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Chapter 1-

The rain fell down onto the hard pavement of the road, millions of billions of thousands of tiny crystal droplets splashing into the sleek hardened black river. Hot, white lightning flashed and streaked across the clouded night sky. The brief glowing light showed a thin, pale, ghost-like figure, standing alone in the wild grass by the side of the road, for a second before the faint scene was once more plunged into darkness.

The figure was a young boy, looking to be only a little older than maybe sixteen years of age. His face was tilted towards the sky, exposing a thin, delicate, white neck. Messy dark purple hair, streaked throughout with tarnished silver, clung wetly to the small teen's porcelain face and his arms were spread out widely by his sides, as though he was giving himself to the sky. A baggy black sweatshirt hung from his thin frame, soaking wet and no longer preventing any chill from creeping in.

He stood there like that for an immeasurable amount of time, just letting the fierce storm batter his body, unaware of all the things happening around him. Unaware of events that would soon change his life forever. The boy only let himself be aware of the screaming wind, the rustling of the trees, the pitter patter of rain against surface.

Dimly, he was slightly, barely, aware that someone was calling his name.

There was the feel of something shaking and the teen snapped back into himself when he realized it was him and that it was a pair of familiar, delicate hands that were gripping his shoulders and jerking him back and forth.

"Kiri! Kiri! Kiri, look at me! Please! Kiri!" a distressed voice called desperately. Recognizing it as Hermione's, Kiri opened his eyes. Deep and soulful midnight purple met warm and concerned brown and then he was being choked in a tight, suffocating hug from his friend, whose stature was shorter than his own height of 5"10 by an inch.

"Mione'!" No response. He tried again, this time with a little more force. "Mione'!" Still no response from her. "Hermione!" The young brunette released her hold slightly at his loud shout and stepped back, smiling sheepishly.

"Did I hug you too tight again?"

Kiri gave her a ghost of a smile. "Yeah. But I guess you can't help it." he answered.

Hermione laughed and took him by the hand, leading the barely younger boy towards the car her parents had just recently taught her to drive. "No, I really couldn't. But we'll talk about that later at home. Mum won't mind if you stay the night again, it's not like you stay at the dojo that often anyways. She was actually a bit worried."

"Sorry. I went for a walk a few hours ago," Kiri began to explain, sliding into the passenger seat of the black camri, "and I suppose I lost track of time. Then, when the rain started I felt so nice and helped me think. So I stayed out."

Upon hearing this Hermione shot a worried glance at Kiri and started the car, pushing her dampened hair away from her eyes. "Kiri...."

"Yes?" came the softly spoken response.

"You weren't gone for just a few hours," the curly haired brunette told him. She paused for a moment, ignoring the questioning and confused look the one seated beside her had, and took a deep breathe before continuing on.

"You've been gone all day. When the storm started almost six hours ago I got worried. Mum and Dad did too. We all know about your penchant for taking walks in any type of weather," here Hermione gave Kiri a pointed look, "when you aren't with us, that's been happening lately. Eventually we got tired of waiting for you to come around. So we started searching around, asking people who were crazy enough to be out in this rain if they had seen a small teenage boy about sixteen years old-"

"I'm sixteen and seven months!" Kiri protested, still a bit sore about being younger than the seventeen year old witch, not to mention how he was almost as small.

"Anyway, some thought they might have seen you till' we mentioned your hair. Apparently all they could see was a large black hood. I knew it was you right away because every time you go out you insist on wearing the ratty old thing." Kiri glared at his friend for the jab towards his sweatshirt and huddled more deeply inside it.

"So, I went in the direction they said you had gone in, and Mum and Dad went home to shower and get something warm for you when we finally got there. But I couldn't find you! As a result I kept on driving, but I never expected you to be in the middle of nowhere and outside the city limits! Kiri, do you even realize how much danger you could have been in?!" Hermione scolded, turning to glare at the upset boy.

