Chapter 1: The Beginning- Rose Weasley

"Rosie, come on!" called Albus, my cousin. My Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry were taking us to Diagon Alley to buy school supplies for our first year at Hogwarts! I couldn't wait! My other cousins had told me all about Hogwarts and I was so excited! Albus and I were going to have so much fun! But I was worrying that we wouldn't be in the same house and I was hoping that at least I would be in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor! With all the friends and enemies I was going to meet, I was just glad that I would have Albus by my side. When we reached Ollivanders, where I picked a willow and phoenix wand! All I had left to do was get home and get some sleep because tomorrow the train was coming. Now that I think about it that sleep is going to be hard to get!


The day was finally here! All my family was here to say Albus and me off. Mom, Dad, Hugo, Aunt Ginny, Uncle Harry and Lily were all there and I was so excited. I was glad that James was there to help us or I wouldn't have been able to get my trunk into our compartment. Just before the train left a boy with blonde hair and I was immediately was hypnotized by his grey eyes came to our compartment. "Hey, ugh, is it ok if I sit with you guys?" he asked nervously. Obviously he had nowhere else to go so invited him in. "Hey, I'm Rose and this is my cousin Albus!" I said to him. "I'm Scorpius." He said flatly. Hmm must but nervous, I thought to myself. My owl, Miri, suddenly flew across the compartment to Scorpius and perched on his shoulder. I was completely amazed because Miri only favored a few people. I knew Scorpius was someone worth to get to know. And I was going to get to know why. "Scorpius, I believe my owl Miri likes you." I told him. I realized that Albus hadn't said anything at all. "Albus are you ok?" I asked him. "Yeah just a little excited" Albus said. "Me too, I hope we get into the houses we want." Scorpius said to us. "Yeah I really wanna get into Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, what about you Scorpius?" I asked him. "You know I would be happy in any of them except Slytherin. I really want to ruin that old family tradition." Scorpius said. "What family tradition?" asked Albus. "Oh just that all Malfoys have been in Slytherin for centuries now and I just don't think that I'm a true Slytherin like my family." he simply replied. "Wait, your Draco Malfoy's son!" Albus exclaimed. "Well yeah, is that a problem?" "Err, well, I, well, I guess I don't know." Albus mumbled. "Well, ok I guess you'll find out later if you still want to talk to me." "Oh of course! He didn't mean it like that, did you Albus?" I quickly said. "Yeah, of course not!" After that we were silent. Then a Third Year Ravenclaw peeked into the compartment and said," you better put your robes on; we'll be at Hogwarts in 5 minutes." Finally!