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Chapter 1 – Return to (Neo) Domino

Walking through the crowded streets of Neo Domino City, a young man in a dark red jacket looked up at all the skyscrapers and thought of how much it had changed. I remember this place…almost like it was yesterday. I never thought that it would be so different when I got back. I don't understand it.

The young man stopped on the sidewalk and looked around. He was certainly an interesting-looking man; his sporadic brown and orange hair giving him the look of one who has not had a haircut in a long time. Below his red jacket he wore a red long-sleeved shirt, navy pants and a pair of black shoes. His face held a look of great seriousness, with his eyes constantly lacking emotion.

"Indeed it has," the man heard a voice in his head say. "I didn't recognize it at first. I mean…I knew it had changed, I just didn't know how much."

Hearing this would have concerned most people, but this man knew the voice well. It was the voice of a close friend. Nodding at the unspoken words, he continued down the sidewalk until…

He came across an establishment known as Bootleg. Though he didn't recognize it, he instinctively knew something interesting was there. Slowly walking towards it, he found himself feeling the sensation… that someone he knew was there.

Stepping in the door, he came to find that it was a tavern. And not the finest one in the world either. All the patrons were falling off their stools drunk stupid. Except for two. One of them was obscured by the other; a tall, blond man in a white trench coat with solver trim. Almost instantly he walked over to the man and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Can I help you?" the man's cranky-sounding voice asked. Yep, the young man thought, it' him.

"It's been a long time, hasn't it Jack King?" the young man replied, emphasizing the work 'king'.

Almost immediately Jack stood up and turned to face the young man. He held an angry look on his face over being called by his former title. "Don't call me that!" he yelled, though the other patrons couldn't tell in their state. Reeling from the remark, the young man stepped back as Jack calmed a little. "Sorry. Still a sore wound."

Noting that the young man knew Jack, the other man, now identifiable as Yusei Fudo, turned around and stood up to face the young man. His normal stoic appearance melted slightly as he saw the young man, and in a shocked tone he declared, "Yuki-san."

"Please," the young man said smiling lightly, "you and I are friends. Just call me 'Judai'."

"Judai?" Jack questioned, trying to remember him. Finally the memory returned to him, and he smiled in a happy (for Jack) expression as he said, "Ah, yes. You visited us in Satellite…" Jack trailed off, again trying to remember. Then he turned to Yusei and asked, "…how long ago was it?"

"Four years," Yusei replied. Then, turning to Judai he extended his hand, which Judai instinctively gripped. "How have you been, old friend?"

"Well," Judai replied, "traveling all the time has its ups and downs. I've seen many strange things, met many interesting people… but I always miss home. Where are Rally and the others?"

"Back in Satellite," Yusei said, disappointed. "Jack took off for the city about two years ago, and I had to track him down."

"So they tell me," Judai said, more to Jack than Yusei. "People have said a lot of things about you Yusei; things like how you had to cheat to beat The King."

"I can tell you he didn't," Jack replied, solemn over the idea. "He beat me fair and square." Then Jack thought of the potential for having Judai back in town. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a cell phone and text-ed a comment to an unknown source. Then, he turned back to Judai and, with a somewhat sinister smile on his face, said, "Let's step outside."

Walking out of the Bootleg, Judai noticed a large group of people crowding around, leaving a circle in the middle of the street. An announcement screen on a building displayed the message "Jack Atlas vs. Yuki Judai"; and immediately he knew what this was and said, "Nice touch Atlas. Just like you too. Subtle has no meaning; everything has to be some grand spectacle."

"Maybe," Jack declared, "but even you can appreciate the value of having an audience."

Running onto opposite places of the ring, Judai pulled out and strapped on his Osiris Red Duel Disk which he'd saved after leaving. Jack also pulled out his Duel Disk, which was more or less a large tray with an orb on the end. Each put a deck in the holster and drew five cards.


Jack: LP 4000

Judai: LP 4000

"I'll start," Judai declared as he drew a card. "And I summon N-Air Hummingbird on Defence Position (DEF: 600)."

Before Judai appeared a bird-like humanoid with red feathers, white wings and a long beak, which flapped its wings a few times before leaping up in the air.

"Now I activate Hummingbird's effect. I recover Life Points equal to the cards in your hand times 500!"

Five flowers appeared behind Jack as the bird-man lept over to them. One by one it drained nectar from them, flapping green dust over Judai as his LP increased.

Jack: LP 4000

Judai: LP 6500

"I'll end my turn."

"I draw!" Jack declared. Chuckling he declared, "It's a good thing you recovered so many Life Points, because now you'll lose many more!" Pulling a card from his hand, he slapped a card on his card tray and exclaimed, "I Special Summon Vice Dragon (ATK: 1000)."

A large explosion before Jack spawned a purple dinosaur-like dragon with small wings and large, powerful claws.

"With Vice Dragon's effect, I can Special Summon it from my hand if you control a monster and I do not. However, it loses half its attack strength, meaning it has 1000 points rather than 2000."