"Mione' I didn't even realize I had walked so far. I don't remember being out for so long either." Kiri told her in a quiet voice, worried and disconcerted by this revelation. How could he have lost so much time again?! And to have gone so far in this weather, to have stayed out for so long, even for him it was unusual!

Hermione felt her eyes widen and her glare softened sympathetically. She reached over and pulled the cold, trembling Kiri into a brief hug. "Was it the pull again, do you think? It's been getting worse ever since you turned sixteen in December. You haven't been the same since then, always walking in the same direction and I catch you staring off into nothing. I know that I haven't been around a lot because of and since Hogwarts but Mum's been noticing it too, and even Dad, oblivious as he is, has cottoned on." Kiri nodded his head and Hermione felt the motion against her collarbone, where the teen's head was buried.

"I think so." The answer was a bit muffled so Kiri pulled out of the embrace. "It felt like the pull does, now that I think about it, but....." Here Kiri paused, biting his lower lip in indecision. 'Should I tell her how much stronger this feels? I don't want to worry her anymore than she already does. And...these last few years she's seemed so tired.'

"But what? Kiri?" Said person was broken out of his thoughts and he politely asked the girl beside him to repeat her question. Hermione sighed softly, sadly. "See this is what I was talking about. You just...fade away. I asked you, but what? You never finished what you were going to say."

Kiri thought, hard, for a few precious seconds before answering his friend. "I'll tell you when we get back home. Here, in a car, isn't the appropriate place for this conversation."

Hermione scrutinized Kiri, her deep brown eyes sharp and alert for any hint of avoidance or deception. Maybe he was just saying that to get out of having to answer her. She could tell from the tone Kiri spoke in that whatever it was was important, but also that he was reluctant to say anything about it to her. However, when she didn't find anything resembling trickery she knew that he would keep his promise to tell her later. Satisfied with this for now, Hermione put the vehicle into drive and started speeding away, back to her home where four mugs of piping hot tea sat waiting.

Order of the Phoenix Headquarters

"Albus surely you don't believe that Harry is better off staying with those terrible muggles?!" Sirius Black protested in horror, looking slightly ill. "Every time we see him all the poor kid is is skin and bones! I don't believe for a minute that they're feeding him properly and Molly and Remus told me what they did in his second year! Starving my godson! Locking him in his damn room, if you can even call it that, putting bars on the fucking window!"

"Sirius, it would be best if you would calm down so that we may speak rationally and maturely about this matter. I realize that Harry isn't in the best of hands with the Dursleys, but I would never allow Harry to stay with them I thought he could be in any type of danger." Dumbledore attempted to pacify the fiercely angered ex-convict but he didn't have any success in his endeavor. How surprising.

"Well you may not have considered this Albus Dumbledore but Death Eaters and Voldemort aren't the only things that can harm my godson and spells aren't either! There's more ways to abuse someone, not just physically, and the way the Dursleys treat Harry, from what I've seen and heard of them, is appalling!"

"Harry's just a child! Mature as fucking hell and stronger than probably even some of the most hardcore Aurors, but still just a kid. For Merlin's sake, Harry hasn't even finished school yet! I'm telling you Albus, he may be turning seventeen in a few days but that doesn't mean you can treat him as though he's a weapon to be used and then discarded! He is not and he never will be!" Sirius spat furiously before turning on his heel and storming away.

Dumbledore immediately started to curse the werewolf and Weasley matriarch inwardly once the man was gone, though on the outside he appeared only a little miffed. This could completely desecrate his entire plan! Sirius wasn't even supposed to be free, he was supposed to stay in Azkaban! When the news of a breakout had found its way to his ears he had thought it would be a golden opportunity to bind Harry all the tighter to him.

After all, the boy would be devastated when he found out about his parents betrayal. But the damned Black heir had proven himself innocent! To Harry and the entire Wizarding World as well!

Harry had been ecstatic at the offer Sirius had made, for the boy to live with him. 'Thankfully,' Dumbledore thought with smug satisfaction, 'I put a stop to that nonsense. All it took was a few well-placed words about the blood wards. Of course, Sirius put up a good fight but in the end he conceded. He'd do whatever it took to keep his precious godson safe.'

