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Hello everyone! New story, and what I think may be my best one yet. No humor for once, which is a real change. This is an alternative ending to Code Geass which someone posted on the forums I hang around. It was amazing, and I loved it. Credit goes to whoever drew that amazing ending. I have edited a bit more to my liking (Romance, guess who lol) and I hope it is to your liking as well. This will be my last story for a while, but I'll explain that at the bottom. As always enjoy!

Edit: lol thanks for the heads up guys, translation I read referred to him as onee, so my fault there. I should know better -_-

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Lelouch gave a fake gasp of surprise as the gun was slashed out of his hand. Drawing the sword back, Suzaku prepared the deliver the final thrust. Lelouch took a step back, a fake look of surprise and fear on his face. The expression melted as he closed his eyes and smiled. All the conditions had been met, he was going to die, and atone for his sins. He waited for the blade to pierce his body, tense and anxious. He heard the sickening squelch and crunch as the blade slid into the skin and broke past bones, destroying the body. He opened his eyes in realization; the sound hadn't come from his body. The body of a beautiful girl with long flowing green hair stood in front of him, a sword protruding from her body.

Lelouch opened his mouth in horror as he caught her before she hit the ground. "C.C.?!" He asked, voice filled with shock, panic, and pain.

C.C. smiled weakly, blood beginning to stain her clothes. "Don't try to die so recklessly…" She reached up and pulled him into a kiss. They broke apart after a few seconds, and C.C. squeezed Lelouch's hand tightly. Her forehead glowed a bright red as the hair covering it spread to reveal the code. A flash of pain erupted across Lelouch's forehead and disappeared as suddenly as it had come.

"No…" Lelouch muttered weakly, parting C.C.'s hair on her forehead. He gave a small gasp as he saw the skin was unmarked.

C.C. smiled sadly, tears leaking out of the corner of her eyes. "I'm sorry Lelouch, I'm so sorry. The idea of living alone again, without you…I suddenly became afraid…I don't want to live without you Lelouch." She stopped, her tone becoming weaker as she forced out the words she didn't want to hear the answer to. "I know you must hate me now, and I underst-"

"No!" Lelouch said sharply, causing C.C. to look up in surprise. "C.C., I could never hate you. I love you C.C., I love you more than anything."

C.C. smiled, tears pouring unrestrained from her eyes as she allowed her emotions to overtake her for the first time in centuries. "I love you too, Lelouch. I love you more than anything as well." She reached up weakly and grabbed Lelouch's hand, guiding it toward her. She placed it softly on top of the large bloodstain, on top of her heart. "It's slowing down...Finally, my heart…My heart is finally human again."

Lelouch gave a strangled choke as tears began to leak from his eyes as well.

"I never thought…That the wishes I desired most would be fulfilled by the same person. To be killed by the person I love…I'm so happy."

Lelouch hugged C.C. close to him, unable to contain his tears. "Wait for me C.C.! I won't leave you alone again, I promise! So please, just wait!"

C.C. reached up to stroke his cheek, her hand coming away wet. "I will Lelouch. Just for you." Her eyes began to shut slowly as her body relaxed in his arms. "Goodbye, my warlock." She whispered.

Lelouch smiled through his tears. "Goodbye, my witch."

C.C. gave a final, soft laugh, and went limp, a smile of true happiness on her face. Lelouch hugged her, crying for her and himself. Suddenly he raised his head, realizing his surroundings. "ZERO!" He yelled, voice cracking with emotion as he turned to his stunned friend. "Kill me now!" Suzaku thrust out for the second time, stabbing Lelouch through the heart. Thus, in front of the world, the Demon King and his Queen died.

"But I didn't die…" Lelouch whispered softly to himself. "The code that C.C. gave to me, my curse, it shall have me live an eternal life. I was foolish to think I could repent my sins through dying alone. This is the price I have to pay, for using the Geass." He looked down at the body he held in his arms. "C.C…I finally understand your pain. The pain of an eternal life." He looked at her face, tears threatening once more to break free. He smiled sadly and looked at her soft face. "She died, with a smile on her face. Just like…Just like I promised her." A single tear rolled down his cheek as he closed his eye. There was the soft swish of door as they opened. Light flooded into the dark room, illuminating its inhabitants.

Lelouch turned around to look at Suzaku, the man who would take his place as Zero. "Lelouch. Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked.

Lelouch nodded and spoke his tone calm and serious. "In this peaceful era we have no need for the powers of the Code or Geass. For the sake of this new world I have created, I'll seal myself and C.C. in this capsule. It will preserve our bodies so we may remain untouched by time."

Suzaku nodded, understanding most of it. "But why C.C. as well?"

Lelouch smiled sadly as he turned to his friend. "I don't want her to be alone anymore. She lived her life alone, lost in the hallways of time. The least I can do is keep her company until we meet again, in death."

