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I anxiously stood at the entrance of game stop, seriously reconsidering what I was about to do. I mean, going to the movies... with a dude... it was just... wrong somehow. I rolled my eyes upward, looking at the ceiling while deep in thought. I probably looked sort of odd to passerbyers, just standing outside the store without showing any sign of going in anytime soon. But I had important things to think about! I mean, I barely knew this guy. And, he had completely ruined my chances with Kagome.

I frowned at that thought.

But, she had left the restaurant so easily anyways, would I have even had an actual chance with her?

... The world may never know.


I blinked to focus my vision at the sound of someone else's voice.

I glanced in front of me, surprised to see Inuyasha standing to my left with an impatient look on his face.

He crossed his arms.

"You've been standing there for a while. I mean, I was gonna wait, but you looked like you were about to start drooling."

I blushed at the jibe, attempting to glare at my silver-haired date.

... I mean, the silver-haired guy. He's not my date. This was just a... friendly excursion to the movies. I shook my head slightly. Really, I was having way too many problems adjusting to this... development. I had already admitted to myself that I liked him, and that in itself was a challenge. My eyes found Inuyasha once more, coming back from the space they had so previously been staring at. He looked... happy. That was the best way to describe it. A smirk was resting on his face, though it looked more like he was pleased about something than actually trying to taunt me. His arms were crossed over his chest, hip popped slightly to the side.

What was it about this guy that drew me to him? I had never been attracted to males before... or at least, I had never thought so. Apparently, I was wrong. So, sue me for trying to believe that I was a normal, straight guy for a few more hours.

I was half tempted to grab my head and give it a good shake for all the trouble it was causing me lately, but before I could move my hands Inuyasha was grabbing them, moving me in the direction of the theater. He had a small grin on his face, and he tilted his head to the side slightly as he walked backwards in order to face me.

"Well come on."

As I looked at his face, I decided then that his smile was beautiful. I don't have to be gay to think that, right?


His grin faded.

"I swear if I'm late to this movie I'll kill you."

I raised my eyebrows slightly, but gave into his request and began walking a bit quicker, pulling my hands out of his in a bout of awkward throat clearing. He allowed the appendages to be freed, attempting and failing to hide the smirk decorating his face.

We had only been walking for a couple of seconds when the madness began.

"So then, this is your first time going on a date with a guy?"

I stumbled slightly, turning my head as my eyes widened.

"Th-This is not a date! This is just... uh, an outing among friends!" I hurriedly explained, lengthening the distance between us slightly. He looked over to me, his expression slightly suspicious, as well as highly confused. I could feel the heat rising to my face and I looked away in a meager attempt to cover my embarrassment.

This was a bad idea, I just knew it.

I mean, I wasn't gay!

...At least, I was pretty sure.

"Since when were we friends?" He grumbled, sounding slightly put out. I glanced over to find that he had crossed his arms once more. He seemed a bit upset, and I almost felt guilty for my earlier comment. I mean honestly, an 'outing among friends'? I barely even knew the guy!

He looked at me, a slight pout on his suddenly adorable lips.

Wait, no. Scratch that last thought.

"Do you ask all of your friends on dates?" He commented airily.

"It's not a date!" I exclaimed again, my expression verging on frantic.

He snickered, and I realized now that he was teasing me.


Though I willed myself not to be phased.

This was NOT a date, and I am NOT gay. (though reiterating the title is hardly a solid argument.) This was an... experiment. Once I had proved to myself thoroughly and fully that I did NOT like guys, things could go back to normal. I would continue trying to win Kagome over, and this guy would find some other boyfriend to flirt with.

The thought brought an unusual, uncomfortable sinking feeling to my stomach.

"Well then what exactly were your intentions when you asked me to, quote, 'do something, sometime?', unquote." Inuyasha said again, a smirk growing on his face as he realized that he was winning this impromptu debate.

I flushed, pressing my lips tightly together.

I could tell that he was enjoying this.

"I was... just... oh I don't know!"

"Oh, I understand." He answered seriously. "This has happened before. My good looks and charm just simply woo people into saying all sorts of things."

"That's not funny." I mumbled as he laughed at my expression.

He punched my arm lightly, and I looked over at him. He was smiling, but when I looked at his eyes, he turned back ahead. I could have been imagining it, but I could've sworn a small flush appeared to grow on his face.

"Lighten up." He commanded then, still facing forwards. "Or I'll punch you harder."

