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Five Years Later

Today was my son's eighth birthday. He was quite the little man. He amazed us every single day. Elizabeth was now five years old. She was just as beautiful as her mother and just as spectacular as her brother. Everyone was gathering today for a massive party my sisters were throwing for their nephew.

Dean and Jo were coming with their little boy, Eddie. Yes, they named him after me. Dean and I forged a very strong friendship over the last several years. He needed a little push when the time came for him to propose to Jo. I gave him that push. I ended up being the best man in his wedding to the love of his life.

Edward (Eddie) Samuel Winchester was only three months old. Bella loved being around him and it made her want to have another. We had been trying but had not gotten pregnant yet. Carlisle told us that CJ and Beth could be our only children. We were both fine with that but would not mind the addition of a couple more.

Kaci and Nick only had Riley. After everything that her body went through the first time, she could not get pregnant anymore.

Lisa gave birth to twins…a girl and a boy. The labor was quite difficult and just as we feared…it was too much for her human body. Ian had to change her seconds before she died. They named their daughter, Mikayla Christine after Lisa's mother and sister. We call her Miki. Their son was named, Christopher Nicholas after Lisa's father and Nick. We call him Chris. They are both four now.

Sam met a beautiful girl named Morgan. They were currently engaged. The brothers had not been hunting anymore. They were leading perfectly normal lives. Dean was a mechanic and owned his own garage, while Sam went back to Stanford and finished law school. He was now a successful lawyer.

They moved back to Kansas to be close to their roots. We did not get to see them much anymore so we cherished every opportunity we had to see our amazing friends.

Charlie started dating someone. It was quite a shock to all of us. He has been seeing Tanya's sister, Irina. They have been together for almost two years now. It was difficult for Bella at first…but not anymore. It helps that Irina adores Bella and treats her like the daughter she always wanted…but never had.

Charlie confided in me the other day that he plans to propose to Irina within the next couple of days. He wanted my advice on how to break the news to Bella because he wanted to get her blessing first. I explained to him that Bella adored Irina and she would be very happy for her father. She was thrilled that he had found love once again.

All of my siblings were doing fabulous. I knew that it hurt Rose's heart that she could not have a child when so many women around her were doing just that. However, she doted on all of her nieces and nephews like the fantastic aunt that she was.

The last five years had been very good to us. "Daddy, daddy, daddy!" My energetic daughter screamed as she bounded straight into my arms.

"What is it Elizabeth?" I asked as I twirled her around in a tight hug.

"Momma says that there is going to be cake AND ice cream at Ceej's party today! Isn't that awesome?"

"It is very awesome, sweetheart."

"You're going to have some aren't you Daddy?"

I shook my head no. "Beth, you know I don't eat human food."

She pouted. It was the same damn pout that her mother used to get her way. "Daddy…please? I want you to have cake and ice cream with us? Pwetty pwease? With sugar on top." She shook her head. "Scratch that…with lion's blood on top. Please?"

I chuckled at my little girl.

"Alright sweetie…I will have cake and ice cream with you guys."

She smiled her beautiful grin, pecked my cheek with a kiss, and jumped down from my arms. As she ran into the other room, I heard her yell, "Pay up Uncle Em! He's eating it. I told you I could get him to do it! You owe me ten bucks!"

Oh, he was going to pay for that.


Fifty Years Later

Today was going to be a difficult day. We were heading out to attend Dean's funeral. I offered to make him immortal once…but he would not hear of it. He wanted to live his life and die…just the way nature intended.

He was the last of his family to go except for his son, Eddie. Sam and Morgan were unable to have children. They had both already passed. Jo passed away last year and we knew that it would not be long until Dean followed her. He truly could not live without his love.

I felt arms wrap around my waist. "Are you alright, honey?" Bella asked me. She knew how close Dean and I had become. I truly considered him my brother. People always thought it was strange when they saw us hanging out together. An old man…and a seventeen year old. They thought he was my grandfather. We did not care.

