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Sooooo…. Here ya go. They are not mine, but my imagination is…

She could understand why he would ask this. He was a heart person, and she was a brain person, she was well aware of these facts. Of course it would make perfect sense to procreate with a man that was physically fit and emotionally mature, but for some reason she couldn't justify having a baby with a different man that had these traits. She wanted it to be with Booth. She wanted to share all the experiences of pregnancy and childbirth with her partner, and she wasn't sure she could do that while with another man, and if she had to be honest with herself, she didn't want to share these things with anyone else other than him.

'I guess this information suggest that I do want to be with Booth. I can't picture myself with anyone else.' She thought. Brennan knew she was no good at relationships, and she knew it would be hard, but everything about life is hard anyway. She hoped she could treat Booth the way a woman should treat him, and she had no doubt in her mind that he would treat her with respect, and understanding, and even love, because she knew he was that type of man.

She searched hard for the perfect words that would let Booth know exactly how she felt about him, and how scared she was at this next step in their relationship.

"After a lot of thought, I've decided that it would probably be best to be with you Booth."

This wasn't exactly the answer Booth was looking for, but he figured it was a start. "It's best to be with me?"

"Yes. I think that it is beneficial for a child to have both parents; therefore I think it is best if we are together in this. I will be honest, I don't really want to do this by myself anyway, so I think being with you would help that as well."

He ran his fingers through her hair, and made her look at him. 'God, I could just friggin' strangle her sometimes.' He thought as he searched her eyes for any tale-tale sign that she was being coy and aloof. He could tell she wasn't saying everything, but he didn't want to rush her, or pressure her into saying something she wasn't ready to say to him yet, but he needed more than 'It's beneficial for a child to have both parents.'

"Ya know Bones, that's basically you saying 'I don't really care about being with you, I just want somebody to go to Lamaze classes with me.' Do you realize how that sounds to me? How that makes me feel? I mean, if that's how you feel about it, then there's nothing I can do about that, but I won't just be this… this guy that's there, watching you raise OUR kid, and not be able to kiss you after a long day in the lab, or…make love to you after an argument….

"Booth, I apologize. I realize how what I said must sound to you, like I don't care either way or like I'm just…" The words hurt her to say, "using you. Those are not my intention Booth."

She sat up all the way and looked back at him, hoping she would find some magical answer to help him see what she feels for him. He sat up right along with her, no longer feeling the sense of comfort and relaxation. He wanted to get to the bottom of this before he let himself get hurt by the one woman in the world that could hurt him the most.

"Then what are your intentions Temperance?" Booth asked deeply as he began to run a hand over the slight exposed skin of her lower back, since her shirt had rode up a little. "You wanna ravish me, have your way with me, and then kick me to the curb?" He asked, with a hint of humor to his voice.

Brennan didn't find this at all funny, so she was instantly in defense mode. "No Booth! I wouldn't do anything like that to you, I could never!"

Booth smiled slightly and whispered hotly near her ear, "I know you couldn't Bones."

"Good." She said. "I don't want you to think that I could treat you like that Booth. I would never…you mean too much to me for me to behave that way towards you."

"Well that's gotta be the nicest thing's anybody's ever said to me Temperance." He said as he couldn't help himself and kissed her warmly on the cheek. He understood what she was trying to say to him, and he was thrilled at the fact that she ACTUALLY did care. He knew she did anyway, but he was ecstatic that she thought so much of him, because he knew he thought the world of her.

She smiled as she felt her cheeks warm from the contact, and she put a hand on the side of his face. Their faces were close enough to kiss, but they didn't, no matter how much they both wanted to.

"I suppose that was a very nice thing to say." She murmured. "I would like to always say nice things to you like that Booth. You don't except flattery very well." She chuckled at the look on his face.

After his jaw shut, he smiled and said "I except flattery fine Bones, it's just…well coming from you, well that's a whole 'nother matter."


"Because, it's from you Bones. A compliment from a world renown Forensic Anthropologist and best selling author is pretty bad ass." Booth chuckled now, appreciating the hilarious surprised look on her face.

"Booth, it doesn't really matter that I'm those things. Not when it comes to you. I mean, of course we wouldn't have met if I wasn't the best in the country and you weren't a satisfactory FBI agent, and the fact that we work very well with each other, and the fact that we have the best success rate of any pair in the FBI, but when it comes to us, well…"

"Well what Temperance?" He asked huskily as his mouth moved closer to hers.