After I took in the words, I found myself laughing at the odd statement, wondering if he used those kinds of threats with everyone. After I had calmed down a bit, I noticed Inuyasha's expression drop a bit.


I looked over my silver-haired... acquaintance, slightly stunned by the suddenly nervous expression that crossed his face.

"Um... you're not just doing this because..." He paused, staring at the ground. "Because... you feel sorry for me or something?" All at once, his face grew dark. "I don't want your pity." He spat.

I blinked.

Flirtatious, and bipolar. Though he had every justification for assuming the worst. I would admit to acting a bit... odd.

Alright, downright weird.

"N-No!" I quickly said, not wanting him to get the wrong idea. "I asked you to um... 'do something' because... well, I just..."

I blushed. I've really gotta stop that. I wasn't sure what to say, and all my words and excuses were getting jumbled up in my head.

So, I settled on the truth.

"I just wanted to. For some reason I felt like being with you, I don't know why." I grumbled, adding the last sentence on to my brains complete horror. I was going to have to punish my mouth if it continued to disobey me like this. I glanced at him, hoping he wouldn't take my words the wrong way. ...But whatever that 'way' was, it escaped me.

Inuyasha turned, looking at me with surprise in his amber eyes. His lips were parted slightly, a faint blush was plastered on his face. His hands were touching together slightly, and his walk slowed down noticeably as he stared up at my face. In short, he looked... adorable.

I'll admit it. Just this once.

Suddenly he looked away, covering up his flushing cheeks by punching me again.

"Don't go all mushy on me, Kouga. This isn't a date, remember?" He taunted. It appeared that he was satisfied with my response. Finally I saw the theater approaching as we walked closer, and I breathed a sigh of relief when the awkwardness dissipated as Inuyasha began to walk faster to reach it more quickly.

When we arrived at the ticket booth, I pulled out my wallet, looking up at the movies in question. Honestly, I had no idea what we were seeing. Or whether or not I was paying for both of us, or whether he was paying for anything at all, for that matter. How did things like this work? Did I buy everything, did we split the cost, or did it depend on certain variables?

I blinked, shaking my head (again) to clear its thoughts.

I was thinking too hard.

Out of my peripheral vision, I saw Inuyasha pull out a wrinkled twenty-dollar bill out of the back pocket of his jeans.

His really, really tight, form-fitting, delicious-looking—

Um... his jeans. Yeah.

He handed the guy his money, telling him what movie he wanted, and I, after getting over most of the shock, managed to mumble out the same title. The guy behind the ticket booth counter looked at us suspiciously, but gave us our tickets, muttering the customary, 'Enjoy your movie', once we began to walk away. Inuyasha walked towards the theater doors, swinging them open and sauntering inside. I followed, forcing myself to look anywhere but at his jeans. The silver-haired teen led me to the concession stand, ordering for both of us two small popcorns and one large pepsi.

I sighed.

I supposed that was alright, though I would have preferred to get Dr. Pepper—

Wait a minute.

"Why'd you only get one drink?" I asked him warily.

He looked over at me, flashing me a grin.

"I thought we could..." He began, but quickly changed his statement with an almost imperceptible trace of emotion flashing behind his eyes. "I mean, it's cheaper this way. And you're paying, after all."

After that it appeared the conversation was over, though I was still a little disconcerted. I still hadn't gotten over the whole, 'one drink' idea. I really needed to explain to Inuyasha once more the whole concept of this not being a date.

Because it wasn't.


The 'oh-my-god-their-so-cute' look that appeared on the female cashier's face as Inuyasha grabbed two straws, however, spoke otherwise.

He took our stuff, thrusting the popcorn in my hands as he stabbed the two straws through the lid of the cup, offhandedly taking a sip from one of them before beginning to walk towards where our movie was being shown.

It was all so weird.

This whole experience was... unreal. Here I was, at the movies, on a date (as much as I denied it) with a guy, who I had only met once before. Granted, all quirks aside he was pretty cool to hang out with. And those jeans—!


Moving on.

I wasn't having a completely awful time... in fact, being truthful, things had been pretty interesting. I glanced towards Inuyasha. He was taking another sip from the soda, his eyes aimed behind me somewhere. I felt like I should say something, just to stop the silence. I opened my mouth to speak, but I was stopped when I saw his eyes widen in disbelief. He stopped all movement, freezing up entirely. A thousand different emotions flashed on his face at one, all mixtures of shock, anger, surprise, and hurt.

"Inu... yasha?"

