As the taxi pulled up in front of Sesshoumaru's house, Kagome balked at the number of police cars and ambulances with their flashing lights. When Jakken had called her, she had felt the pit of her stomach drop out. He had said something had happened to Sesshoumaru, and she should come over right away. She paid the taxi driver, hopping out of the vehicle, pulling her sweater tighter over her body, her hair beautifully curling around her face, her blue eyes wide with worry. She hurried forward.

A policeman stopped her, barring the way.

"I'm sorry miss, you can't cross that line," he said.

"My boyfriend...Sesshoumaru," she gasped out, "Jakken called me." The policeman's eyes widened. He looked her over. All youkai hid themselves, he knew this, but she looked entirely human. Ah well, to each his own. The officer nodded.

"Follow me, miss," he said kindly and lead her towards the house. They passed policemen talking, their faces grim. Kagome's heart thundered with every step. Jakken hadn't said what had happened, and with all these policemen, she was at a near panic.

She passed an ambulance where they were loading a person on a stretcher into it. The person was tied up with a bag over their head. Kagome could tell they were female and covered in blood. Her heart stopped in her throat.

The policeman opened the door for her, and she entered the entry room, seeing blood splattered all over the white walls and wooden floor. She put a hand to her mouth. It smelt like gunpowder and old blood.

"This way," he said, leading her towards the room where she had met with her family the first night back in Tokyo. They passed more police officers and detectives. The officer held his hand out for her to pass him into the room. She entered the room, her face pale, her body in a cold sweat.

There he sat, on a stool, shirtless, with a medic wrapping bandages around his chest. His eyes were fixed on her. He had smelt her coming.

"Sesshoumaru.." she whispered, drawing the attention of only those nearest. She stepped to him, dropping to her knees beside him. "What happened?" Her hands perched on his thigh. He reached a hand up and ran it through her curled hair, cupping her head. He said nothing, his golden eyes shining brightly.

"Sango shot me."

"What?!" That time, she had the entire room turning towards her.

"She can't be in here," an officer said.

"She can, and she will stay." Sesshoumaru's voice carried more authority than the others in the room. They nodded, lips pulled tight. They continued to write their reports. The medic who was wrapping Sesshoumaru stood.

"All done," he said. "You can take them off tomorrow. You should be well by then, Sesshoumaru-sama." Sesshoumaru nodded, his eyes never leaving Kagome's face.

"Please, explain..." She whispered, still shaking.

"Are you cold?" he asked, wiping sweat from her brow. She shook her head.

"I was so scared. Jakken just said something happened to you, and to come over right away... and when I got here, all the police cars, the lights, the person on the stretcher... so much blood, Sesshoumaru..." His hand caressed her lightly.

"Sango came here to kill me. She shot me in the back three times after attempting to stab me with my own sword. She won't be walking, writing, or thinking too much in the next 50 years." A feral look crossed his eye, and Kagome found herself thanking the stars he didn't see her as an enemy. She pressed a hand to his cheek.

"How do you feel?" She asked softly. He pressed his hand over hers, his eyes shining.

"I'll be fine," he murmured out. Kagome leaned into him and kissed his lips. He blinked, surprised at her openness, but held her close with his other hand. When they parted, she was blushing but smiling.

"Ahem," a voice said beside them. Sesshoumaru glanced up at the man. The room had emptied. "We'll be leaving now. You will receive a copy of the report in your office tomorrow morning. One of the officers will drop it off, Taisho-sama." Sesshoumaru nodded as the detective left. Kagome smiled more broadly at him as his eyes fell back upon her face.

"Well... this puts a damper on our plans for this evening," he murmured, brushing her hair behind her ear. "But I must say, woman, you look beautiful." She blushed harder and leaned in to kiss him again.


Two years later...

Kagome sat in the courtyard of their home, the cherry tree in full blossom, giving off a beautifully peaceful smell. She smiled as she worked on the little crochet blanket for the pups inside her growing stomach. She grinned as the smell of tea met her nose as Jakken, in his normal form of a little green toad, waddled out carrying a tray with tea on it.

"Milady, your afternoon tea," he said softly, setting it on the table. He was wearing a small metal pinned to his shirt, and Kagome grinned at it. Apparently, when Sesshoumaru was shot two years ago, the little youkai had pinned Sango to the wall after Sesshoumaru had broken her legs and other arm, as well as a few other things. For his actions, the police had awarded him a small metal that he wore constantly with pride. Kagome constantly told him how honorable it made him look, causing his little toad chest to puff out with pride. He wouldn't say it, but he liked the mate his lord had taken...even if she was a filthy human.

Kagome thanked him for the tea, setting her crochet blanket down in her smaller lap. She put a hand to her belly, waiting patiently for the time when they would begin to kick. She smiled motherly to think she had twins. She felt proud to be able to carry Sesshoumaru's pups and, at the same time, that he had accepted her so easily into his home, bed, and life. She glanced at the thing gold watch around her wrist, a gift for their first year anniversary only a couple of months ago.

After their ordeal on the island, they had begun dating the month they returned. Six months later, he proposed. Six more months later, they were married. Their wedding night was the most passionate and romantic memory in her mind to date, and she often blushed at the many things they did to each other that night and almost every night since. She had laughed outright when the doctors had pronounced her with pup, and Sesshoumaru had held her tightly, smiling into her neck where she could feel it and no one could see.

She was now on maternity leave for the next six months from her job as a lawyer for Sesshoumaru's firm. She was paid enough to have the proper care for her mother and grandfather, and supported her brother through college. He was in his first year at Tokyo University aiming to be a doctor. Her mother was doing better, and her grandfather was no longer in as much pain as he had been before. She was happy living with her husband and mate in his home. She was glad for all the things that had happened on the island, even the horrible, terrible things, because it brought her closer to Sesshoumaru... and she wouldn't trade anything for what she had now.

The door from the front entryway slid open, causing her eyes to look up from her tea. She smiled lovingly as her husband walked towards her.

"You've gotten far with that," he said softly, stooping down to kiss her, resting his hand on her growing belly. She murmured a hello into his lips before he kissed her neck and forehead.

"Just because you have money," she said, a grin upon her red lips, "doesn't mean you get to buy everything for the babies."

"Pups," he corrected. She grinned.

"Pups." She pulled him down by his tie and kissed him again. His hands landed on either side of her hips, kissing her in return. The wind blew through the sakura tree, bringing a few petals to rest around them in a heavenly fragrance. Their lips parted and their noses and foreheads met.

"I love you, you know that?" Kagome said, eyes shining like the sea in sunset, eyelashes standing out against porcelain skin.

"Yes," he purred, "I know."