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The 10 year old, frightened by the sudden noise turned abruptly, and without any thought proceded to wail on his would be attacker.

Boromir suddenly realizing what was about to happen, attempted to reason with the young boy, but it was too late. No sooner had he covered his face, did he begin to feel the frantic blows of the frightened child.

"Ow! Hey! Stop!'!" He shouted in between blows

Faramir stopped suddenly upon hearing the desperate voice of his beloved brother. He opened his two blurry eyes and recognized the blurry form of his brother, curled up in a ball on the ground covering his face. "What would you do that for brother?" the little boy asked, bottom lip still trembling and eyes glassy with fresh tears that had yet to fall.

" I thought that I would have a little fun and test you at the same time" Boromir said, finally getting off of the ground, rubbing his sore arms and side. 'That's going to bruise nicely", Boromir groaned inwardly. Great, by tomorrow it would look as though an army of orcs had their way with him, when in fact it was a small ten year old. The guys were going to give him neverending hell for this. But he could only smile at the after thought, 'at least he delivers with a deadly force'.

"That was mean, I thought I really did something bad." Faramir cried.

Boromir suddenly grabbed his little brother and brought him to his side. "I'm sorry I scared you. But I was testing to see if you would let your guard down when someone you cared about was injured. You must remember, even in battle, to always be on guard. Your enemy will not hesitate to deliver a fatal blow if they think that they have the chance. Besides, father would never forgive me if something happened to you." Boromir finished smiling.

"I bet he wouldn't care as much as if it were you instead." Faramir said quietly.

"I told you before, he cares for you. Just give him time. Our mother's death will always be hard for him. And you just remind him of her so much, it's just hard right now, but know that he does love you. One day you will see." Boromir said softly. Only Faramir would see this side of him. He kept it hidden, locked away, so as to not appear weak in his father's eyes. Denethor always saw the warrior in Boromir and knew that he would grow to be a great leader one day, but his mother knew the softer side that existed in her son; the side only shown to her or Faramir. It was this side that prompted her to ask that he look out for Faramir after her death. She knew Denethor would not, and Boromir vowed that nor harm would comve to Faramir for as long as he lived. Faramir was the last piece of his mother that he had left and be damned anyone that tried to do any harm to him, including their father.

"So because of what I did, are we done?" Faramir asked slowly.

Boromir composed himself as the comforting memories of his mother slowly faded away. "Of course not. Why would you think that?" he asked, eyebrows quirked.

The doe-eyed child looked at him confused. "You said you were hurt. You shouldn't keep fighting if you're hurt. It will just make things worse."

"Now what did I just tell you? A warrior never stops fighting unless his heart stops beating. Now, I will be find, but you might not be after your punishment!" Boromir said in an authoritative tone.

At this Faramir's eyes widened. "Punishment!? For what?"

"Attacking you superior officer soldier. Now as penance for your earlier transgression, you will first run four laps inside of the walls of Gondor."

"But brother that's..." Faramir started.

"Would you like to make it five?" Boromir asked. At this Faramir kept quiet. "I will follow you on horseback. You may alternate between running laps and walking. After that , we will go to the practice fields, where you will practice your fighting techniques. When I spooked you, all of your training went out of the window and you swung wildly. What if one of your allies had been by your side? You surely would have injured them, if not yourself as well. Besides, attacking like that leaves you open to any attack by your enemy. If you want to prove to father that you are worthy to be in the army of Gondor one day as a fighter and not stuck behind some book for the rest of your life, you will have to overcome your fear and harden you heart to the outside world. Bur not fully, just enough to protect yourself."

Faramir nodded, slowly absorbing what he just heard, then he looked away to ponder. The sharp slap to his back brought his eyes to focus on Boromir's smiling face again.

"Alright now, let's hurry to the stables."

"WHy are we going there? You didn't say anything about horses." Faramir whined, remembering his last attempt at riding, and subsequently being dragged on the ground while his foot was caught in the stirrup. Denethor told him firmly that he was to never attempt riding again.

"Don't worry little brother, you are not riding. I am."

"Then where are you going? I thought you said I had to..." Faramir quieted quickly hoping that his older brother had somehow forgotten what was supposed to happen, and praying that he hadn't reminded him if he did forget so quickly.

"I am going with you of course. Surely you did not think that I was going to run alongside you huffing and puffing for fun. Come now Faramir, this is your punishment, not mine. I am merely accompanying you to insure that you complete your laps. Now come quickly, we can talk more during your walking laps." and with that the steward heir of Gondor led the way to the stables absently rambling on some topic, while Faramir trudged behind him slowly, lower lip jutting out a bit at what was to come.