Suzaku understood his friend's feelings; he had lost someone he loved as well. Turning, Suzaku pressed a button on the wall. There was the click and whir of machinery as the floors opened and a large object began to rise. "It's been modified to keep your bodies in the same state they are today. Nothing will touch them, and C.C. shall be undamaged by time."

Lelouch turned to look at the object rising from the floor. A small smile graced his face as he recognized the circular object. It was a capsule, the same one he had found C.C. in years ago. It opened with a soft click and a white mist leaked out. Taking a step forward, Lelouch prepared to step into the capsule until he was stopped by a voice he thought he would never hear again.


Lelouch turned in surprise as Nunnally was wheeled in by Sayoko. Nunnally gave a soft gasp as she saw the body of C.C. in his arms, the body of the girl who had been like a sister to her.

"C.C.-san" she whispered, tears forming at the corners of her eyes. "Oni-sama! Please don't go. You're the only person I have left! You're always so unfair, deciding things on your own. Please listen to me Onee-sama!"

Lelouch looked sadly at his beloved sister. "Nunnally…That's good enough for me…" Turning his back on his sister, he stepped to the capsule. "DO IT, SUZAKU!" He yelled, unwilling to look back. Suzaku closed his eyes and whispered a goodbye to his one true friend. He reached out and pressed a switch on the control panel next to him, and the capsule began to close.

Nunnally reached out, crying. "Oni-sama! Oni-sama!"

Lelouch closed his eyes, trying to block out the sounds that were ravaging his already broken heart. "Goodbye, Nunnally…" He said softly. There was a hiss as the capsule closed, and Lelouch was plunged into total darkness. He hugged C.C. closer to him as he began drifting into an endless sleep.


My Rebellion is over…


Once proof of my death circulates, The Zero Requiem Will Be Complete

The Code and I are useless…

Unless peace in the world is broken…

There was a soft click as the capsule opened. Lelouch was woken abruptly from his deep sleep. Opening his eyes he saw a young woman with long brown hair dressed in a strange outfit. Her beautiful blue eyes gazed in shock at the man inside the capsule. Nunnally?!" Shaking his head, Lelouch looked at the object still in his arms. The memories rushed back as he looked at his fallen love. Putting her down softly, he raised his hand to his eyes, covering them. "Are you the one who woke me?" He asked, voice weak and scratchy from its period of rest.

The girl nodded, still shocked by the objects in the capsule.

Lelouch looked up to her, his violet eyes regaining their intelligent shine. "Let me hear your name." He asked, his voice returning to its natural deep confident tone.

The girl stood up straight and spoke proudly, regaining her composure. "My name is Lilia Vi Britannia, 115th Emperor and 4th Empress of the New Britannia Empire." Lelouch's eyes opened wide in shock. "When peace in the world is broken, open the capsule." Lilia continued. "That is the message that has been passed down for generations among our family."

Lelouch stepped out, body numb with shock as this information registered itself. Looking in the capsule, Lilia saw the body of C.C.. "Who is that?" She asked cautiously.

Turning to look, Lelouch smiled sadly. "That's my fallen angel. The one and only person who I will ever love." He turned around fully and rested his hand upon the lid. "I'll be back C.C…Don't worry, I won't leave you alone anymore." He whispered, pushing down. The capsule closed with a hiss, and a glimpse of green was the last he saw of her.

"What is the date?" Lelouch asked, wanting to know when he woke up.

"It is the year 2300." She said, waiting for a reaction.

Lelouch's legs began to shake as the words sunk in. He regained his composure with difficulty, his breathing a tad erratic. His brain rolled the new piece of information around, deviating hundreds of questions and assumptions from the simple fact.

Lilia broke the silence, asking curiously. "What is your name?"

"My name is Lel-" He stopped, realization dawning upon him as he thought of C.C.. "My name is R.R." Turning he looked at the Lilia, a smile began to form on his face. The code on his forehead began to glow red as his face was bathed in a soft red light. His violet eyes were bathed in a blood red light as the spark of intelligence and superiority that had cause his enemies to fear him and his friends returned to his eyes. Spreading his arms, he smiled in anticipation. "Now empress, let me hear your wish."


Peace has been disrupted


The new rebellion has begun.

Finish! I hope you enjoyed it, I left quite a large cliffhanger for my next story. Which brings me to my next point. I will be doing two things for the next month or two that will keep me away from writing stories. I will be working on the sequel to this, think of it as a prologue. I plan on making it an actual story, one that will cover many chapters and will be an adventure (Something that is relatively new to me.) So yeah, I need to flesh out the story and get some shit down. It's in the future, so don't expect characters like Kallen, Jeremiah, etc...However, you will meet a few descendants of our favorite characters! Also! Second reason, I need to take it a bit easy on Code Geass. I rewatched both CG seasons and it reminded me, once again, why I fell in love and love CG. Lelouch and C.C.. I wrote my first fanfic on them, before I had even started watching the anime itself! So I will try to take a step back from CG. But of course I know I will never be able to forget those two... So anyways I'm done rambling.

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