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"Can we go home yet??" Dean asked aggravated. His arms were crossed against his chest, his face set in a scowl and he kept banging his head against the hospital bed headboard.

"Quit it." Sam demanded. Dean had become so restless these past two weeks he was in the hospital. After Cassie left he was constantly nagging about something and whining about how he wanted to go home. Sam couldn't blame him; if he was stuck in a hospital bed 24/7 not able to move his legs he's sure he would go insane.

And plus, Sam just wanted to get the heck out of California and he knew Dean and Jess both wanted to also. There were too many horrible memories here and he couldn't wait to escape them all.

"Hello? Earth to Sammy! Can we leave??" Dean practically yelled

Sam snapped out of his trance and smiled. "Yeah, the doctors gave you the okay to get on the plane back home. They were going to have you start therapy finally today, but we'll get started on that when we get back to Missouri."

When the trio had left California after Sam's vision of Jess on the ceiling, they wanted to get somewhere far away, somewhere they've never been to before. Sam had been researching cities that weren't extremely big but weren't too small on the internet while in the Impala. He wanted a nice city that would be a good place to raise a family but also had a University nearby.

He had discovered a couple good cities and had finally settled on Cape Girardeau, Missouri which was located on the Mississippi River. Also located in the city was Southeast Missouri State University where Sam and Jess would be attending next fall. Dean had been attending the Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center since he was interested in their programs and he had been interested in their Auto Technology program. He had met Cassie in a Math class. Cassie was in the Marketing Program yet both of them had to take a math class.

Sam liked the city they lived in and he couldn't wait to get back. However Dean seemed even more anxious to return as he was throwing his blanket aside and trying to slide out of the bed. The only movement Dean had been doing with his full leg was bending it with the doctor's help and hopping on crutches. Once he got his prosthetic leg, he would have to learn to walk on both of them all over again. It wouldn't be as easy as Dean thought it would.

Sam reached over to help Dean into the wheelchair but Dean shrugged him off with annoyance.

"Sam, I'm going to have to do this every day soon. I'm going to have to learn to do it by myself."

"Yes Dean, I know that. But right you're still healing and if you bump your legs or something…it could take longer for you to heal and…"

Dean sighed; he knew he wasn't going to win this one. But once he was back home and doing therapy he wouldn't need Sam's help. He could do this all on his own, no need to get Sam or Jess involved in his struggles. This was his problem and he was determined to do it on his own, he had been relying on Sam way too much lately. Sam had his own life to worry about without having to help his one-legged brother get around. It wouldn't be that hard to walk with the prosthetic…would it?

Sam helped Dean into his wheelchair and propped his left leg in the holder. He couldn't help but shiver slightly at the sight of Dean's short stump but he couldn't dwell on that. He had to concentrate all his effort on helping Dean recover from yet other setback in his life.

They gratefully left the hospital and bought plane tickets for the next day. They spent the night at the hotel that Sam and Jess had been staying at and the next day they were flying back to Missouri.

Dean had hobbled onto the plane on his crutches and they were able to board it first so it was easier for Dean to get on and get himself seated.

"Hope I won't have to pee. Going to the bathroom is always a bitch, and on this cramped up plane…" Dean mumbled mostly to himself but Sam heard it. He sighed quietly; even the simplest things were going to be a challenge for his brother now that he only had on leg.

"How long 'till I get the leg again Sammy?" Dean asked, referring to the prosthesis.

"Two to three weeks. Depending on how well it's healing." Sam told him

Dean smiled and pulled his phone out of his pocket, setting the date on his cellular calendar.

Sam was glad Dean was so happy about getting the leg. However, Dean seemed to think that once he got the leg he would be able to run and jump around as much as he wanted. Dean was going to be in for an unpleasant surprise. Sam didn't want to see the disappointment on his brother's face when he would barley be able to move the leg at first.

The plane was now filling with people and as they walked past Dean they blatantly stared at his leg with curiosity and pity. Sam wanted to slap them. How dare they look at his brother like that! Just because he lost his leg doesn't make him different then everyone else!

Dean must have caught Sam glaring at the passengers because he spoke up. "Sam, chill out."

"Huh? What?" Sam tried to sound confused and innocent.

Dean didn't buy it. "Sam people have stared at me like I'm a freak my whole life. I was a loser in school; everyone stared at me like I was a weirdo. And then I got my limp and I was stared at even more. People laughed at me all the time, it's nothing new. After you've been treated a certain way your whole life you get used to it."

Dean turned away and Sam was at loss for words. He didn't know what to say to that. He knew Dean was considered a loser in school but he didn't know people had treated him so rudely. Even later in his life people had gawked at him just because he limped? How rude were people?

"Dean…" Sam started, not knowing what he was going to say but Dean saved him that trouble.

"Don't worry about it Sammy. I'll get better. Demons' dead…John is dead…we're going to be okay now."

Dean's words should have brought comfort to Sam, they really should've. Instead they brought back horrible reminders of what both John and the demon told him.

"Oh you won't shoot me Sam; I can help you with your powers. I can help you be what you're meant to be. It's your destiny Sammy."

"You're the only one that I'm here for demon child. It ends tonight."

"He has demon blood in him, so he's demon enough."

"The demon told me, he put some drops of his blood into him when Mary died. And tell me Sam. Have you been experiencing anything out of the ordinary? Any strange powers or abilities you quite can't understand. Telekinesis, mind reading, visions??"

And if those memories weren't enough…

"Don't interfere or I'll beat you. You remember what that feels like don't you? You remember person after person lining up to punch you to get their anger out? Oh what a great source of money that was. That's all you were ever good for was money and just because I'm not here to kill you doesn't mean I won't stop to do it. You remember when they'd…."

Sam was worrying about himself turning evil…worrying about the demon blood within him. He knew he should talk to his brother about it but Dean already had so much on his plate already. Plus…with what John said…who knew what else he did to Dean!

He had to confront his brother on this, but the possibilities could be so horrible, he didn't know if he could handle the truth.

They still had a long road ahead of them.