However, ever since the end of Harry's third year, after the dog animagus had become free, Sirius had slowly gotten closer to they boy. There had still been plenty of distance between them though, until fifth year when Sirius had almost died during the Ministry of Magic fiasco. The whelp had started to distance himself, instead, from him, Albus Dumbledore!, and had grown determinedly closer to his godfather over the past two years, till' they'd come to regard each other as father and son.

And now Harry was in his seventh and final year of Hogwarts. This was his last chance to get the 'Golden Boy' to submit to his command. The elderly wizard knew that if he didn't succeed he would never get another opportunity. He would need to do whatever it took to bend Harry to his will this year. If he failed...he would never obtain one of the things he most desired, Harry's-


The sharp cry of his name, more like a one-word reprimand than anything else, drew the old man's attention towards and irate werewolf, standing in the kitchen doorway.

"Remus." Dumbledore greeted evenly.

"Albus what did you say to Sirius?! He's bloody furious and smashing any and everything he can get his hands on right now! All he would tell me when I asked him what was wrong was that if I bloody well wanted to know than I should go ask you!" Remus snapped in annoyance.

He was always in a foul mood these days, ever since Tonks had broken up with him a few weeks after sixth year had ended, saying that even though she had thought she could handle it, it was to hard for her to be with the lycanthrope. It had broken his heart, though he was much better than he had been at first.

"I said nothing Remus. I merely informed Sirius that young Harry would not be able to come and stay with him for the rest of the summer and that the boy's remaining time would be spent with the Dursleys." Albus replied, hoping he wouldn't have to deal with another pissed off guardian. Lupin had also managed to find a way to integrate himself into Harry's life, becoming much like an dearly beloved uncle; even, perhaps, another surrogate father.

The lycanthrope stared at Dumbledore in shock. And stared. And stared. And stared. And when he was done staring at the batty old man he immediately began to protest the decision. "What?! Why not?!? Harry will be seventeen soon, he won't need to stay at his relatives any longer! There is absolutely no reason for him to be cooped up for his entire summer vacation with them!"

Dumbledore sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Remus I am very well aware that Harry will be of age soon but it is my hope that he will agree to stay with his remaining family until the start of school. I believe that if Harry just tried he would be able to make amends with them before he left. If he does not wish to I will, of course, allow him to come here but I feel confident that the boy will be very receptive to my proposal," he finished saying, a hint of smugness in his tone.

"And if he refuses to stay any longer than he has to? Will you try to convince him to stay or will you allow the decision to go uncontested, whatever the answer may be?!" Remus questioned. He knew that Dumbledore could be very manipulative if it meant getting what he wanted.

Remus had known this for years and was always careful about what he revealed to the headmaster, listening to his inner wolf whenever it cautioned him about something in regards to the old man.

"I would, obviously I should think, let Harry make his own decisions. After all, he will be of age. But if he does refuse I would have him stay a few extra days, maybe a week at the most. The blood wards would not dissolve instantly after his birthday and I feel that it would be safer if he stayed until hey really did dissipate." Dumbledore replied to Remus' inquiry with confidence.

"If that was the plan all along then why did you tell Sirius that the child wouldn't be coming to stay with him?! This entire mess could have been avoided!" Remus exploded, fighting the strong urge to bang his head on the wall. 'Honestly what was Albus thinking? The man may have defeated Grindlewald all those years ago but things have changed dramatically! It seems like he really is going batty with old age,' the brunette werewolf thought.

"Good riddance! The sooner the old coot gets out of the way the sooner I can be free to run with the moon the way I'm meant to!"

Remus heard the agitated shout in his head and groaned silently. 'Shut up Ansgar!' There was some muted grumbling but nothing more and Remus preferred it that way, bringing his attention back to the here and now.

"I told Sirius that," Albus was saying, "because if young Harry does choose to not reconnect with his relations I assumed the boy would want to spend some time at the Burrow with the Weasleys; so I arranged for him to stay there for the remainder of summer holiday." Dumbledore adjusted the half moon glasses on his crooked.

