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The day was Saturday, November 13. I remember because it was what I thought was going to be the happiest day of my life. That day, I had a date with Kagome Higurashi. The girl of my dreams, captain of the cheerleading team, my good friend, and the person I was sure I could finally relate to. She was beautiful, funny, intelligent, what guy wouldn't fall for her? I had been so excited that I arrived at the restaurant an hour early.


I was so nervous when Kagome walked in, I was sure that I would involuntarily bolt at any moment. I had actually let my hair down for once, from its normal ponytail, and I looked (dare I say it) pretty darn good.

She came over and sat across from me in the booth, looking slightly surprised. Her back was to the door.

"Kouga!" She said, placing her purse next to her. "Have you been waiting long?"

I grinned, saying that, No, I hadn't, and proceeded to complement her on her dress. I had to keep my cool, lest I say something stupid. It wouldn't be the first time. I started up a conversation that had no particular point, ending up asking her if she had applied to any colleges yet. Junior year was quickly ending, after all. She then proceeded to rattle on about the difficulties of finding a college that she liked, and how she wasn't sure what to do and blah blah blah. I wasn't really paying attention. I had to think of what to say to ensure that another date like this would happen.


"Uh, yeah?"

"You okay? You look kinda spacey there."

"Um... yeah..."


"Er- yeah?"

"Are you sure you're alright?"

Clearing my throat once more, I struggled to find a more eloquent answer. "Sorry. I was just a little surprised at how beautiful you look." Realizing what I had said, I tried again. "I mean, you're always beautiful – uh... I mean... what I meant was..."

Kagome giggled. I blushed slightly, worried that I'd blown everything.

"I get it, thank you."

She smiled at me and I could've melted on the spot. I could die a happy man now. ... Well... maybe not die, but I was pretty darn excited. Everything was going exactly as planned. The waiter came over and took our orders, being just a bit to friendly with Kagome for my liking. He brought us our drinks, and left to tell the cooks what we wanted just as I was beginning to loosen up. That's when he came in. I didn't really notice, at first, being to enthralled with Kagome to see him open the door, I didn't even really hear the obnoxious 'ding'ing nose that it made. But I'm sure everyone in the place noticed his worried meandering through tables, darting quickly between them and ignoring the waiters and waitresses completely when they tried to get him to wait in line. He was muttering something under his breath that I couldn't make out. People had begun to disregard the troublemaker (except for the servers) so I tried to ignore him as well.

But it was kind of hard to not notice that head full of silver hair of his. Amber-colored eyes were darting back and forth, and for a moment, I thought I saw them stop on me. I quickly turned back to Kagome, hoping that he hadn't caught me staring. I mean, I was definitely not gay, but even I had to admit he was good looking. He was wearing black skinny jeans and a red shirt that seemed to meld to his torso. A necklace was around his neck, with (what I assumed were fake) fangs in between every couple of beads. His black jacket had skull and crossbones on the back.

In addition, I noticed that he was getting inevitably closer to my table. He stopped in front of our booth, seeming slightly out of breath.

"Can we help you?" Kagome asked, not seeming to mind the silver-haired guy one bit. In fact, it almost seemed like she was flirting with him, flipping her hair behind her shoulders and almost imperceptibly batting her eyelashes. ... Maybe I was just being paranoid.

The guy ignored her completely, instead turning to me. Seeming to make a decision, he darted forward and grabbed me by my jacket, yanking me out of my seat. I let out a noise of surprise, now being face to face with the strange dude, and way too close for comfort. I heard the bell on the door ding again and he glanced over there briefly, a look of panic flashing across his face.

His eyes found mine again and he leaned a bit closer, keeping his hand fisted around my jacket so that I couldn't escape. "This is an emergency." He whispered frantically, his face completely serious. "Please, do me this one favor. It's –ah-" He stopped here, looking over to the door. "It's urgent."

His breath was ghosting across my lips and making me highly uncomfortable. I shifted hesitantly in his grip, attempting to put some distance between us. I vaguely thought I heard Kagome ask, "Kouga, do you know this guy?"

"Sure, whatever. What is it?" I stammered. This was ruining everything! He had to leave, and soon. Moreover, if that meant I had to do a small favor, so be it. What could he want, anyways?

He leaned closer, looking over his shoulder to the door.

"Just kiss me."

My eyes must've widened to the size of dinner plates.


I began to protest, but (against my will, might I add) this stranger turned us to the side so that our profiles were towards the entrance, and closed the short distance between us, slamming his lips against mine. In my shock, I gasped in horror, allowing his tongue to slip inside my mouth. It felt... odd. But not bad. It was almost-

WOAH! Red alert! Some guy has his tongue in my mouth and it's not BAD?!!

His lips rolled against mine and I could've sworn that my knees buckled.

... But they didn't. Because I am most certainly, definitely not gay.

I felt his arms wrap around my shoulders, bringing us closer, and the faintest notion occurred to me that I should put my arms around his waist. I quickly stomped on that idea. And why hadn't I stopped this yet?

Very suddenly, he pulled away from me, once again looking towards the door and smirking in satisfaction. We were still too close. His lips were oddly tempting.

"That was close..." He murmured. His golden eyes found mine again, and he seemed to realize that he was still holding onto me and let go, backing away. He had the decency to blush as a light pink color stained his cheeks momentarily. "Much appreciated." He told me, that same smirk gracing his lips. With another nod, he darted towards the door, looking out for a bit before running out of the restaurant just as quickly.


What the hell just happened?

I found that I couldn't move. Had... had that really just...? ...I found myself thinking (against my will, may I say) that he could turn a straight guy gay. Forcing myself to turn my head I saw Kagome staring at me with what I was sure was the same expression I wore on my face. Suddenly she ducked her head, blushing.

