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The sun peaked in the sky, beneath it the land flourished, dotted with fields of lush green, huge beautiful mountains and lakes that reflected the sky perfectly. Kimiko Tohomiko walked through a large field. She took several fleeting looks around. This place used to be a huge demonic mountain, the very same one where Chase Young lived. But now it was a simple poppy field, flourishing in the summer heat. Unlike most days she wasn't garbed in her temple robes. She was wearing casual denim jeans and a baggy top; it went well with her pale complexion.

Kimiko was simply wandering around. It was one year on from what happened, she was still at monk school, although it wasn't the same. Not without him. But everything was so much better now. She was older and generally better than ever, Raimundo was still the leader, Omi still the big headed kid and Clay the huge hearted Texan. She sat down under a large drooping willow and closed her eyes. Ever since he died everything was so much different. But in the good sense. No more competition for Wu or anything, it was just plain sailing. Hanging out with her friends and training day by day. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"You ready to go?" Came a familiar voice. Kimiko turned around. She smiled at him and hugged him, the boy sat down next to her.

"Y'know, I don't get why you insist coming here so often. Especially after everything that happened in this place."

"Yeah, I know...But for some reason it reminds me how lucky I am to still have you with me." The two looked into each other's eyes and smiled again.

"Y'know it was nice of Master Fung to take me in like that..." the boy continued.

"Well it's not like you had anywhere else to go...I mean you're parents are...Well you know, and my dad is kinda scared of you after they way you flipped out on him..." The two laughed. Suddenly they were interrupted by a certain Texans booming voice.

"Hey Kimiko, Nad, Lets go, new Wu on the loose!" In the distance they saw three figures sitting atop Dojo. Kimiko stood up and seized Nad's hand.

"Ugh, whats the rush...our only competition is Spicer... "Kimiko yanked him up off the ground.

"Ok! Geez im going..." Nad groaned. Kimiko laughed and hugged him again.

"Yeah, but still..." Kimiko replied, still trying to yank him up from the ground. Nad looked at her, suddenly he jumped up and together the couple raced back to Dojo.

HAHA!! Bet you thought he died!! It's perfectly plausible to be stabbed through the stomach with a sword and live...I think...

To avoid confusion, the person who died in the story was Chase.

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