"Understandable as it is that Mr. Black wants to be as close as possible to his godson and would like to have as much time as possible with the boy, especially since that fiasco at the Ministry," 'Where the mutt should have died!' "he has been manipulating all of young Harry's available free time. Harry needs to be around children that are his own age and not spend so much time with Sirius." 'He needs to stop listening to everything the blasted dog is telling him and start listening to me again!' "I believe that Sirius should not pressure the boy so much to spend his days with him. It is unfair to Harry and the others who would like to have a chance to be around him."

The lycanthrope was in shock...again. He had known that Dumbledore did not entirely approve of Harry and Sirius' father/son relationship- Molly didn't really either but refrained from saying anything- as it had resulted in some rather interesting changes in the boy once he understood that he could do what he wanted to his body without the man freaking out on him i.e. his multiple piercings and tattoos, but to have come up with such a flimsy, see-through excuse as this just to keep the cub away from Sirius....

Well, that showed more than just a hint of discomfort, it seemed to Remus.

"I can't believe what you're saying Albus! Have you any idea how ridiculous you sound?! Harry has been spending plenty of time with his friends and it isn't as often as you are making it out to be that Harry and Sirius go traipsing off together!"

"Now Remus, you and I both know-" Dumbledore started.

"I know nothing Albus! This is ridiculous and I am going to go firecall the Weasleys right now and tell them that there is a change in your plans and that Harry will be staying with Padfoot as he normally has for the past four years but that if at anytime they wish to visit than they are welcome." And having said his piece Remus stomped from the kitchen to do just that, leaving one Albus Dumbledore standing alone in the room, gaping like a fish.

Hermione Granger's House 11:40 pm.

The drive back home wasn't awkward, as Kiri had expected it to be because of his little mishap. Instead it was filled with mindless and pointless gabbing, both teens trying to catch up as much as they could during the three hour long car drive. Hermione told him all about her exciting year at Hogwarts and how happy she was to be home and Kiri, about how boring it was here without her and how he had been faring since his birthday.

Somewhere around the first hour mark, however, Kiri ended up drifting off the sleep. Hermione, seeing this, reached out and quietly turned off the radio, allowing silence to reign supreme.

From then on, not one more word was spoken. The brunette didn't want to wake Kiri up from the first peaceful sleep he had had in what had to be years, so she allowed her thoughts to run rampant across the planes of her mind. Images of her years at Hogwarts flashed behind her eyelids and she sighed. She really did miss her adopted little brother; even if the adoption wasn't official, when she was at school. But since Kiri wasn't a wizard he couldn't attend with her.

'It's a shame,' Hermione thought wistfully, 'I get the feeling that Kiri and Harry would have gotten along really well.' She smiled mischievously as another thought suddenly hit her. 'Or maybe better than well now that I put some thought into it. After all they're both gay and they're both attractive...things happen....'

Hermione soon abandoned this train of thought and latched onto another one, giving each a brief acknowledgment before casting it easily away. She continued this process for the next two hours until she arrived at her small home, pulling in slowly to the garage.

The door that led into the house banged open loudly the instant the camri turned off and Hermione sprang out of the car silently to shush her father, who was pale with worry and had evidently seen and heard the camri coming.

"Dad shhhh," Hermione commanded, bringing a tan finger to her lips, "Kiri is sleeping restfully, finally. Please don't wake him up. I don't know if he'll fall back into such a good rest."

Jeff's blue eyes widened in shock and pleasure. "Of course not baby. I didn't notice." he said reassuring his child that he would let his tiny son stay in the land of dreams.

The young witch breathed out a sigh of relief at this and then strode with a light step over to the passenger's side of the black vehicle. She opened the car door, unbuckled Kiri's seatbelt, then motioned her father over to her side. Jeff understood what his daughter wanted and started to move towards her.

