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A cloaked figure entered the chamber, two death eaters leading him. They walked towards the throne, where a pale man with red cat-like eyes was sitting. When they reached him, they bowed low and kneeled before him. "My lord," they said in unison.

The cloaked man bowed his head respectively and took a step backwards. He lowered his hood.

"Harry Potter," the dark lord addressed the man. Harry kneeled down and responded, "I am here to join you."

"Why, Potter?" he demanded.

Harry didn't respond.

"Why?" he asked again.

This time Harry replied, "It seems right for me to do this."

Now, Voldemort was the one who couldn't think of words to say. He was silent for a few moments before looking at Harry again, his red eyes burning into green. He could swear he saw a speckle of red.

"Very well, I shall put you to a test." He clapped his long fingered hands together. Immediately his servants pulled themselves up and opened one of the many doors. From inside, they grabbed a crying child and dragged him before the dark lord.

"Kill him."

Harry drew his wand from his robes. He pointed it straight at the boy's chest. He smirked at the look of fear on the child's face.

"Avada Kedavra!"

Instantly, a green light bloomed from the tip of his wand and the boy screamed. He felt happiness spread through his body at the child's cries before the boy dropped dead on the ground in front of him.

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