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"Bella. Stay still, would you?"

I snorted. How could I possibly stay still when Alice was applying eyeliner on me? She already had me dressed in tan boots with designer jeans tucked into them, and she had me wearing a light blue spaghetti-strap shirt that swooped down way below my comfort level, and placed a dark blue cover-up over it. My hair was perfectly straightened, and freshly cut, thanks to Alice, and she was now attempting to pull what were now my side-bangs, back with bobby pins. I didn't even recognize myself in the mirror, which was either good or bad, depending on how you looked at it.

"Alice," I whined, "please."

"Shush, Bella. You have to look absolutely perfect," Alice said distractedly. She was focusing on a strand of hair that was not cooperating with what she wanted. I patiently waited while she took the all of the bobby pins out and started all over again.

"Is your brother planning on making an appearance anytime soon?" I grumbled. He was already nearly twenty minutes late.

"Oh Bella you know how he is. He's never on time."

She whispered perfect to herself when she got my hair the way she wanted it, and I closed my eyes as she locked in it with hairspray.

"Well, I've done all I can here. You're on your own now."

She gave me a kiss on the cheek, and rounded down the stairs before I could even thank her.

I walked over to my window, and looked down the street. No headlights. Nothing in my driveway except Alice's car. I cupped my chin into my palm, and rested my arm on the windowsill. I watched as Alice got into her yellow Porsche and speed away, her tires squealing on the pavement as she drove away. After she left, everything was perfectly still.

And then two impatient honks sounded from outside and I rolled my eyes. He wanted me to hurry up? It's his own damn fault we're going to be late for whatever his plans were in the first place. I grabbed my raincoat, pulling it on over my blue tank top. I ran down the stairs as fast as I could without tripping.

"Bye Dad!" I called as I opened the door.

"Be home by eleven thirty!" Dad answered. I shut the door behind me and hurried down the walk and into the warm looking Volvo parked outside. I shook my hair out once I entered the car, reveling in the feeling of the warm air vents as they hit my skin.

"Finally Edward," I murmured when I got in the car, leaning over to kiss his cheek. He made a face, already pulling the car away from the curb and speeding down the street.

"I'm really sorry Bella. But Emmett took my car to the store for 'just one thing' and ended up taking thirty minutes longer then he was supposed to," Edward apologized instantly, annoyance clear in his voice at the thought of his year younger sister.

"You couldn't have called?" I asked, but I wasn't really angry. I was annoyed sure, but I loved Edward too much to really care.

"Sorry, I didn't think of it. Next time I will, promise." I just rolled my eyes but kept my mouth shut. It didn't really bother me, I was just grateful to spend as much time with him as possible.

"Okay. I forgive you," I said, sighing jokingly as if it was some great act of kindness. He smiled, showing me he knew I was kidding and reached over to take my hand in his. He entwined our fingers and held them on his lap, absentmindedly playing with my fingers as he drove. He had my favorite CD on already—he knew me well.

"So…where are we going, exactly?"

He chuckled. "It's our six-month anniversary, Bella. I have a right to keep it a secret."

I was about to argue, but thought better of it. If he wanted to keep it a secret, he could; I would know when we got there.

Our drive was quiet, only talking when we wanted to. Neither of us really felt the need to fill silences with mindless chatter—we were comfortable with each other. He's the only boy I let see me when I'm in my pajamas and eating my comfort foods. I watched his face intently as we drove, taking in the breathtaking view. He ran his fingers through his hair absentmindedly—it made me want him even more.

The car slowed and pulled into a parking lot. I looked around me, and felt a lump in my throat. I could see why he wanted to keep this a secret. It was classic Edward. Simply romantic. It was where we had our first date—La Bella Italia. He was wearing the exact same outfit, too. The jacket, the turtleneck, the jeans. Edward came over to my side of the car and opened the door for me. I climbed out and threw my arms around his neck, pressing my lips over his. He wrapped his arms around my waist, and bent back a bit, but enough to remove my feet up off the ground. I moved my hands up to his tousled bronze hair, and intertwined them through it.

I heard someone clear their throat from behind us. Still kissing Edward, I opened one eye and looked beside us. An old woman was watching us, an appalled look on her face. I blushed a deep red, and hopped off Edward.