"Dad," came a hushed whisper once the man was close enough that he could hear what was being said without anyone having to yell, "I know that Kiri is only an inch taller than me and," here, the girl paused, casting a critical eye over the frail sleeping body, "you know, he probably weighs less than I do too, but, I'm not that strong and I can't carry him upstairs to his bed."

Jeff, knowing what Hermione was trying to tell him to do, gently scooped Kiri up into his arms and almost dropped him in surprise when they heard some low grumbling. Both father and daughter expelled a breathe of relief when the purple haired boy didn't wake up, merely shifting his position a bit to become more comfortable in Jeff's arms.

Jeff waited a few more moments until he was positive that Kiri was still asleep before he crept into the house and up the stairs, Hermione following him as quietly as she possibly could. Soon the pair had entered a small, comfortable room that had been specially done for Kiri after he had been staying with them for a few months after they'd first found him.

A double bed, covered neatly with a thick black duvet, sat in the far right corner of the space by an average sized window that overlooked the garden in the backyard. The walls were a soft cream color and painted on black dragons were drawn elegantly on the opposite side of the wall next to the bed. A dark cherry wood dresser stood up against the wall on the left side of the stained black door, with a large bookcase next to it.

Carefully, gently, Hermione's father transferred Kiri from his arms to the bed. In a few more minutes the man had stripped the teen down to his boxers and tugged on a pair of soft cotton pajama pants. His job finished, Jeff placed a fatherly kiss on the Kiri's forehead before departing from the room, leaving Hermione alone in the silent space.

The brunette was grateful for the quiet chance to examine her "little brother's" body. Kiri was so...soft...most of the time and he was always wearing such baggy clothing that she often forgot all about the tattoos that covered his body.

Sighing, Hermione ran loving hand over the first one he had ever gotten. It was a bracelet of life like peach colored rose petals placed on his left wrist. When he had first chosen it she had laughed and asked why he wanted something so girly forever engraved on his body. Kiri had never answered and she had been left wondering for a long time. She was still wondering, in fact.

The second tattoo Kiri had gotten had surprised her. Where first he had gotten something so feminine he now had something fiercer: a pair of coiling dragons. The larger, and seemingly more dangerous, of the two had scales of obsidian jet and was wrapped protectively, almost adoringly, around the smaller dragon, one with amythest scales that somehow seemed softer. Though the beasts appeared to be mates, it looked as though the more minute of the pair was struggling to dislodge the other. And even though the dragons seemed mated, and the amythest one softer and smaller, they were both clearly males, obvious by the way they were drawn and the appearance of their faces.

Hermione thought that this depiction had to have hurt rather more than any other he had gotten, except maybe the faint, nonsensical-but beautiful nonetheless-light silver design covering much of his back. 'After all,' she thought with a wince, 'that needle carved an incredibly detailed depiction around his right thigh. It had to hurt!'

And still, there were more designs inked onto the pale ivory body. Starting at his bicep and ending one inch before the petals was a huge, winding, Celtic knot tattoo done in emerald green and the same color black as the scales of the one dragon. On his right mid-upper arm there was a band of glowing white lightning intertwined with crimson red flames.

Covering over much of the design on his back was a depiction of a Japanese style bird in dark, striking, midnight blue that spanned across the width of his shoulders, through the curve between his shoulder blades and down to his mid-back. Certain kanji were interspersed throughout his designs and on his lower back three specific kanji were strategically placed: on the left, a kanji meaning "strength", on the right, one meaning "fragility", and in the middle there was a kanji meaning "flight."

Hermione ran a featherlight touch over each and every marking Kiri had with infinite care. Sighing, she stood up and pulled the black duvet over the younger boy and up to his chin.

Wanting to stay so badly but knowing that she honestly needed her sleep, Hermione mimicked her father's previous actions and placed a sweet, sisterly kiss on Kiri's forehead before exiting the bedroom and entering her own. She changed swiftly and switched off the light, climbing into the bed and settling deep underneath the pastel blue covers. The last thought she had before falling asleep was 'We'll talk in the morning Kiri.'

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