Into The Night

It was cold, nothing but cold. Sasuke was in pain, his whole body hurt. He was tied down every time he struggled to free himself it only resulted in more pain. Sasuke looked down at his body, he was covered in blood. He couldn't remember what happened or where he was. He had gained consciousness a few times now and every time he had awakened in this place. Thankfully the pain wasn't worse every time he had woken. Sasuke still hadn't seen his assailant he was hoping that he never would. He wasn't sure what time it was or how long he has been in this freezing room.

He remembered he was in Konoha at night. When he first gained consciousness it was light now it was night once again. Sasuke was hoping that Konoha would know that he was kidnapped by now. He knew that there was no guarantee they would be able to find him in time. He had to get the energy and strength to escape. All he needed to do was get to a village and find out where he was. Sasuke looked up to see what was binding him in place. he was chained to the wall. He noticed that he needed a key to unlock the chain. Sasuke couldn't use his Chidori to break the chain around his wrist. Sasuke tried to see if he could slide his wrists out of the chain, then he could use the Chidori on the chain holding his ankles.

He tried for ten minutes to slip his wrists out but he wasn't able to. Sasuke heard a door opening off in the distant corner of the room. Sasuke didn't recognize the chakra; he tried to sit up so he could stand up and maybe have a shot at defending himself. Sasuke was able to sit up; however, the chain was too short for him to be able to stand up. Sasuke heard someone stand right in front of him. He looked up to see the face of his assailant. To Sasuke's utter shock the man in front of him was naked; Sasuke tried to get up once again. No matter how hard he tried to stand his restraints just wouldn't allow it.

The man came towards Sasuke with a sickening grin plastered on his face. With one swift movement the man slashed Sasuke's clothes and threw the shreds to the corner. Sasuke was shaking he tried to convince himself it was from the cold and not out of fear. Sasuke tried to cover himself but he couldn't move that way. The chains held Sasuke's legs open slightly the man came right up to Sasuke. Sasuke was scared, his back was pressed up against a cold wall, he was chained up and his legs were spread open slightly. he could see the man was getting hard at the sight. Sasuke started to struggle against the chains but it was no use.

"Try all you want but you'll never be free. I have the only key and it's hidden."

"What do you want from me?"

The man was now right in front of Sasuke. His hard cock was right in front of Sasuke's mouth. Sasuke looked away clenching his jaw shut.

"I think it's quite obvious what I want from you."

He grabbed a chunk of Sasuke's hair and turned his head to face forward again.

"Open your mouth and don't even think about biting down."

Sasuke held his jaw shut even tighter. The man walked away and went to a near by table. He picked up a dagger ad walked back to Sasuke.

"You only get one warning with me boy."

The man knelt down and pulled Sasuke's legs straight and spread them as far as they could go. He then grabbed another chain from each side of Sasuke and attached them to his kneecaps so his legs would stay spread open. It took sometime due to Sasuke struggling. The man placed the dagger on the entrance of Sasuke's hole. Sasuke tried to get away but it was no use he was stuck in that position. The man began to push the dagger inside Sasuke's ass. Sasuke screamed as the dagger made its way inside.

"You want this to stop then open your mouth."

Sasuke still refused to open his mouth. The man pushed the dagger deeper; this kept going on until the dagger was half way inside Sasuke's ass. The man looked up at Sasuke.

"Open your mouth or do you want more?"

Sasuke slowly started to open his mouth. The man let go of the dagger but left it inside Sasuke. Blood was moving down his thigh and creating a small puddle on the ground. The man stood up and kept his foot at the end of the dagger incase he would need to push it in more. He grabbed a chunk of Sasuke's hair.

"Lick it"

Sasuke stuck his tongue out and began to lick the tip of the man's harden cock. The taste of the man's precum filled Sasuke's mouth.

"Suck on it like the whore you really are."

Sasuke placed his mouth on the tip of the man's cock; he began sucking on his cock slowly. He didn't know what he was supposed to do; he never even kissed someone before.

"Take it all now."

Sasuke took his mouth off and tried to free his head from the grip. The man pushed the dagger inside Sasuke more.

"Come on whore take it all."

Sasuke moved his head back and started to take his cock in his mouth slowly. The man got annoyed and shoved the rest of the dagger inside of Sasuke.

"Look at me whore and take it all now."

Sasuke looked up at the man and took his hard cock in his mouth. The man held Sasuke's head still and began thrusting his cock deeper in Sasuke's mouth causing him to choke on it. Sasuke could feel the precum going down his throat.

"Moan whore."

Sasuke didn't he knew the dagger was already all the way inside of him, he wasn't going to do this.

"No you won't moan, fine I'll make you moan."

The man removed his cock out of Sasuke's mouth. He bent down and placed his hand on the dagger.

"We could have done this the easy way, but it seems you prefer to be punished, so we'll do it the hard way."

He began to move the dagger out slightly then pushed it back in.


Sasuke continued to keep his mouth shut. The man removed the dagger completely then shoved it back inside Sasuke all the way.


Sasuke let out a low moan that could have been mistaken for a whimper.

"Louder whore."

Sasuke began to moan louder, the man kept fucking Sasuke with the dagger. Blood was spilling out of Sasuke's ass.

"You want me to stop."

"Yes… please... stop this"

"Then you know what you have to do."

"I'll do anything just stop."

"Act like the whore you are, moan, tell me how badly you want me; once I'm convinced I'll stop."

Sasuke kept his eyes closed he began to moan in time with the daggers movement.

"I want you."

"To do what?"

"Fuck me"

"You need to be a lot more dirtier then that whore."

"I want your big hard cock inside of me. I need to feel you inside of me, please oh please fuck me. I need it."

"Call me master"

"Please fuck me master."

The man smirked and pulled the dagger out of Sasuke's ass. The man removed the chains that were keeping Sasuke's legs open, and then roughly turned him around so he was on his knees with his hands still chained to the wall. He placed the chains back on Sasuke's kneecaps, spreading Sasuke's legs apart as far as possible. Blood continued to pour out of Sasuke's ass and run down his legs.

The man went back to the table and brought over a collar, leash, vibrator, and a whip. He placed the choke chain around Sasuke's neck and attached the leash. Then shoved the vibrator all the way in Sasuke's bleeding ass and turned it on as high as it would go. He pulled on the leash and made it as tight as it would go causing Sasuke to pull his head back, which caused his back to arch so now his ass was in the air. The man whipped Sasuke hard across the ass.

"I want you to admit that you are nothing but a whore.'

"I'm not a whore."

The man whipped him a few more times across his ass.

"You're not a whore then why are your legs spread open? Why is your ass up in the air with a vibrator in it? Why are you getting hard? Huh?"

Sasuke didn't say anything he didn't know why he was getting turned on by this.

"No answer, I'll tell you why then. It's because you are a whore. You love how this feels, you want more you know it. So just admit it."

Sasuke didn't say anything. He would never admit that he was a whore. He wasn't a whore he knew he wasn't he just didn't know why he was getting turned on by all of this.

"You'll admit it by the end of all this and you will act like one."

The man started to whip Sasuke hard across his body. The pain started to hit Sasuke; he just closed his eyes and tried to remember what happened last night.