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Bella sighed as she made her way to her fiancé Edward's room. He's been so distant lately. It must be the whole Jacob thing. All of a sudden, Alice rushed in front Bella with anger and hurt in her eyes.

"Bella, don't go in there." She warned.

"Why?" Bella asked, confused.

"Well, you know how that girl Summer visited…"

Summer is a vampire, trying to go vegetarian, so she came to the Cullens for help.


"Edward and Summer kind of hit it off and, he's…well, he's cheating on you."


Her heart shattered and tears threatened to fall on her pretty face. She pushed pass alic and slammed the door open.

And there he was. Kissing, or rather sucking Summer's face. She took off her engagement ring and threw it at Edward's head. Bullseye. He turned to see Bella and his face looked like he was about cry.

"Bella – "

"No, the next time you want to hurt me, you might want to just punch me in the gut. It all hurts just the same anyway."

Without listening to what Edward was going to say, Bella fled, leaving him heartbroken and guilty.