Next Jack pulled out another card and slapped it down while putting the other card in his Cemetery Slot. "Next I Release Vice Dragon to Advanced Summon Strong-Wind Dragon (ATK: 2400)!"

The purple dragon then disintegrated and was replaced by another dragon. This one was green, very slim and had a human-like stance.

"My Strong-Wind Dragon ahs multiple effects. The first activates when I Advanced Summon it by Releasing a Dragon, and it adds half its original ATK to Strong Wind Dragon. Vice Dragon has 2000 points, so my Dragon gains 1000 points (ATK: 3400)."

Judai clenched his teeth as he remembered another of its effects. "And when it attacks a defending monster, the difference is dealt as battle damage to the opponent," he declared without moving his jaws.

"Very perceptive. Strong-Wind Dragon, attack N-Air Hummingbird! Hurricane Wingbeats!" The green dragon lept up and flapped its wings, creating a huge wind that destroyed the Hummingbird and sent Judai sliding back about two feet.

Jack: LP 4000

Judai: LP 3700

"You still have no concept of subtlety Jack," Yusei remarked.

"You've seen nothing yet, Yusei. I'll set 2 cards and End my turn." Two set cards appeared as Jack declared, "Now is your only chance to back down Judai."

"Never," Judai shot back as he drew. "I summon Card Gunner in Defence Position (DEF: 400)"

Judai's monster appeared as a small, alien-looking root with guns for hands sitting on treads.

"With Card Gunner's effect, I send the top 3 cards of my deck to my Graveyard to have him gain 1500 ATK for this one turn (ATK: 1900)."

Flipping over his top 3 cards, Judai placed two of them in his slot and help up the other to show Jack. "Next, since I sent Cross Porter to the Graveyard, I can add 1 "N" monster to my hand. I select N-Groun Mole." Putting Cross Porter in with the others, he drew the mole creature from his deck and put it in his hand.

"I set 2 cards as well. Your move Jack."

"Not so fast Judai," Jack said as one of his cards flipped up. "Thanks to Dust Tornado, I destroy the card on the left."

More strong winds flipped up and shattered the card. However, Judai seemed pleased with that, as the card Jack had destroyed was not what he'd thought it would be.

"Thank you Jack. The set card was Dummy Marker, and since your Trap Card destroyed it I can draw 2 cards."

"Draw!" Jack looked at his hand, and saw a great play. "I activate Angel's Gift, so I draw 3 cards and discard two." Pulling 3 cards, he placed Dark Sprocketer and Small Piece Golem in his Cemetery. "Next I summon Dark Repairer in attack position (ATK: 1000)."

Jack's new monster was a black orb-bodied creature with long, thin arms and a flattened face. He also flipped up a Trap Card. "I activate Call of the Living Dead. This Trap lets me Special Summon Vice Dragon from my Cemetery (ATK: 2000)."

From Jack's Cemetery the purple dragon returned. Smiling, he pointed at the sky and declared, "I Tune my Dark Repairer to Vice Dragon."

The black blob creature then split into 3 green rings which covered over the other dragon. That beast disappeared, leaving behind 5 glowing white orbs. The 8 figures melded into a pillar of light which held the form of another dragon.

"Synchro Summon! Red Daemon's Dragon! (ATK: 3000)" Jack's classic monster, a black dragon with patches of red scales and some maroon armor, formed and burst the pillar with a hideous screech. Judai and the crowd covered their ears to avoid the shrill sound while Jack laughed insanely.

Around them, the crowd was yelling and chanting Jack's name over and over.

"Since I sent Dark Repairer to the Graveyard, I draw one card," Jack explained as he pulled a card. "However, I wouldn't worry about that right now Judai! Strong-Wind Dragon, destroy Card Gunner!"

"I activate the effect of Necro Gardna!" Judai declared as the card slit from his cemetery. "I sent this card to my Graveyard last turn with Card Gunner. Now I remove it from play to negate your monster's attack!" The warrior creature got in the way of the generated winds and was destroyed in place of the robot.

"Excellent plan Judai, avoiding damage with a monster you discarded by the effect of another. But your monster is not safe! Attack, Red Daemon's Dragon! Absolute Power Force!"

The black and red dragon formed a fireball with its left hand and threw it at the robot, destroying it instantly.

"Thank you Jack," Judai said calmly, "But my Card Gunner was just destroyed, I can draw one card." After pulling that card he flipped his face-down. "Trap Activate: Hero Signal! Since you destroyed a monster by battle, I summon an E-Hero of Level 4 or lower from my deck. Come forth! Wildman (ATK: 1500)!"

Judai pulled a card from his deck and the monster appeared; a tanned warrior with huge muscles and a sword. A loin cloth covered its front.

"That's exactly why the others looked up to you back in Satellite, Judai," Jack complemented. "You never give up. I'll set 3 cards and end my turn."

"My turn," Judai said as he drew. "I activate the Magic Card Fusion, and combine Wildman and Edgeman!" Judai's field monster was joined by a warrior in golden armor with blades on its back and arms. Both monsters swirled together as their combined form appeared before him. It was basically Wildman but with golden armor on parts of its body. "Fusion Summon! Wild Jaggyman (ATK: 2600)! And next, I'll activate a Field Magic. Skyscraper!"

