She'd watched him for years now, the Boy-Who-Lived. No, she'd never talked to him. No, she wasn't in love. There was just always something to be seen when watching him. Somehow it just didn't seem fair to her, that he could do all that, do all those things, and… be seen.

What really hurts is when no one sees you. When you do something fantastic, but all everyone else is seeing is the Boy-Who-Lived. It wasn't his fault, she supposed. The attention wasn't exactly asked for.

Especially when she'd created a new spell and all she received from her friends were reports on the latest escapade of the Hero and his two friends. Not that she didn't listen and take in every word… but that's all she did. Listen.

No, it wasn't his fault. So when she passed him in the hallway on her way to class it was hard to believe that he waved at her and smiled. The past few weeks had been hectic and she seemed to be the only one who'd left him alone, she found it odd he'd noticed. The relief that she didn't flock to him was evident behind his eyes. She couldn't help but to smile back.

No, she'd never talked to him. No, she wasn't in love. But she did appreciate a smile when sent her way, because no one ever sees a Ravenclaw.


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