Fandom: Natsume Yūjinchō

Pairing: Nyanko x Natsume (Madara x Natsume), one-sided (?) Tanuma x Natsume


Warnings: Hot guys making out, some angst – you've been warned.

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,,I'm just a painting that's still wet,

If you touch me I'll be smeared,

You'll be stained

Stained for the rest of your life.''

Tanuma's lips on my own.

Natsume simply froze.

Kissing another guy...

It positively, obviously, totally, absolutely felt wrong. Another male's lips one his own; another foreign tongue seeking entrance into his mouth. Natsume had to sort out his feelings in a split second before he would do something irreversible, that is to say, kissing back Tanuma under the pressure, unconsciously.

Tanuma is my friend. He's a guy. And this male friend of mine is pressing his lips on mine right now, trying to get into my mouth.

Somehow it was different from Madara's kisses. The boy couldn't help but wonder why. What made Madara so special compared to Tanuma? Or rather, what made his kisses... more acceptable? Both Madara and Tanuma were guys, both were his friends, so why's the huge gap?

All of this went through Natsume's mind at the same time, making it all the more confusing. No sooner had Tanuma's lips touched his own, he shoved him away.

His whole body was shaking as he was trying to recollect himself. He couldn't look at Tanuma at all. His hand was still resting on the other boy's chest; he could feel the throbbing of the boy's heart.

''Why?'' Tanuma asked wryly.

Natsume inhaled deeply, preparing himself for the worst, then looked him in the eye. Tanuma noted how his eyes were almost scary; filled with determination, unwavering.

''I'm sorry. There's somebody I like. Please don't do this ever again without my consent, or else I don't know what will happen to our friendship. ''

Tanuma was simply shocked. Upon the rejection, he brushed his friend's hand off of him, almost as if he could no longer stand the proximity.

''Is he really that special compared to me?''

Natsume, however, stood still under the light of those interrogating eyes.

''I don't think that's the question here.''

His friend fell silent.

''…I'm going out with him.'' Natsume added.

Tanuma nodded slowly. ''So I stand no chance in the end.''

They stood face to face, awkwardly staring at each other.

''Natsume, look… I-I- I still think you'd be better off without that guy. He's dangerous.''

''You don't know him.''

''Even so – ''

''You don't know anything at all.'' He went on. ''He was the first one to stay by my side. To ease my loneliness. He's… my first friend.''

Tanuma wanted to retort; to say something to shake his trust in that despicable man, to justify himself. Say something like…

''Are friends supposed to kiss their friends just like that?''

The words came out of his mouth without thinking, like water leaking from a barrel full of holes. He regretted it instantly; as he grasped the meaning of his own sentence.

Natsume's eyes grew wide.

''Ask yourself about that, will you!''

It was like a smack in the face for him; Tanuma's cheeks were burning up with embarassment.

''Natsume… I'm sorry. I don't know what's gotten into me… I've never meant to hurt you. Quite the opposite, actually. Still, I managed to hurt you badly, and make you betray your… your partner. I'm really sorry. Can you forgive me?''

The other boy looked at him severely for a bit, then just sighed tiredly.

''Let's go back to class, and forget about this, okay?''


The boy smiled. ''It's okay. I can't be mad at you. You're my precious friend after all, no matter what you do.''

Natsume pretended everything was okay in front of Tanuma, but in the inside, nothing was 'okay'; his heart was going to jump out of his throat when he thought about Nyanko. And well, now he was thinking about the man every other second. He was clueless of what to do now. He couldn't sort out his feelings for the man yet, but understood they were more to each other than friends, and Tanuma just came and crushed this fragile peace in a flash with his selfish act.

The boy was aware it would be only fair he told Madara about Tanuma's feelings, but more importantly, about the kiss. He was afraid the man would leave and never return if he knew the truth, but…Damn it all! Why did this have to happen? I had no intention to kiss anybody beside him in the first place…

He didn't know what he could possibly say to the man, so he stayed out late hanging with his friends, Nishimura and Kitamoto, not paying attention to their words whatsoever, but thinking hard about what he would say when he got home and had to face the man.

Natsume took a deep breath before opening the door to the house. He apologized to Tohko-san for being late, and had small talk with his uncle. The words didn't register in his mind; he just glanced towards the stairs nervously.

''Tohko-san… De you possibly know if Nyanko is home yet?''

His guardian was busy preparing dinner, so she didn't even look back when answering.

''Oh, I'm sure I saw Nyankichi today. He must be lazing off in your room, Takashi-kun.''

''Thank you.'' Came the polite reply for the answer he had already known, but had hoped it would be otherwise if he asked. He was a fool for thinking Nyanko had gone out for a drink without even seeing him come home unharmed.

Natsume went up to his room with a heavy-heart. He entered the room cautiously, heart throbbing loudly. The cat was lying on a pillow dozing off. He opened one eye on account of the noise the boy made when he entered the room.

''You are late today, Natsume.'' He said with a look of reproach. ''I was starting to get worried. Did you hang out with Nishimura and Kitamoto?''

His voice was unusually friendly, not interrogating the boy, or anything, just inquiring, since he was interested.

The boy nodded. Now or never. I must tell him everything. This is only fair…

''Sensei. Could you transform into your human form, please? There's something I want to tell you.''

The cat narrowed its eyes, but didn't say anything, just did as he was told seriously.

No good; he knows there's something off.

In a puff of smoke, the fluffy, fat cat was gone, and a white-haired, noble, mature man was sitting on the pillow, clad in an expensive looking kimono. His left hand was clutching into a traditional Japanese smoking pipe, that is to say, a kiseru. Natsume assumed he was left-handed.