"Er... sorry, Kouga. I just... I had no idea that you were..."

She cleared her throat softly and I struggled to find words to express how I was feeling at that moment.

She thought I was WHAT!

"No! Kagome, that's not it-"

She cut me off, raising a hand. "It's alright, I'm very happy for you."

My jaw dropped.

"I think I'd better go." She stood, grabbing her purse and fishing out a twenty for her meal.

"W-wait!" I cried, attempting to stop her from leaving.

"I'll be fine Kouga," Was all she said, not slowing her pace. Very suddenly she stopped, turning around and giving me a smile. "You two... make a cute couple."

I twitched slightly as she walked out the door, leaving me to slide back in the booth alone.

That's when the anger and frustration finally boiled over. I could feel a low growl beginning in the back of my throat.

Whoever that guy was, he was dead.

No matter how good of a kisser he was.


The following day was November fourteenth. I remember because it was the day after what I thought had to be the worst day of my life. I didn't feel like getting out of bed.

My life was over!

Tomorrow at school, Kagome would tell all three of those annoying friends of hers about our... interesting evening, and her friends would tell the whole school.

I was NOT gay dammit! Just because some weirdo guy runs in and kisses me... and I don't pull away... and I certainly wasn't protesting either... seriously! Who just kisses you and then runs out? I don't even know who that guy was... and yet for some reason I can't get him out of my head.


I needed to stop thinking.

After telling my mom that I was going out, I grabbed the keys to my car (the one that had taken me years to save up for) and started the ten-minute drive to West Park Mall.

Thinking was a very bad idea. No more thinking for me.

After I parked and stepped inside, I realized that I hadn't been here in a while. A bunch of new stores had opened up and West Park had dubbed it wise to finally put in a Game Stop. First I went by the food court, as I hadn't eaten all day. After ordering a plate heaped full of Chinese food, I chose a table by myself and sat down, looking around nervously. I half expected somebody else to run up and kiss me.

Once my lunch was finished, I checked the map and headed towards Game Stop, already thinking about what I wanted.

What can I say? I'm a video game addict.

I walked inside, the faint sounds of demo's reaching my ears. The store was deserted. Deciding that I didn't want to wander around through their cluttered selection, I walked to the register, planning on asking if they had the game I wanted.

I reached the counter, only to discover that the cashier was ducked behind, fiddling with the games in the case. I couldn't see what they were doing, but I was sure they could spare enough time to answer my question.

"Hey." I called, trying to get their attention.

"Hold on a sec." I heard a voice tell me. ...It sounded... oddly familiar. It was distinctly male, I knew that. Where had I heard that before? He continued with his job for a bit longer, before standing.

Long silver hair fell over red clad shoulders and my jaw dropped in horror as I recognized amber eyes regarding me.

"Can I help you?"

All I could do was stare.



How is this POSSIBLE!!?!?

"YOU!" I shouted, pointing my finger at him in accusation.

He quirked an eyebrow, looking at me curiously.

"... Can I help you?"

I wasn't falling for that charade!

"You!" I cried again, glad that no one else was in the store. "You're the one that kissed me!"

His face contorted in confusion. "What are you-... oh!" Realization flooded his features and he chuckled slightly. "Oh! I didn't recognize you with your hair up like that."

I fingered the ponytail I had sloppily thrown my hair into this morning.

"I like it better down." He purred flirtatiously.


I found myself unconsciously taking a step away. After giving myself a moment to regain my courage, I glared at him.

"Why did you do that yesterday?"

He laughed again, leaning over the counter. "I guess I do owe you an explanation." Pausing a moment he flipped his hair over his shoulder. I marveled at the length of it.

"My boyfriend dumped me. I got pissed and made up some story about how I already had another one who was taking me out that night." He sighed, looking off into space. "He, being the dick that he is, didn't believe me and asked me where. There was some random restaurant across the street so I blurted out its name. I know, brilliant, right? Anyway, I knew he didn't believe me so I yelled at him and stupidly told him I'd show him I was telling the truth. So I ran inside and grabbed some random guy –er, you- hoping to make him jealous." Here he crossed his arms, pouting slightly. "He was a jerk anyways."

My head was swimming with the details of his (quite long) explanation.

"So..." I started, trying to make sense of it all. "You kissed me, to make your boyfriend... jealous?"

A smirk graced his face and he looked at me from under his eyelashes.

"And because I thought you were cute."

Against my better judgment, I found myself blushing, stammering until I could think of something to say.


"I'm Inuyasha, by the way." He told me, holding out his hand. I hesitantly took it.

"I'm uh... I'm Kouga."

He smirked once more, before ducking behind the counter again. I stood there, dumbstruck. I guess that was a... reasonable excuse. Weird and extremely long winded, but it made sense. I guess. But what now? I could grab a game and leave, and probably never see this crazy silver-headed boy again and that would be fine, right?




There really was only one thing to do.

"So, uh... you... you wanna do something sometime?"

My voice sounded weird to my ears. Wait... had I... what... what did I just do!

Curse my mouth's ability to say things against my will!

He came back up from under the counter, looking at me with a surprised but pleased look in his eyes. There was a light pink blush dusting his face. It quickly disappeared, and was replaced by (what I was beginning to think was his trademark) a smirk.

"I get off at four." He offered, "We could check out a movie or something."

Hesitantly, I allowed myself to nod.

Turning abruptly after I began to speed walk out of the store and I was sure a bright red blush was staining my face. Did I really... did I really just ask a guy out? What was going on here! I was NOT gay!

"Bye Kouga. See ya later."

I turned around at Inuyasha's flirtatious tone, the heat rising in my face. "Um- yeah! Yeah, see you later."

I could hear him chuckling as I walked away from him and for two hours all I could think about was him.


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