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A/N: I thoroughly enjoy messing with Galinda, so be prepared. Honestly, I love her character with a passion. Also, this isn't a very good one-shot/drabble, but I'd been meaning to write it so yea. IAPOLOGIZEFORTHESHITE(yes, shite)TITLE!

The Day the Blonde Curls Died

"So I was thinking of going a bit shorter." The blonde began. "Maybe…" Galinda took a moment to analyze her reflection, "a half inch or inch?" she finished uncertainly.

"Only an inch, Miss Glinda?" Smacking her gum, a brunette with scissors questioned with a smirk.

"If even that…" was the terse reply. "And it's GAlinda, with a 'guh'." She added annoyed.

Oz knows Galinda hated having her hair cut by anyone other than her usual stylist.

The brunette silently laughed at the correction, thinking it ridiculous.

Galinda gave her curls a slight toss before turning to face the hairdresser.

"I want half an inch off."

That being said, Galinda replaced her cucumber slices over her eyes and allowed a different employee to give her a manicure as the brunette worked on her golden locks.

-Insert whatever time frame here ;D-

"And I'm finished Miss 'Guh'linda." The brunette mocked lightly, snickering at something else altogether.

"What's so-"

Galinda had removed the slices form her eyes.


The brunette held back her laughter with little ease.

Galinda petted at what would have been her curls, but instead met air.

The face that looked back at her remained the same, but her hair had been cropped or chopped, she wasn't sure, roughly 6 inches shorter and had been dyed a distinct jet black color.

"Fiyero probably has longer hair than me!" she squealed, choking with tears.

The brunette left at this point, coughing as she departed to poorly cover her laughter. She took her place at the register hiding behind the counter.

"I'm SO NOT paying for this!" and with that Galinda stormed out of the building with whatever dignity she had left.

Cackling with pleasure, Elphaba lowered the magazine form her face, stood, and walked over to the brunette.

"Here's your money."

a/n: If you don't get it: Elphaba basically bribed the brunette chick to chop all Galinda's hair off. Obviously they aren't friends yet…and if this was continued they probably wouldn't EVER be friends.