It was a rainy night as Kakuzu sat in his small warm house, counting his precious money in the light of his desk lamp.


Kakuzu growled at the disturbance and got up to answer the door. He opened the door and looked out to see no one there. As he was about to close the door, mumbling about dumb neighbor kids, he heard a child's giggling at his feet.

The miser looked down to see a small white haired, pink eyed baby in a dog basket. He stared at the baby for a second and sighed in frustration, "Dammit all!" he cursed and picked the basket up, carrying it into his house.

Kakuzu walked into his living room and set the small nuisance on the couch, sitting beside him, "We've just met and I already hate you," the black haired man explained, only making his small guest laugh.

He glared at the baby and lifted him up, making a beaded pendant fall from the blanket back into the basket. Kakuzu shifted the silver haired baby into one arm and lifted the pendant. It had a circle with an upside down triangle inside, "I can't believe your bitch of a mother left me with her little Jashinist," Kakuzu growled and put the pendant down.

The baby merely looked up at him and then looked at Kakuzu's hand. The young Jashinist reached out with one pale hand and grabbed one of the tan man's fingers, squeezing it as tight as he could.

Kakuzu looked into the infant's pink eyes, "Hidan," he called the small baby.

Hidan looked up at him and smiled, liking his new name.

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