Chapter 28

Tsunade and Kakashi both looked at each other. They weren't sure if they heard Sasuke right. It was possible that Sasuke was disoriented Kakashi spoke first.

"Sasuke its Kakashi and Tsunade. You remember us right?"

"No…who's Sasuke?"

"You are, that's your name."

"Sasuke? That's my name?"

"Yes your name is Sasuke. Do you remember anything?"

"No, where am I?"

Sasuke's voice was full of fear he didn't like not being able to remember. His brain hurt too much though he couldn't think.

"You're in Konoha hospital. You were hurt really bad you've been unconscious for six weeks now. How are you feeling?"

"Confused my head really hurts, but just sore other then that. Konoha is my home?"

"Yes Konoha is your home. As for being sore like I said you've been unconscious for six weeks. Your body will be sore for a little while."

"The pain in your head is probably why you are having the amnesia Sasuke." Tsunade said

"So how long will it last for then?"

"It's hard to tell Sasuke I'll run some tests later and see if it's something I can fix."

"So you're my doctor?"

"Yes I am your doctor and the Hokage."

"The Hokage us the leader of a village right?"

"Yes that's correct Sasuke."

"So then who are you my father?"

"No Sasuke I'm your sensei, but we are close like father and son."

"So then where's my family?"

Tsunade and Kakashi both looked at each other. Kakashi knew he shouldn't be lying to Sasuke, but he didn't think it would be a good idea to tell Sasuke everything. Kakashi decided he would tell Sasuke the bare minimum there wasn't a point in hurting him anymore.

"Sasuke your family is dead. They were killed when you were seven almost six years now."

"So who do I live with then?"

"No one"

"So I'm all alone."

"No you have me and your teammates Naruto and Sakura."

"My teammates?"

"Yes you are a ninja remember I said I was your sensei."

"Oh right so what happened to me?"

"You were attacked very badly Sasuke. Your body is still injured but you're better then you were."

"Attacked how?"

"Sasuke right now that's not important. What is important is we check and see what is causing the amnesia. Then when you can leave this place."

"And go where?"

"You would be going to your new home."

"I live in a foster home?"

"No, before your accident you had been staying with me. So when you can leave here you'll be coming back with me."

"Let's run some tests and see if I can find what is going on Sasuke." Tsunade said

Sasuke gave a nod he didn't like not remembering who he was or anyone else for that matter. He was hoping that the tests would show why he couldn't remember. After what felt like hours the tests were done and the results were in.

"So Sasuke it appears that there's a great deal of swelling in your brain. Which is why you can't seem to remember. There is good news though the swelling will go down and then you should remember."

"So other then that I'm okay?"

"Yes you are perfectly fine you can be released tomorrow morning."

"You'll be staying with me for a little while again."

"Ok so tomorrow I go to your place."

"Tomorrow you go home Sasuke with me."

"For now the best thing is sleep your body is still recovering." Tsunade said

Sasuke gave a nod and laid back down. Tsunade walked out of the room leaving Kakashi alone with Sasuke. Kakashi sat back down in his usual spot.

"Why aren't you going home?"

"I don't know I guess I'm just use to being here with you."

"You've been here the whole time?"

"Yes I didn't want you to be alone when you woke up."

"No offense that's really nice and all, but go home you look worse then I do."

"Are you sure you're okay to be alone?"

"Why because I don't know you or myself even right now? I still remember how to sleep go home and do the same."

"Alright I'll be here first thing in the morning to sign you out."

"Okay I'll see you then."

Kakashi got up and once he tucked Sasuke in and convinced himself that Sasuke was safe he left for home. He didn't feel to comfortable leaving Sasuke, but he was awake and safe in the hospital. Kakashi really needed a shower and food then some major sleep. He would go get Sasuke tomorrow morning and bring him home. Kakashi wanted to make sure that Sasuke's room was clean and ready for his return.

The next morning Kakashi got up and got dressed. He was excited to be bringing Sasuke home finally. He had cleaned Sasuke's room and even got groceries last night to make dinner. Sasuke was too thin and he needed to get some weight on him. Kakashi walked over to the hospital he was excited to say the least. These last weeks have been unbearable for him. When Sasuke woke up he felt like he could breathe again.

It would still be hard with Sasuke not remembering, but they would get through it. Kakashi walked into Sasuke's room to find him dressed and starring out the window.

"You ready to go home?"

"More then ready."

"Alright let's get you out of here."

Sasuke gave a smile he may not be able to remember but he could still feel. Kakashi made him feel wanted and loved and that was a feeling Sasuke knew he could get use to. Kakashi placed an arm around Sasuke's waist just in case. His body was still healing after all. Together they made their way out of the hospital and headed home.

Sasuke was about to start the next chapter of his life having to remember just what exactly his life was. The road was long and it wasn't going to be easy for Snider wasn't the only one that was involved. Sasuke was far from safe and now he didn't even remember who was safe and who wasn't.

To Be Continued….