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There was no point to a night watch anymore. We had no assassins after us—well, except for the one we were on our way to kill. But that was Raine and Regal for you. Paranoid to their last breaths.

I shifted to a more comfortable position against the tree trunk I was leaning against. I'd been night watch for the past couple nights. Insomnia had struck again; I'd gotten maybe an hour's sleep the night before, and not much more for any night the past week. The exhaustion showed, I knew, but I really didn't care.

Zelos does. My mind whispered. He said so. He had made several comments about the shadows under my eyes. They were, apparently, 'as dark as my hair' and 'as big as my—' I'd smacked him then. I grinned as I thought of his mischievous expression. The happy feeling faded quickly as I thought of the task before us. Killing Mithos was gonna be hell. And anyway, I hate Zelos.

"Sheena. I'm here to take over." Lloyd whispered, tapping my shoulder. I stood up and walked away without speaking. I wasn't being rude, just understanding. He'd gone through a lot lately. I'd been in a similar position and knew that he wouldn't want to make conversation. I'd seen the fatigue and sadness in his face. Why does everyone have to grow up in such a sucky world?

I went and got my cards, deciding on a whim to practice. I slipped away from the camp, preferring to practice in private. As soon as I was out of sight, I began attacking the air, my hands moving of their own accord. I couldn't stop, and as I practiced, I began imagining that I was attacking the people who had hurt my friends and me: Volt, Kuchinawa...Zelos.

I stood there attacking my phantoms for nearly a half hour before I was interrupted by Zelos. He was fully dressed and was carrying his sword. He looked wide awake.

"What do you want?" I snarled. He looked down.

"I saw you weren't at camp, and I thought...well, I was worried." he admitted.

"Don't be. Just go." I said angrily.

"I couldn't help it, Sheena. I'm sorry. I still love you, I—"

"You betrayed me Zelos! You betrayed all of us! Don't feed me the 'I love you' crap! I was nothing more to you than a game, a distraction!" I snapped.

"I swear I loved you, I still do. I was doing what I thought was ri—"

"Right? You thought it was right to betray us, handing Colette over to them, then having the nerve to come back?!?"
"I saved you, didn't I?"

"I wish you hadn't! I hate you!"

Now it seemed I'd gone too far. He whitened and set his jaw, glaring. "Then fight me."

"What?" I gasped.

"You've got your cards, I've got my sword. So fight me." He dropped his over-robe on the ground and stepped forward. "Prove that you really hate me."

"Fine!" I said, careful not to betray the fear in my voice. Fear of him killing me then the others, of course. Not fear of hurting him. I tried hard not to look at his muscular chest and arms. I noticed he hadn't removed his long gloves. A cold feeling enveloped me and I stepped closer. He drew his sword, his hand shaking slightly.

In one smooth movement, I leaned forward and tugged off one of his gloves, steeling myself for whatever was underneath.

"What the hell was that for?" he asked in confusion as I stared at his smooth, bare arm. No scars. Thank Mar-Good. Good.

"I-I just-I just thought..." A look of comprehension dawned and his face, and I waited for an explosion of hurt and anger, but then a soft look filled his eyes.

"You were worried I...cut myself?" he asked quietly. I blushed.

"Well, you always wear long gloves, and you've been so depressed, and...yes." I muttered, embarrassed at my assumption.

All of a sudden, Zelos pulled me into a backbreaking hug, his eyes glassy.

"You cared." he murmured. "You really were scared, weren't you?" My cheeks grew even warmer, and I gingerly patted his back. He seemed to be shaking a bit.

"Well, I just..." I didn't get to finish; he leaned down and kissed me gently as I spoke. For just a moment I let him, but then I pulled away. It was the shock. That's why I didn't right away. He immediately stepped away, looking ashamed of himself.

"Don't do that!" I shouted.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..." he said. I could hear the sincerity in his voice, and it unnerved me greatly.

"I-I don't-I-Augh!" I threw my hands up and stalked away. He followed me.

"Please—just watch the sunrise with me one more time." His voice was so kind, so loyal (spurring thoughts of irony) that I consented.

"One more time." I clarified. Zelos grabbed my hand and pulled me along, despite my protests.

"Quick! Dawn is soon!" he urged. I suppressed a laugh and quickened my pace. Because I want to get this over with. Yeah, not because I'm excited.

"We arrived at our destination—a little hill with a clear view of the lightening sky and the fading stars.

"Good timing." I said quietly. I didn't look at him, and he didn't speak

We sat there silently, watching the rising sun and the beautiful streaks of orange and gold, eventually fading into soft pinks and blues.

"Oh no, we've gotta go, the others will be awake!" I said, jumping up. I turned to him, angry that he was ignoring me. "What..?"

But Zelos was gone. In his place was a little note. I picked it up and read it. "I love you," it said in his precise handwriting. I knew then that someday I'd trust him again.

And I knew I still loved him against all logic and all my wishes. I knew it even before I saw the beautiful white rose.