The lady shook her head and walked into her car.

"Let's go," I said to him.

He laced his fingers through mine, and we walked into the restaurant.

"We're just in time to make our reservations," Edward noted.

"Because of your crack job driving," I retorted and he chuckled. When we walked in Edward went straight up to the hostess who eyed him appreciatively. I rolled my eyes knowing he'd ham it up.

"Hello there," he said in a husky voice. The woman swooned. He bit his lip to hide back the laughter I knew was about to bubble to the surface. Edward knew how dazzling he was—and he used that to his advantage. Mostly on me.

"H-hi," the hostess stuttered.

"I have reservations for Cullen," Edward purred seductively. I rolled my eyes and squeezed his fingers a little too hard. He chuckled out loud and the hostess blushed tomato red. I bit my lip to hide my laughter.

"Right this way…sir," she breathed, her eyes wide. I shook my head and followed as Edward towed me along. She sat us at a booth in the corner. "Your waitress will be right out."

"Thank you," Edward said with a wink. I thought she was going to faint. She stumbled away, glancing over her shoulder every five seconds.

"I hate it when you do that," I scolded. "That poor girl."

"Oh come on, you love seeing me tease girls like that. And you know you're the only girl for me," he said with a cocky smile.

"Whatever," I grumbled and he laughed. Our waiter came out then and I raised my eyebrows at Edward—a clear challenge. He smirked and waved his hand in a "take it away" gesture.

"Hi, my name's Tom and I'll be your waiter tonight," the waiter said. "What can I get you to drink?" I noticed he was only talking to me, as did Edward. He kept his eyes on my face, grinning. I let a slow, seductive smile spread across my lips.

"I'll just have some water, please," I said, flashing him a smile and batting my eyelashes slightly.

"S-sure." He stumbled over his words a bit and I grinned in triumph. Edward scoffed. "I'll be right out with that." He turned to leave and I snorted, trying to hold back my giggles. Edward coughed.

"Oh, sorry sir," Tom said, rolling his eyes. "Do you want a drink?"

"Yeah I'll have a Coke," Edward half growled.

"Whatever. I'll be right out with your drink miss," Tom said, turning back to me.

"Thanks." I winked and he turned away, a broad grin on his face. I turned to Edward and he gave me a fake round of applause.

"That was impressive," he admitted. "But you learned from the master." He gestured to himself.

"Oh yes, wise one, you certainly know the way to a woman's heart," I said sarcastically.

"I think I've gotten to your heart plenty of times," Edward countered. I smiled slightly, blushing. It was true. I loved him more than he realized. It was the kind of heart-stopping, earth-shattering love that every girl dreamed of. True love.

"Maybe a bit," I allowed. The waiter came back then with a water in his hand a Coke in the other. He slammed the Coke down, sloshing a bit over the sides and Edward made an annoyed sound in the back of his throat, almost a growl. I bit my lip to keep from laughing.

"Have you decided what you want?" he asked me, his back completely to Edward. I looked down at the menu.

"Oh yes. But I don't think it's on the menu," I flirted, barely keeping a straight face. The waiter's eyes went wide and he chanced a glance at Edward who was glaring at him. "I think I'll just have the mushroom ravioli."

"And…and you sir?" Tom took a step back away from Edward's death stare.

"The same," he said shortly, shoving the menus at Tom.

"R-right away sir," Tom said. He gave me a longing glance and then half ran to the kitchen. Edward frowned at me,

"I think that's a pretty good pick-up line. I'll need to use that if I ever want to date a waiter," I said thoughtfully. Edward kept frowning. "Oh come on, it was funny."

"No it wasn't."

"Yes it was."

"No it wasn't."

"Yes it was."

"Yes it was."

"No it was—don't do that!" He smirked and I flushed red. That trick always worked on me and he knew it. The waiter returned with our food then and placed the plates delicately on the table, his face red, not speaking. I could tell Edward had frightened him off. Although when I reached for my napkin I noticed a phone number written on it. I burst into giggles.

"What?" Edward asked, looking at my plate to see if something funny was there. I held up the napkin.

"I win," I announced. "Because hostess girl didn't give you her number. So I'm the better looking one in this relationship." Of course I knew this wasn't true—Edward was beyond gorgeous—but it was fun to tease him.

