Writing. I am quite proud, even though I kind of don't know what the hell this is supposed to be. It is kind of asking for a second chapter, maybe? Hmm. It's like sarcastic angst, yeah, so that's cool for the yeah. Language warning. Definite cursing (because cursing is fun! Also I was watching South Park and whenever that happens my profanity levels turn up all the way to eleven.) If anyone thinks the rating should be upped because it offends them, tell me.

...I had to try extra extra hard to not use the words epic fail in this.

And, scene:

He finds her in the middle of an abandoned park on the outskirts of Konoha, a place where when it is warmer, he's pretty sure that junkies shoot up and teenage ninja get it on out of the watchful eye of their teammate and sensei (like Neji and Tenten. Not that he knows about them. Really. He just heard Gai's giant crocodile tears and assumed.)

He doesn't even say anything to her, because he knows that she knows he is there. And he knows she'll react. Either she'll throw something at him, like a rock or a shoe, or tell him she's fine and to go away. It appears to be the latter, as he doesn't find himself with suddenly waking up on the ground with a vicious headache.

"I'm fine," she says.

"Are you?"

She is turned away from him, hunched up with her chin set on her knees so that he can see that he is not wanted in the hard lines and triangular curves of her back. He can see her ribs through her thin, soaked white shirt (any other situation than this and he might be ogling a little bit) and the faint contours of old and newer scars. The cotton clings to them, every dip and ridge of her back and spine.

"I'm fine," she stresses more eloquently, turning her head a sixth (not a fourth, not a fifth) of the way towards him. He can see her eyelashes, stuck into little pink triangles from the rain and tears.

Of course it's raining. It's always raining during scenes like this. Kakashi watches a lot of movies. (Icha Icha movies. So badly scripted pornography. Whatever.) He knows how it is.

"I've left you alone when I've found you like this," she murmurs, forcing cold words meant to make her point out through numb lips. Kakashi wonders how long she has been sitting out here in the cold rain. She looks like she's about to turn an unattractive blue color. "So don't you dare start."

"Actually," he jams his hands into pockets that see too much abuse as they promptly tear so he feels his chilly hands against his skin, "that's a lie. Sakura-chan."

She scoffs at that. "Only when necessary. I found you in a flowerbed once, remember?"

He does remember, actually, but he glosses over that. That was a long time ago, anyways. IF you count a long time ago as ten weeks. Besides. He had had the flu.

"That was a while ago, and this is about you."

"Yeah, well, shove off." He can feel the animosity crackling off her in waves now, now she is closed off and hostile as opposed to just closed off. Lucky him, that he gets to deal with her. You had a choice, he reminds himself.

She punches the ground suddenly (although he should have seen it coming), sending a perfect fissure straight underneath his feet so he slips and falls, the earth opening below him, and there is mud everywhere. He's going to have to throw away these clothes.

She sends him another glare, blinking away raindrops and she goes for her next move. This woman is dangerous.

"I'm fine," she repeats yet again. "Fuck off, will you."

"Your insults are getting increasingly filthy," he comments lightly from where he is splayed, covered in mud and filth that is sliding around his body due to the rain (which has increased more and more in the last few minutes. It's a veritable downpour. Maybe they'll get really lucky and it will turn into a hurricane. Then he can have hot chocolate with marshmallows.)

"Fuck off, asshole."

"Oh, another insult. Can you see how hurt I am? Can you, Sakura-chan? Am I going to leave you now, Sakura?"

"Go away. You're annoying and I don't need you here. I don't even need anyone, okay? So just get the hell up from your little mud bath and fucking leave me alone. Why can't you leave me alone, Kakashi? You can never leave me on my own."

Kakashi gets up.

"Good," Sakura mutters. "You actually listened to me for once."


Despite the fact that has mud in his teeth and hair and he smells like wet manure, and he can barely see because brown rain is sliding off his forehead protector right onto his eyelashes, he strides over to Sakura's little hunched up form (and he only slips once.)

He bends over and hoists her up into his arms before she has a chance to do anything about it except whine about how he's getting her even dirtier.

Because he is amazing (and he is, just ask anyone), Kakashi manages to make the hand seals for the transportation jutsu while dealing with a surprisingly heavy armful of pink-haired kunoichi.

He and Sakura are going to talk, whether she likes it or not.

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