wildly-singing homeboys . "Oh, Merlin save me…"

Nancy Boys vs. Sleepwalking- the battle had begun.


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