The place Sam had chosen to go camping at was beautiful to say the least. They were literally in the middle of the forest, in a clearing right by a small lake. Dean could see mountains in the distance and eagles soaring above their heads. It was all Dean had been a lot of places while hunting, but he had always been too afraid about getting beat to really take a look at his surroundings. And now, with his life on track and moving forward, he could finally do that.

"Hey Dean, give me a hand here?" Dean turned to the sound of his brother's voice and laughed when he saw Sam trying to juggle all of their supplies. He had been too busy admiring the landscape to see that Sam was busy unpacking.

"It's not funny." Sam growled at him.

"Sorry, I forget how sensitive you are sometimes Samantha." Dean smiled as he grabbed a couple of bags with his free hand that wasn't grasping onto his cane.

"Will you quit calling me that!?" Sam whined and glared at him. Dean watched as Sam almost fell over trying to balance all the items he was carrying.

"Hey genius, how about we take a couple trips to the trunk and back instead of trying to get everything out in one go?" Dean suggested as he dumped the stuff he was carrying on the ground.

Apparently, Sam never thought of that because he froze and didn't reply.

"And everyone calls you the smart one huh?" Dean snickered

Finally Sam made it over and dropped everything on the forest floor. "I just wanted to get everything out quicker." He told his brother.

"Excuses, excuses..." Dean tsked

"Do you have to be so annoying?" Sam moaned as he started going through their stuff and sorting through it.

"Of course, it's my job little brother." Dean said as he tried to lower himself onto the ground to sit.

But of course Sam noticed and came to his aide. "Hey, hey, let me help you." He said as he helped support Dean.

"I've got it." Dean grumbled. He knew he needed help, but he just hated asking for it more and more. He knew he was letting his pride get too big but hey, at least he had pride. Unlike before when he had none at all.

"I know but it's harder for you to sit down on the floor than it is to sit on a chair or something that's elevated. Here, why don't you go it on that tree stump right there?" Sam suggested and pointed to the small portion of the remaining tree, reminding Dean strongly of his leg.

"Heh, stump. Funny Sammy." Dean grumbled but started walking over to it anyway.

Sam must have thought Dean was upset with him because he spoke up in a worried tone. "Dean, I didn't mean anything...I..."

"Sammy." Dean said and smiled as he was able to lower himself down onto the tree stump. "I'm just messin' with you." Sam was right when it came to Dean sitting on something that was elevated. It was much easier to lower himself down onto it and to pull himself back up with the support of his cane. If he was to sit on the ground he was have difficulty lowering himself down gently and screw it trying to get up.

"You're such a jerk." Sam rolled his eyes but brought the supplies over to Dean.

"Whiny, sensitive bitch." Dean shot back causing Sam to stare at him.

"Is this whole jerk/bitch thing going to become some ongoing joke?" He smirked

"Already is Sammy."

Finally after everything had been set up Dean stood up and stated that he wanted to go for a hike.

"Are you sure about that Dean?" Sam asked while biting his lip. "I mean, I don't want you to put too much stress on your leg and..."

"Sam, shut up. I'm fine." Dean rolled his eyes. "They specificly gave me this other cane to use when I'm outside because it has a better grip then the inside one."

"Just...just let me know if it hurts, or you need any help..." Sam offered

"I will. Now come on." Dean groaned, already on the hiking path.

Sam jogged up to catch up with Dean. "You;re getting pretty fast now." He grinned

"Oh yeah, I'm so fast." Dean said sarcastically. "I still don't go as fast as a normal person walking."

"But you're faster now then you were with the limp." Sam pointed out and Dean realized that was true.

"Yeah, that's because I'm not in constant pain anymore. This was a really good choice, having to amputate the leg. I can still walk but now I don't have to deal with the nagging pain and soon I won't be limping at all." Dean told his brother

"You're doing great, man." Sam smiled and Dean rolled his eyes again, trying to avoid the chick-flick moments that had ruled his life lately.

