Author's Note: Okay, this is a really short little drabble that I wrote in school last week. It's not very good but, Arabella (Moonshine 369) asked me to post something.

'I'm not gay,' thought Mello as he rolled out of bed. He gracefully made his way over the small piles of clothes that had been made the night before. He entered the shower, leaving Matt alone in the bed.

He stood under the torrent of hot water and grabbed at his rosary. He was startled to find that it wasn't there; it had probably been shaken off during their activities last night and was now somewhere between the sheets.

Annoyed and a bit uncomfortable without it, Mello angrily snatched the bar of soap on the ledge and started scrubbing.

'I'm not gay,' he thought again. 'I just like to fuck my best friend that just happens to be a guy.' And really, he couldn't be. Mello was already a murderer and a kidnapper, being gay on top of that would have his poor dead mother rolling in her grave.

He tensed slightly when he heard the door to the bathroom open. Mello didn't turn around as Matt walked into the shower and wrapped his arms around Mello from behind. Matt released a happy sigh and kissed Mello's scarred shoulder.

Mello felt himself relax into the embrace. He felt something lightly down to see his rosary. Matt must have found it in the bed and brought it for Mello. Mello gratefully put it on; he had felt especially naked without it.

Matt grabbed the shampoo on the shelf and started to massage it into Mello's hair. Mello relaxed even more, only barely trying to keep himself standing. He sighed and turned around to face Matt.

Looking at the gorgeous red-head, Mello had to fight the desire to take him right there. Trying to keep the whine out of his voice, he said out loud, "I'm not gay, Matt."

Matt looked at him with an incredulous expression on his face before smiling slightly.

"Whatever you say, Mello."