"Danna, I don't want to be here." Deidara pouted.

Sasori, that morning, had arranged a play date for the blond at the Uchiha household since Hidan was out of town with Kakuzu. And since the Uchihas had proven to be trustworthy bunch of people Sasori found them acceptable to leave Deidara with for a couple hours.

"I don't want to hear another word about this Deidara," Sasori told him as he carried the blond up to the front door.

Deidara whimpered, wringing his hand in the puppet master's shirt collar and laying his chin on his shoulder, "Please Master," he whispered the words into the elder's ear seductively.

Sasori stopped just as they reached the front door. Pulling his free hand up, he tangled pale fingers into golden locks, tugging gently. Smirking toward the child's action, "You should really stop that Deidara," he set the blond down, "You're making me feel like a pedophile."

"Pedophile?" (1)

Sasori paused, staring down at the confused blond, "Never mind." He rang the doorbell.

Kisame answered the door, Itachi right behind him, a bandage wrapped around the weasel's neck.

"What happened to you?" Deidara questioned the Uchiha's injury. It wasn't from Hidan's birthday party after all.

Itachi turned his gaze to Sasori then back to Deidara's. Turning his head away he broke eye contact from the watchful eyes, not answering.

Kisame smiled toward his friend, "We had an accident a few days ago and Itachi-san got hurt."

"Oh," Deidara frowned, still slightly confused. He turned to look back at Sasori to find the puppet master gone. He cursed.

"Come on in Deidara!" Kisame welcomed the blond in happily. He moved slightly to allow the blond entrance.

Deidara sighed, walking in with an unhappy trudge.

Within the house Deidara gaped toward the house's inner appearance. Yes, he had seen how immense it was outside but the inside was just spectacular. High ceiling, large staircase, fine pieces of art for decoration, a piano; basically it was the most stereotypical mansion the bomber had seen in his life.

"Wow," azure eyes still watched on, wide, at the view before him.

Itachi watched the blond stare in amazement. He shrugged, having seen it every day of his life.

Kisame chuckled toward his weasel friend. The shark boy grabbed Deidara's hand, "Come along Dei. Itachi," he called the Uchiha as he pulled Deidara along.

The three children moved toward and up the stairs. "Where are your parents Itachi?" Deidara asked remembering that the Uchiha actually had his birth parents with him unlike himself, Kisame, and Hidan.

"Mr. and Mrs. Uchiha are on a business trip," Kisame stated. "So we're being watched by the maids and butlers."

"Oh," Deidara nodded.

Just then they arrived at a door. Hanging upon the door was a small wooden sign with Kisame and Itachi's name carved into it.

"This is our room," Kisame said, stating the obvious as he opened the door.

Inside was a blue room. Blue walls, blue carpet, what appeared to be Kisame's bed was blue with sharks covering the blanket, a shark shaped pillow. The only thing that wasn't blue was the red and black bed on the right side of the room. That, Deidara already guessed was Itachi's side.

"I picked the color," the shark said proudly.

"Nice," Deidara forced himself to comment politely.

Now it was Itachi's turn to grab the blond's wrist, "Enough with this. I want to show you something now."

Leading the blond out of the room Itachi took him just down the hall to another room. This one's door was open. Inside was a nursery with many soft stuffed animals and pillows; a rocking chair seating a maid sat in the corner, a crib on the opposite side.

Itachi glared toward the woman sitting in the chair. "Leave," he ordered. Immediately the woman left, not speaking a word.

As the door clicked shut a movement within the stuffed animals caught Deidara's eyes.

In a flash a small raven haired boy burst from the stuffed animals, "Itachi!" he squealed happily at the sight of his brother.

Slamming into a hug with the older Uchiha the toddler smiled, snuggling his face into Itachi's shirt. Tiny knees buckling the little boy leaned on him for support.

Itachi smiled, ruffling the black locks, "This is my brother Sasuke."

"Sasuke," Itachi called the youngster's name, "This is Deidara." He nodded toward the blond.

Sasuke stared up at Deidara, mouth open slightly as he looked up at the other. He smiled toward him. Giggling, Sasuke hid his face in his brother's shirt.

Deidara smiled back toward the toddler, "He's adorable."

"Isn't he?" Kisame said, walking over to pick up the young Sasuke. "He's like a mini Itachi."

"Without the eye lines," Deidara stated.

"Exactly," the shark smiled, rubbing Sasuke's back soothingly.

"Well," Itachi said, "Let's go downstairs and watch some television."

"Ok," Deidara agreed. Surely watching television would pass the time quicker. This also meant that the Akasuna would return sooner.

Leaving the room the four went downstairs to the living room where a huge television sat on the wall. Blue eyes stared wide up at the screen. He had never seen one so big before; even in the television stores.

"We have to watch something appropriate for my brother," Itachi said as he assisted Sasuke onto the couch, taking a seat beside the smaller.

"Ok Itachi-san," Kisame said, immediately changing the channel to a child friendly network.

"Yay!" Sasuke smiled toward the sight of the colorful images on the screen.

After an hour of watching excruciating, colorful episodes about happy ninjas Sasuke had crawled into Itachi's lap, leaning back on his brother's chest to watch his toons sleepily. On the corner of the couch Kisame was fast asleep, hugging a pillow close to him. And Itachi still held a bored Deidara's hand.

Hand numb, Deidara pulled his hand from the Uchiha, rubbing the feeling back into it before Itachi reached for it again.

"Itachi," Deidara whined tiredly.

"What?" the Uchiha asked.

The blond raised a curious brow, "Why are you still trying to hold my hand?"

Itachi shrugged, "Hm."

Deidara growled, "Don't hm me."

The Uchiha turned his head, expression emotionless. Leaning forward he pressed their lips together with a peck. Deidara sat stunned for a moment as the Uchiha pulled away. "Wha?" he questioned unintelligibly.

Itachi smirked toward Deidara's reaction, "I like you."

(1) Isn't Dei so cute? "Pedophile?" lol

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