Sam was doing a good job to keep with Dean's slower pace and not get ahead of him. Dean knew that Sam could be a hundred feet ahead of him if he really wanted to, but his brother stayed right next to him the whole time. Dean would never tell him how much he respected him because of that.

The sky was bright blue with not a cloud in sight and the late-summer sun shinned warmly down on both the brothers as they made their way through the forest trail. Sam pointed out all the things Dean didn't care about (types of trees, animals, rocks, blablabla) as Dean simply enjoyed the scenery around him. Finally the path led to the sparkling crystal clear lake and Dean felt that it was just calling his name.

"I'm going in." Dean told Sam while throwing off his shirt and handing his glasses to Sam.

"But Dean, your" Sam started

"They told me I could go in the water with it, I'm not going to go deep." Dean brushed Sam off as he headed towards the water. It was hard to keep his grip on his cane once he entered the water, but once the water was up to his waist, he realized he didn't need the cane to support him, the water was doing that for him.

Dean thought about his life before and his life now and saw just how much everything had changed. He no longer felt the need to cut or harm himself in any way. He thought of life as a presious thing now and he would never want to leave the ones he loved. He had just got a job, just moved in with Cassie and....

A smile appeared on Dean's face as he remembered last night.

"I'm going to miss you." Cassie had told him as they laid in their room, staring into each other's eyes. Even though Cassie wasn't even showing yet, Dean cou'dn't stop thinking about the family they were about to have.

"I'll be back in a week." Dean had smiled and kissed her.

"I's just...I just love being with you so much, I love you..." She told him and stopped when Dean gasped. Cassie then realized what she had said.

" that true?" Dean asked her, wanting to believe it so bad.

Cassie grinned then. "Oh yeah, you better believe it. I love you Dean Winchester."

"I love you too." Dean smiled back and before they knew it they were on top of each other, Cassie unbuttoning Dean's shirt. But this time it was actually Cassie, and this time Dean wanted it.

Cassie must have noticed how nervous Dean was because she looked at him with concern. "You okay about this?" She asked truthfully. "If you're not ready it's fine..."

"No, I'm ready." He told her and kissed her again. "I'm positive."

"Alright then." She smirked and the rest was history.

The memories of Dean's first time made him smile with happiness at how kind Cassie had been to him about his whole 'never had sex' thing. She never rushed him or made him do anything that he wasn't ready for. And well...he had a great time to say the least! His girlfriend was there for him and so was Jess. But the most important thing was that his brother, after all that had happened was still by his side and was always going to remain a part of his life. That's what made Dean the happiest, because without his brother, Dean wouldn't be here today. He was the reason for Dean's recovery and survival.

Floating in the water, Dean felt like it was washing away every bad event and memory that had happened in his life, rinsing him clean. He allowed the memories to truly be washed away to the back of his mind for the first time as he threw his cane to Sammy and relaxed as he let the water cleanse his soul.

"Here Sammy, catch!" Dean yelled and flung the cane over at Sam, his brother turned around just in time to grab it. His expression became shocked when he saw Dean out in the water without his cane. There, with his legs under the water, back facing away from Sam, with his glasses off and a brilliant smile on his face it looked as if none of the horrible injuries had happened to Dean over these years. Maybe it was sign, that Dean was finally ready to put all this behind him, that he was ready to heal and move on.

It had amazed Sam all that Dean could do and tried to do, it showed him how much of a fighter Dean really was. All Dean had ever needed in his life was love and care, and now that he has that, he's ready to truly begin his real life with people that care about him. And so is Sam.

Setting Dean's cane on the ground, Sam smiled as he took off his own shirt and jumped into the water after Dean.

The End! Just a bit of fluffiness and final release for Dean to end this story! I tried not to make it too cheesy and cliche! I made it so not everything is revelaed in their lives and it lets the readers imagine what will happen! I hope you guys enjoyed it and enjoyed the story as well! It was a long fun ride! Thanks for all of your support! :)