"I think we already knew you were much better looking then I am. You're beautiful," he said casually and I blushed, pleased, taking a bite of my food.

When we finished our meal, the waiter came out with the check and glanced at the napkin—which I had used to wipe some sauce off the table—and frowned. He placed the check in the center of the table and walked away, shoulders slumped. I felt a pang of guilt—maybe I was a bit too convincing. But did he really think a girl on a date would flirt with him so obviously in front of her boyfriend?

"Oh, it's a tie Bella," Edward announced, holding up the check. Under the price was a name and number, call me written underneath in girly script. Edward smiled victoriously.

"Fine. We're equally good looking," I decided.

"Works for me." Edward placed some money on the table and took my hand again as we left the restaurant. When we were out of the booth he wrapped an arm around my shoulder and walked me to the car. And for some odd reason I just wanted to dance with him. Just up and dance in the rain in the middle of the parking lot. There was just something about him that made me want to—sing and yell and dance.

"I don't have to be home till eleven thirty," I said, glancing at the clock. It was only just about nine.

"Wanna waste gas?" he suggested.

"I'd love to," I smiled back. Edward pulled out of the parking lot and gunned it. He turned my favorite CD back on but turned it up much louder this time, rolling the windows down. I turned the heat up, a bit chilled, but loving the feeling of the wind whipping my hair around my face. Edward kept his hand in mine as we drove, never really going anywhere, just reveling in being together. Every once in a while we'd turn the music down and talk about nothing and everything. But mostly we kept the music blasted, singing along to the words we knew and making up words when we didn't. It was more fun then any fancy date could ever hope to be.

Edward started driving home at eleven fifteen and I knew I'd just make curfew with his driving. I turned the music back down, watching the stars flash by out the window. It was beautiful—each start blurring together into an endless stream of light, the only glow in a pitch dark town. Edward stopped in front of my house and it was exactly eleven twenty eight.

I turned around, and saw his digging into the pocket of his jeans. "Your surprise," he said, pulling out a little cardboard box. "I got you something for our anniversary."

"You bought me something?" I said, appalled for several reasons. Number one: I hated when people bought me things. Number two: I hadn't gotten him anything.

"Of course." He sounded a bit insulted that I had been so surprised. But then again, I should've known better. Edward buys presents for everything.

He handed me the box, and, as much as I wanted to argue with him, I decided to just let it go once. Plus, I was kind of curious to see what he got me. .So I lifted off the top, and brought out a silver bracelet. It was silver links with a heart charm dangling off it. On one side of the charm was a diamond, cut into a million facets. I gasped.

"Edward, I—I can't take this! This is too extravagant." I couldn't take my eyes off of the beautiful bracelet. It was much too much—but it was beautiful.

He laughed. "I can't take it back. It's yours. If you don't accept it, my feelings would be extremely hurt."

I shook my head. He knew how much I wouldn't want to hurt his feelings. I used a different excuse. "I didn't get you anything, though."

Again, he laughed. "You already gave me a present." He tapped the tip of my nose with his finger. "I just need you, Bella. You're all I need. Forever."

God, he was deep.

"Thanks," I mumbled breathlessly.

"See you tonight, right?" I asked. Edward always snuck to my room at night and we slept together (like actually sleeping) and then he left before my parents would wake up. I couldn't sleep without him.

"Sure. Probably around twelve thirty once my parents are in bed," he promised.

"Okay," I sighed, knowing our night was coming to an end. Edward climbed out of the car and walked me to the doorstep. The light was on and his face was illuminated in the small light, the rain misting around his face like glittering diamonds. I felt a familiar thrill of nerves and excitement as he leaned towards me, pressing his lips gently to mine. I tossed my arms around his neck and kissed him back with fervor, sliding my tongue into his mouth. Our tongues melted together like butter and I felt him smile.

After a few minutes of this, my porch lights flickered—my parents signal that it was time to come in. I reluctantly pulled away, gasping for air and grinning, small pink spots on my cheeks from excitement.

"I love you," Edward said, pressing his lips to my forehead. "See you tonight."

"Right. I love you too." I leaned forward and touched my lips to his before walking inside a huge smile on my face.

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