She felt his hot breath on her lips, coming out steady yet shaky. She knew that this was it. That this is what propels them from partners to…so much more.

"Well, it doesn't matter what I am, or what you are. What I've done, or what you've done. I just know that we are very different people Booth, but yet, in some strange, slightly cosmic way, we're alike in many ways. I…Seeley I…want to give this a shot, all of it, and I can't think of anybody else in the world that I would want to be with. Of course I don't possibly know every man in the world but…

Booth pretty much stopped listening at around "I want to give this a shot."

He grabbed her neck, he didn't know if it was gently or not, and honestly didn't care at the second, and crushed his lips onto hers. His tongue snaked out immediately and took control of hers, as she groaned deeply into his mouth while their tongues made love. She hadn't felt a kiss like this in, 'Shit, ever.' and ran her hand into his hair. She's always wanted to mess up the normally perfect hair of her best friend, and now that she had the opportunity to do so, she held on tight. He hissed slightly at her strength, and the painful pleasure it brought, then he trailed his lips down her jaw, kissed it tenderly, and then moved down to her neck.

He licked where her neck met her shoulders, and she moaned deeply, grabbing his hair harder. Her other hand went underneath the bottom of his shirt, rubbing the warm, slightly trembling flesh of his stomach. He groaned out her name, her first name, and instinctively bit down on the first bit of skin his lips felt, the dead middle of her neck, and grabbed her left breast, and massaged it deeply.

'Oh wow, that's a first.' She pondered briefly as she giggled out loud. Right then, she thought, 'Hell, when was the last time I even giggled?'

Neither one could take it anymore, so they both pulled apart for much needed oxygen, and neither one could take their respective hands away from the other. As turned on as he was, he still managed a hearty laugh.

"Dr. Temperance Brennan, did you just giggle?" He asked her as his nose began to nuzzle her fresh hickey. He knew he would hear it later, but he just couldn't seem to care right then.

"Yes." She whispered timidly, as she felt her body warm even further. 'Shit, I didn't think that was possible in my current state of arousal.'

He chuckled again, whispered "Good;" and went right back to it, grabbing her bottom lip with his teeth, effectively opening her up to him. She moaned again, and began to lean back, with Booth right there with her, hand still glued to her breast, kneading it gently. She whimpered as he flicked her nipple with his thumb, causing it to ache with anticipation when his mouth would be on it, sucking it until she cried out. She palmed the hard bulge in his sweats, causing him to moan in ecstasy. His moan made her wonder if she would ever be able to give THIS up. She wanted more and more, and the thought of them not being this way with each other made her physically shake.

Booth, the ever-alert individual he was, felt her shiver, and tore his lips off her hot skin, and looked into her eyes, that were as dark as the sky in the beginning of nightfall. "Bones, are you alright?"

"Yes Booth, I am extremely aroused right now. I cannot really control my movements and actions at this point in time." She told him. It was the truth, so she didn't feel too bad about not divulging what she was really thinking.

He sighed and thought, 'I can't believe I'm about to say this…' "Bones, I…I don't know about this. I mean, tonight? It seems kinda rushed; I don't think we're thinking with our brains right now. "

"Booth, first of all, we ARE thinking with our brains, because that's what we use to think with. Second of all, it's been 3 years. Do you know how FRUSTRATING and simply ANNOYING it is to constantly be around someone you want to sleep with but can't?"

"Um, YEAH!" He yelled in disbelief. "What the hell do you think I've been going through this whole time! You know how many times I've wanted to take you on the couch in your office? If I went down the list of all the ways and places I've wanted you, we would be here all night."

"Well, we will be here all night, so…"

"I'm serious Temperance."

"As am I."

"Ok, I'm not going about this right. I think we should wait Bones."

Her jaw slightly dropped, and she realized that this man was more of a saint than she thought was possible. 'He is obviously affected by…this, by me… yet he is insisting that we wait even longer?'

She admired his gentlemanliness, but it wasn't going to fly, not this time.

'I don't think so.'

She took her eyes off his and moved her mouth to his neck, just below his earlobe, and licked it of the slight sheen that had developed there already. She savored his taste, and the moan he offered her. She could imagine him moan louder and louder, as his body surrendered to hers. This, and many more reasons she couldn't think of at the moment, was all she needed to continue. She was about as nervous as the first time she had sex, but she wanted this, now.

She whispered huskily into the hollow of his ear, "I don't want to wait Seeley."

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