I've wanted to write a NaruHina fanfic for a while now, and this is it. Even tho it's very short, I hope you like it. This takes place when they were younger, way before the time skip in shippuden, around when they were still in the academy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.


I've loved Naruto-kun all my life, but I could never tell him. I could only ever watch him from afar, unable to speak if he ever even looked at me. Some people think him loud and obnoxious, but instead I admire his energy. It's sort of...cute. But I could never say that outloud. If my friends ever accused me of liking him, I'd outright deny it, though my face reveals it all. Although I never told him, never told anyone, it was obvious. Obvious to everyone. Except him.

Naruto-kun is kind and sweet, but he just doesn't notice these things. It's not a big deal, and it doesn't matter to me. ...not really...I guess. Sakura and Ino think I'm ridiculous, but they could never understand when all they see is Sasuke. He's nothing like Naruto, and to be honest...he scares me. He's so similar to my cousin Neji, and even though we're related, I feel like Neji hates me. He has a reason to hate me though, since I'm part of the main branch that binds him, but I never asked to be in the main branch. Because of my clan, because I'm in the main branch, I can't think about Naruto. At least, I'm not supposed to. If I could stop those thoughts, I would. It would save me so much heartache, but I can't. As a Hyuuga I could never have Naruto love me. But that doesn't matter anymore. Because he could never love me now anyway.

I'm too quiet and shy, and besides, Naruto-kun liked Sakura. She's nothing like me, and I'll never be anything like her. She tells Sasuke she loves him everyday, but I can't even summon the courage to talk to Naruto-kun even once. But even if I were the most beautiful girl in the world, Naruto-kun couldn't love me now. Even if I could talk to him freely and tell him my feelings, he could never ever love me back.

It still brings tears to my eyes, just thinking about him. And yet everyday I come to visit him, not saying a word, just sitting beside him. My family hates it, and my friends are getting tired of it, but I still keep coming. We sit together and watch the sunrise, and later, the sunset. The most important times of the day. Everyday, sunrise and sunset with Naruto-kun. And everyday I cry. I touch the cold stone with my fingertips, with hot tears in my eyes. It's been nearly a month since the day he died.