He snapped out of his alarmed state, looking up at me. There was a pause, before he took off in a random direction.

"I gotta hide!"

I blinked as he ran, darting down one of the hallways lined with posters. Curious, I looked behind me, wondering what he was so worked up about. There was nothing out of the ordinary, a couple more people had come in to the theater, but other than that everything seemed completely normal. Shrugging, I followed him, glancing down the corridors to find where he had went. The silver-haired teen was nowhere to be found. I sighed in exasperation. Good grief, we were going to be late for the movie! I'd have to remember that, next time we went on a date, we needed to go somewhere where we couldn't be late—!

I mean... no! There will be no next time!

I angrily hurried my pace, furious that I just couldn't get my thoughts straight.

What was this guy doing to me?

I passed three more doors before one was thrown open suddenly, a tan hand snapping out and grabbing my wrist.


I was pulled inside the mysterious room, stumbling slightly as I struggled to regain my balance when the hand left my wrist.

After a few seconds I managed to compose my self, and after looking around, I discovered that the 'mysterious room', was the boy's bathroom. I looked around, finding that I had been pulled into the boy's bathroom. Inuyasha was standing in front of me, a slightly nervous look on his face. He was fidgeting slightly, seeming unable to stand still. He looked at the ground, beginning to glare holes into it. He was obviously upset, but I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do.


"Sorry." He finally said softly. He crossed his arms, his expression turning into one of annoyance.

"What was that all about?" I asked, feeling curious. I mean, you don't just run away and hide in the bathroom for no reason.

...Actually, from what little I've found out about Inuyasha so far, he might.


He looked up at me, his eyes narrowing as if somehow it was all my fault. I blinked beginning to feel slightly nervous. That stare gave me the chills.

"... Bastard."

"Wha-what?" I asked, jumping back slightly.

"That jerk is here. With... with another guy!"

His voice raised on the last sentence, and he uncrossed his arms, pushing me back. I stumbled at the unexpected shove.

"He knows that I work here, and he—! Augh!"

He punched my arm, not hard enough to hurt, but using enough force to make me attempt to dodge the next blow.

"Hey, don't take it out on me!" I stuttered, grabbing his fist so he wouldn't try to hit me anymore.

"This is all your fault... somehow." He muttered, unclenching his hands. I raised my eyebrows.

"Do you always blame your problems on other people?"

He glared up at me.

"Usually." He sneered, yanking his arm away. He sighed, running a hand through his hair in what appeared to be an effort to calm himself.

I stood there awkwardly, unsure of what I should do.

"Um... is it safe to assume that we're talking about your... uh... ex-boyfriend?"

He scowled slightly, nodding his agreements.

"I don't even know why I'm so upset..." He mumbled. "I mean, I'm on a..." He looked up for a moment. "Not-date with you, anyway. And you... you seem... different."

After this statement he nodded slightly, seeming to perk up a bit as he brushed a few strands of hair out of his face.

I blinked.

"Different?" I asked, tilting y head to the side slightly.

"Yeah..." He spoke, almost absentmindedly. "You seem like you'd be good for me..." He trailed off here, looking away and blushing slightly. A dark flush stained my face as well, and I brought a hand to the back of my neck, rubbing it uncomfortably.

"O-oh." I said quietly.

I simply couldn't comprehend it.

That one, small statement, had the ability to make my heart flutter, and my breath be swept from my body. I suddenly felt extremely nervous... and why the hell wasn't anyone else in this god damn bathroom?! Inuyasha coughed slightly, looking towards me once more.

"Um... we should probably go. We're gonna miss the movie."

I nodded my agreements, and after a few moments of neither of us moving, he sighed in exasperation, finally turning to leave. He reached behind him, clasping one of my hands tightly in his as he led me to the movie. A pleasant warmth spread through my body, and I felt uneasy when I realized the cause. A flush was spread cutely across his cheeks, and I found that I couldn't stop staring at the way our hands were joined.

"Er, just in case my ex walks by." He stated nervously when he didn't let go.

Admittedly, it was sort of... nice. I gulped softly, feeling betrayed by my way of thinking. However, at this point, it seemed better to just accept everything. It was... different, but being in Inuyasha's company felt... well, better than I would care to admit. I, deciding that being gay was better than being in denial, simply chose to intertwine my fingers with his, giving his hand a gentle squeeze before quickening my pace so that we were walking next to each other again. He looked over at me questioningly, and I resisted the urge to blush, settling for staring at my feet instead.

"You know... just in case your ex walks by."


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