The kiseru, which he held, was simply beautiful, and even though Natsume wasn't too knowledgeable about pipes, even he could tell it was of great value. Japanese pipes used to be status symbols back in the day, as a kiseru could tell a lot about its owner; the onlooker could tell the man's importance and social standing just by looking at his pipe. Madara's pipe appeared to be an antique, gently taken care of over the long years. The wood part of the pipe was even longer than usual, and the mouth piece and bowl was made of silver, with some subtle engravings. The wood part of the pipe was rather dark; the boy suspected it was made of expensive wood. Even though kiseru have gone out of fashion a long time ago, somehow, it made Madara's figure complete.

''I guess it wouldn't be a good idea to smoke here.'' The man noted absent-mindedly, smiling warmly at the boy. He put down the antique pipe and crossed his arms across his chest.

''Now, speak up. I'm all ears.''

Natsume sat down in front of him. Took a deep breath, and then looked the man in the eye. I'll just get straight to the point! Whatever happens, I'll know I deserved it. He's all the right to be upset…

''Today, I made a mistake. Tanuma kissed me. And I was too late to prevent it. I'm honestly sorry.''

The boy bent down his head to the floor. ''You can go ahead and think low of me. I deserve it.''

The man's face was unreadable at this point; he didn't even blink at the sudden confession. He stood up slowly and took his time trying to smooth out the creases on his clothes. Natsume was still bending deeply.

The man finally stepped to him. ''Raise your head, Natsume.''

Natsume reluctantly lifted his head, making his eyes, full with guilt, be seen.

Madara kneeled down in front of him and kissed him full on the lips, without any forewarning. The man pulled him closer forcibly, kissing him even harder, leaving light bruises behind.

Natsume shoved him away as gently as he could. ''I c-can't breath.''

Madara, however, couldn't care less; he pulled him back into the embrace, and acquired entrance once again. His hot, wet tongue entered Natsume's sweet mouth. The two tongues clashed, Madara's easily topping Natsume's. Their saliva mixed together; it was like a bloody battle on the stormy ocean. Two battleships engaging in war; a dangerous, but magnificent display.

Natsume couldn't tell his taste apart from the man's, and Madara couldn't decide on whose intoxicating, sweet scent was making his mind catch on fire. The boy could taste the sour taste of tobacco in his mouth. It felt so sinful, but at the same time, so good. He was sure he would never give that sensation up.

Whose tongue is it? Whose mouth is it?

I don't know anymore…Nobody knew anything anymore, their tongues, fingers and bodies just moved on their own accord, without any afterthoughts.

Natsume's body bacame hotter by the minute; Madara pushed him down on the floor, leaning on him with his whole body, almost as if he was trying to crush him. His calloused fingers were stroking his body, making him feel even better, but at the same time, crave for more, suffer for not getting more, and struggling for air.

The man parted from him at the exact same moment. He had to, or else he wouldn't be able to restrain himself. A thread of saliva was connecting them, their chin, face, cheeks and even their neck wet from the messy battle of love.

A chill of pleasure went down on Natsume's spine. More. His mind screamed, his hand clutching tightly into Madara's kimono, crumpling it distastefully.

They were breathing raggedly together, faces flushed with the excitement and blood. Natsume's heart was beating so loudly; he was afraid Nyanko would hear it, and make fun of him later on account of it.

Madara waited for him to regain his normal breathing, and then grinned widely.

''Sorry, I just had to overcome the mountain of jealousy building up inside.''

Natsume laughed weakly, embarrassed.

''I'm being serious here.'' The man murmured against the boy's cheeks. He licked down his throat, leaving a wet trail behind. Natsume shivered and held him even more tightly; occasional groans escaping from his mouth.

Madara came to a halt when his hands reached the boy's shirt buttons.

Let's stop here for today. – He thought.

He went back to Natsume's mouth and kissed him once again, trying to suck the soul out of him. He stroked the boy's blond hair affectionately afterwards, and smiled at him warmly. He rolled down off the boy, and stood up, to head back to the window.

Natsume was still panting on the floor; inhale, exhale, inhale, and exhale; noisily…

''I need a smoke.'' The man announced.

''Wait!'' Natsume protested weakly.

Madara turned back to him. ''Yes?''

''I need to hear your answer.''


''Yes. Your feelings on Tanuma kissing me. You should just… tell me honestly you're disappointed in me.''

Madara smiled. ''It's nothing like that. It's not like it was your fault to begin with. And hey, I always knew that guy would be nothing but problem.'' He winked.


''Well, okay. Of course I'm mad. I'm mad because I couldn't save you. Save you from something you'd never wanted. And I hate that guy because he made you feel guilty, and most of all – I'm suffering from the jealousy and hatred towards that guy. I don't want this to happen ever again.

''Me neither.'' Natsume agreed. He sat up, and looked Nyanko in the eye.

''I'm sorry. Even though we're going out…'' He realized what he was saying, and blushed. ''Never mind.''

Madara burst out laughing. Too cute!

He bent down to him to ruffle his hair.

''Thank you for being here. By my side, always.'' He kissed the boy on the temple gently, and then headed back to the window.

''Now, if you'll excuse me, I need this lust of mine taken care of.''

The boy looked at him with a puzzled look.

''I need a smoke. You didn't think anything perverted, now did you?''

''What?! Just go and never come back, would you!'' The boy shouted, trying to hide his embarrassment. (His red, oh so red cheeks gave him away instantly.)

Madara just laughed at him, even when the boy threw a pillow at him. Hard.

''I'll be back by dinner. Wait for me, okay?''

''…so turn around, walk away
Before you confuse the way we abuse each other
If you're not afraid of getting hurt
Then I'm not afraid of how much I hurt you…''

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