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Kimiko Tohomiko ran through the narrow alleys of Tokyo city. It was late night and was heavily raining. She was returning from a hard day at the mall shopping and had decided to take a shortcut to get to her mansion quicker, by this time her papa would be worried sick and would have the entire Tokyo police force out after her, despite the fact that they both knew she was perfectly capable of kicking any muggers ass with ease.

All the training at monk school had made her a force to reckon with and she was currently home to visit her papa for Christmas. Kimiko ran through the icy, pouring rain wrapped tightly in her most recent purchase: a thick pink coat with fluff lining its edges. She paused momentarily to catch her breath and looked around her; she was standing in a narrow dark alley lined with black sacks of rubbish all of which had been opened and supposedly raided for food by some homeless people.

Kimiko had never been in this part of town before. She was often told by her father that she was forbidden to play there as a child because of all the homeless people that resided there. All of a sudden Kimiko heard a faint rustle behind a putrid green dumpster and instinctively she stuck her signature fighting pose and began carefully edging towards the dumpster

"Hello"? She said aloud. Slowly she edged around the dumpster only to find some litter strewn across the floor, Kimiko eased up and face palmed herself for being so cautious only to turn around to find a cloaked figure holding a long thin knife.

Before Kimiko could even scream the attacker grabbed her throat and pushed her into the alley wall. "Scream and il cut your fuckin head off bitch!" He laughed maliciously and with one hand slipped the knife in his pocket and he began to fumble with his belt, the other one clasped firmly across her neck inappropriately fingering her mouth. It took awhile before she figured out what the mysterious figure was going to do to her if she didn't act soon, in one swooping motion she clamped her teeth hard on his invading finger and kneed his groin with all her might. The assailant collapsed into a huddled mass on the soaking ground clutching his crotch, swearing angrily under his breath. Immediately Kimiko began to run away but the attacker grabbed her foot still clutching at his groin with his other hand.

"Get offa me!" Kimiko snarled angrily, immediately a red aura imitated from her exposed leg and the attacker screamed in agony as his hand was burnt to its raw flesh. Kimiko smiled triumphantly but her victory was cut short as her attacker plunged his blade into her thigh and ran as fast as he could muttering under his breath sounding slightly insane clutching his hand.

Kimiko yanked the knife out of her leg and cried out in desperation, beads of water forming in her sapphire eyes, she kept telling herself that she would be ok and soon be found by someone, but something at the back of her head kept telling her that she would die here.

The black sky and droplets of icy rain was all she saw before she passed out.

When she woke up Kimiko at first expected to see the pearly white ceiling of the hospital but instead her eyes were greeted by dark brown planks of wood dampened by the ever-pouring rain outside. Immediately she sat bolt upright but the pain still seared in her leg where she had been stabbed although she noticed that having a good experience with injuries (being a Xiaolin warrior had its fair share of mishaps) the pain in her leg was only substantial enough to make her wince with a hint of pain. Taking a closer inspection someone had bandaged her leg with a ragged piece of cloth tied crudely across her thigh.

It then hit Kimiko like a car, she had just narrowly escaped being raped and killed and now she was in a shoddy apartment at night lit only by a small candle. Kimiko went to call out for the person that had saved her from bleeding to death in the slums of Tokyo but then she realised, she was still in the slums of Tokyo making her saviour probably some form or saddo masochist.

"Harsh but fair" she thought. Quietly she got up from the old, dirty mattress she had been sleeping on and stood up, listening intently for any signs of life. Kimiko then realised she felt unusually light as if she was naked, dreading what she might see she was more than relived to find a thin, flimsy shirt barely covering her flesh. She closer inspected the ragged cloth to find many rips and stains permanently embedded into the material, it appeared her 'saviour' was at least somewhat hospitable. She then saw her thick coat and soaking shirt folded neatly in a pile in the corner of the room.

Kimiko went to gather up her clothes and change out of the tattered rag strewn over her delicate body but froze when she heard a rustle from the room attached to the main one, instantly she dropped her coat back where it was and dived onto the mattress. Ever so slightly she inched her eyes open and a boy no older than Kimiko with his back to the mattress fiddling with something. The first distinguishing thing about him was his topless torso with deep red cuts and various scar all across his back and presumably his chest too. The boy turned around and moved further into the candle light, he had a pale slightly muscular body with many scars and cuts across his body and what was shown of his face, which was covered by dark brown long matted hair that covered his face down to his lips.

Temporarily drawn away from his figure Kimiko noticed a glint of silver but couldn't see what he was holding without giving herself away. She felt him kneel down beside the mattress and trace his fingers across her face; he briefly touched across a cut she had gotten whilst fighting earlier. He turned his attention to the glint of silver and bottle in his hands. Kimiko panicked, his topless body and his presumed knife and drugs in his hands (the drugs being a bottle) could only mean what Kimiko feared and she wouldn't let him get away with it.

Just before the unknown figure dabbed the substance on Kimiko's face she grabbed his hand and twisted it round to his back making the boy scream in agony, she kicked his back hard and he slammed hard into the wall, the boy curled up on the floor clutching at his arm. Kimiko picked up her coat and walked over to the exit deliberately making sure she stepped on the boys hand as she left to go home but then she realised. She didn't know where she was or how to get out of the building. Defiantly ignoring her better judgement she kicked the door open and stepped out into the cold, dark hallway. Instantly she stopped and observed the corridor, she could only see a few metres either side of her. She looked back into the warm glow of the boy's room and then into the inky black of the darkness blocking her way out. Shivering Kimiko made her decision and decided to wait in the apartment until morning.

She slowly shut the door to the room and the boy had picked himself up from the floor and was limping towards the room attached to the living space which appeared to be a dirty bathroom. The boy did a double take when he saw Kimiko standing there in a fighting stance and held up his hands to shield his badly scarred face. Kimiko sighed and grabbed the boys arm

"Im waiting in this place until morning ask any question or try anything funny and il snap you're neck like a twig" she let go of his arm and shoved him onto the floor, the boy slowly got up and opened his mouth to speak, but closed it when he saw Kimiko glaring at him with her cerulean eyes.

The boy stared at Kimiko for a few seconds before stumbling into the living space; curiously Kimiko walked around into the room and saw the tramp holding out Kimiko's coat and damp t-shirt in his hands. Quickly Kimiko snatched her clothes back and went into the bathroom, she gave the dirty room a look of disgust and changed quickly into her former clothes, discarding the tattered rag she had previously been wearing on top of the sink and she quickly sorted her messy hair in the mirror and noticed she had cut her cheek earlier. She gathered all her things up. When she returned to the living area she sat down on the shoddy mattress and watched the boy arrange his shoddy possessions that Kimiko had knocked over earlier and picked up the bottle and next to it the glint of silver shone although it turned out to be a needle, and upon closer inspection the bottle was disinfectant...Kimiko felt a surge of guilt, he wasn't trying to drug her but rather clean the wound on her face and stitch it for her.

Sitting himself against the wall opposite Kimiko, the boy began to stitch up a wound that had opened earlier and then he went into the bathroom, and came out wearing the same top Kimiko had earlier discarded as nothing more than a rag. Feeling guilty again the boy brushed his top down and rummaged around in his pockets, after several moments he was holding the same knife that had earlier been stuck into Kimiko's leg in his outstretched hand, Kimiko slowly took the knife back and the boy flinched and sat himself in the corner of the room watching Kimiko behind his long messy hair. Kimiko placed the knife on the mattress and found the wound on her leg that the knife had earlier caused, she noticed it had been crudely but effectively stitched up and she stood up and felt a surge of guilt overcome her.

"You....saved me. Didn't you?"

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