"I'm fine, love. How are you?" I asked her as I turned in her arms. I ran my hands gently down her sides and found their resting place on her swollen stomach. We had finally gotten pregnant again…after only…fifty plus years of trying. She was due any day now.

"I'm alright Edward. Don't worry about me."

"I'm just sad. I kind of wish they would have let us turn them," I told her honestly.

"Edward, that is not what they wanted and you know it. Dean and Sam wanted to be normal so badly. They both lived full and happy lives. Do not regret giving them exactly what they wished for."

My beautiful wife was right…as always. There was a knock on the door. "Dad…are you guys alright? Can we come in?"

"Of course," I said.

The door opened and CJ and Beth walked into the room. Our wonderful children. They had grown up to be so strong and beautiful. Bella and I could not have been more proud of them. They both were married to wonderful mates.

When they reached eighteen, they received all of the powers and were stuck in that age forever…just as my Bella had happen to her.

Elizabeth placed herself into my waiting arms, while CJ comforted his mother. He was so much taller than she was. It was quite funny. He engulfed her tiny but pregnant frame into his strong arms. "Are you okay, Mom?"

"I'm fine," she said through sniffles.

"Hey, you know Uncle Dean would not want tears today. I already saw Eddie and he is laughing and making jokes. That's what he would have wanted. Let's rejoice in the life that he made for himself."

Bella placed her hand lovingly on our son's cheek. "When did you get so smart?"

"Pssh…please Mom, I have been gifted since I was in the womb! You know this."

We all laughed. Beth rolled her eyes at her brother. "I really hope I am going to have a sister! There is way too much testosterone in this damn family."

"Elizabeth Renee Cullen! Language!" Bella scolded her.

"Mom! It was just damn. What the hell is wrong with that word?"

"Elizabeth! Now you've said two bad words!" Bella yelled.

"Oh shit…you have got to be kidding me!" Elizabeth looked at me for help. "Is she fucking serious Dad?"

Bella was going off on a tirade now and if Beth did not stop, there would be no placating Bella.

I whispered to her, "Stop while you are ahead sweetheart or I won't be able to save you."

"I am a grown-ass woman, Mother! You and Daddy have said bad words before! It is not like I say them all the time!"

"Oh FUCK!" Bella screamed.

"See Dad! See what I am talking about! She just did it. What the hell Mom?"

"Beth, shut up!" CJ screamed at his sister as he held Bella. "Mom, are you alright?" He asked her.

"My water just broke!"

"Oh god, Mom I am SO sorry!" Elizabeth yelled as she ran to her mother. "Mommy, please don't be mad. You know how moody I get. I am sorry I yelled at you and said bad words."

Bella smiled in between her tears, "It's alright Elizabeth. I'm sorry I yelled at you in the first place. Blame the pregnancy hormones."


We ended up missing Dean's funeral that day. Eddie told us he was sure he would understand. Bella ended up giving birth to twins…girls. They were beautiful. Everyone was wrapped around their tiny little fingers within seconds of their birth.

Our first daughter, Samantha Allison Cullen had her mother's mahogany hair, one brown eye, and one green eye. Our second daughter, Deanna Rose Cullen had my bronze colored hair, one green eye, and one golden eye. They were spectacular.

The girls were now just a few days old. CJ and Beth were the epitome of wonderful older siblings. They loved their baby sisters very much. They loved them so much that they had not even bickered with each other since the twins were born. It was nice.

I could not remember a time in my life when I had been this happy. Bella and I had four amazing children and a family that was phenomenal. We had truly been blessed.

At one time, I thought I was a monster. Bella had showed me otherwise. She showed me what a wonderful and kind man that I really was.

My wife loved me with everything she had in her and I was grateful for her every single day. She taught me how to love and how to forgive. I never did treat her as my unequal once we got back together. I also tried hard every day to let her have her independence. She was the love of my life and I would spend forever showing her how much she meant to me.

If I was destined to walk this Earth for eternity…I could not think of a better way to pass the time.

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