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Prologue- The New Beginning

Two years after all known homunculi have been sent to the moon...

'M-mother...f-father...please come and help me!!' a little girl sobs as she runs frantically; looking back every so often. 'WHERE ARE YOU?? HEH!' cries a monstrous voice. 'I'M GOING TO FIND YOU!!' The girl gasps, and runs faster. She runs into a room that was dark and uninhabited. The little girl ducks down in a corner. 'I think I'm safe here...'


The door falls down making a loud THUMP!!

'WELL THERE YOU ARE!! HE HEH!! That took a lot longer than I thought it would' said the monstrous shadow.

'Please! L-leave me alone! I don't have anything you want!' sobbed the girl.

'OH YES YOU DO!' Smiled the monster, 'THE THING I WANT IS YOU!!' It screamed and lunged towards the girl.


The Great Warrior Chief was analyzing the data for the homunculus cure, all was going as planned. They had finally created one, and they started testing it. All seemed to be well until...

'Shosei' cried Warrior Chief Hiwatari, as he ran in. The Great warrior Chief looked at him. A sweat drop appeared on Hiwatari's head.

'I mean, Great Warrior Chief! An alchemist warrior found several underground hideouts where at least a hundred homunculus were hiding!'

The Great Warrior Chief was stunned. He thought that the war was over, it seems its not.

'Unfortunately,' started Hiwatari, 'There is more. Victor Powered has informed us that the homunculus on the moon have started to stir, and some have even slipped back to earth. Whatever the reason is Victor doesn't know...' The Great Warrior Chief still didn't say anything. He knew it was too good to be true. The homunculus and the Army had been fighting for centuries. How could one boy change everything? But it seemed to him that he did believe that child would.

After a long silence, The Great Warrior Chief walked off to the living quarters, where he found a young boy; no older than 16. He had black, spiky hair, split in the front of his face. He was playing with cards; by himself that is.

'Young man. Are you ready for another mission?' The Great Warrior Chief said to him. The boy looked up 'Another mission? I thought...' When he looked at The Great Warrior Chief, he didn't have to ask. He looked down at his hands and thought for a moment be fore answering.

'Alright.' The boy said, 'I don't see why not.'

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