The entire field then transformed into a huge city, much like the surrounding one. Except that this was permanently in night.

"Whoa," one of the spectators said allowed, "a Field Card"

"You don't see those in Riding Duels," another declared.

"When Wild Jaggyman attacks a monster with higher ATK, Skyscraper will increase its ATK by 1000 points."

"What?" Jack asked, seeming shocked.

"Next I summon N-Groun Mole in attack position (ATK: 900)." Judai's warrior was joined by a mole-like creature with drills for shoulder pads. "And now, Jaggyman, attack Red Daemon's Dragon (ATK: 3600)! Wild jagged slash!"

The warrior drew a jagged sword on its back as it rose into the air, but as it begun to swing, Jack flipped his Trap "Reverse Card Open! Synchron Reflect! This Trap negates the attack against Red Daemon's Dragon and destroys your Mole." And with that Judai's mole blew up while Red Daemon's Dragon wasn't even attacked.

"Even so," Judai declared frustrated, "Jaggyman can attack all your monsters in a round. Attack Strong-Wind Dragon (ATK: 3600)!"

"Here's another Trap Card then! Guard Block!" Judai recognized the Trap Card instantly, as did Yusei – because it was his.

"Jack!" Yusei yelled at him, "You dare?! Stealing a card from my deck just to toy with our friend?"

"I resent the accusation, Yusei," Jack chuckled as he turned to the denim-clad duelist. "You're not the only one with a Guard Block." Turning back to Judai, he continued; "I'll take no damage thanks to this Trap Card, and I get to draw one card as well!" The Warrior easily cut through Jack's dragon, but he took no hit as he pulled another card.

"I'll set a card and end my turn."

"I draw. Your Skyscraper won't increase your ATK unless you're attacking; meaning Red Daemon's Dragon is free to attack. Absolute Power Force!"

"Instant Magic: Fusion Release!" Judai flipped up a spell card as his warrior disappeared. "I return Jaggyman to the Extra Deck, then summon its material monsters from my cemetery!" With that Wildman (DEF: 1600) and Edgeman (DEF: 1800) returned to his field.

"You're a fool Judai," Jack jeered as his attack recalled. "Or have you forgotten my Dragon's ability? It can destroy all defending monsters in one swing!" As Judai gasped at this statement, the dragon's fire breath consumed both his monsters and burnt them to ash.

"Face it Judai! I'm still the King! You'll never defeat me!"

"Really?" Judai shot back, almost as though threatening Jack. Then his eyes began to glow and his brown irises were replaced by two heterochromic ones – one green, one orange. "With all due respect, Jack, I've faced way tougher than the likes of you and come out on top! And I don't intent to fall short now." As he spoke, the translucent form of Yubel, his spirit partner, appeared at his side, though only he and Yusei could see her.

The crowrd gasped at the sight of Judai's eyes, and Yusei at the sight of Yubel. Jack, however, was not impressed. "So you learned a new eye-trick", he said almost laughing. "Big deal. Your might won't stand before the King of the Duel!"

"Except you're not King anymore," Judai replied, angering Jack.

"That's quite the comeback,"Yubel said calmly and in a joking voice. "You remind me of the young punk Judai I used to know."

"Glad to see I still manage to please you," he thought back, almost smiling at the thought.

"That's not all you'll manage to do. I know you can win this Judai. I believe in you."

"And I in you," Judai told her. Her right hand reached over and held the top card of his deck, and he did the same. With that her form disappeared from beside him as he pulled his card, swinging it back rather far. "It's my turn. I draw! And this turn Jack, I'm making sure to wipe that smirk off your face!"

"Bring it!" Jack challenged.

From in the crowd, another young man with light green eyes thought to himself, "Judai…I know you can win!"


From the shadows of an unknown location several cloaked figures with purple marks on their arms grouped around a glass orb showing the duel

"Who is this…? Yuki Judai?" One of them asked.

"He was a top student at Duel Academia many years ago," another explained. "After that he began traveling the world, dueling opponents from everywhere."

"Then he's pretty good."

"Very much so. But is he as good as Jack?"

"Let's find out," the leader of the group said. "If he is, he may be useful to our cause. If not, we'll know he's not worth it."

"Don't count him out," another declared. "Don't you see that spirit beside him. There's something special about this boy. Something that warrants further investigation."

"Well," the Chief said, "Victory or loss, this match will undoubtedly prove entertaining either way." The group nodded at this statement.

Card of the Week – Jack

Strong-Wind Dragon

Level: 6

Attribute: WIND

Type(s): [Dragon/Effect]

Effect: If you Advanced Summon this card by Releasing a Dragon-type monster, increase this card's ATK by half the original ATK of the Released monster. During Battle between this attacking card and a Defence Position monster whose DEF is less than this card's ATK, the difference is inflicted as Battle Damage to the opponent. This card is not destroyed by Battle by a monster with the same ATK.

ATK: 2400

DEF: 1000


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