Chapter 1: Xbox

"No! No! AHHHH!!!! Emmett you killed me again!" I slammed the Xbox controller on the rug. "Jasper," he laughed, "your next!"

"SHHH!!!! You'll wake Renesmee." Rosalie hissed from the couch. Jasper's tongue slowly ran up his lip as he concentrated. He threw his hands up. "Yes! I won! Take that Emmett!" He cheered. Alice came in the room. "What are you doing now?" She put her hands on her hips.

"I finally beat Emmett at Xbox." She nodded. "Can I try?" Jasper, Emmett and I stared. Even I pretty good at it. But Alice? Small pixie, shopping loving, Alice? Emmett handed her the other controller still staring. "Uh...sure."

Alice made her character and we started a new game. "How do I jump?" She asked. Jasper leaned toward her. "This button." He pressed it and her character jumped. "Thanks." She smiled.

We all beat each other up. Alice killed me, but I let her. I leaned up against the couch. "How's she doing?" I whispered to Rosalie. "Fine." Rosalie held Renesmee a little closer. Rosalie has been a little nicer to me ever since I had her. Oh well better a little nice then not at all.

"What...the...hell?!" Emmett's jaw dropped as well as the controller. Jasper's jaw dropped slowly after. Alice looked surprised. "What? Did I win?" They nodded. Alice won Xbox?! Like no one beats Jasper or Emmett at Xbox. "Cool. Can we play again?" Emmett got up. "No way, you beat me. Now it's not fun."

Alice pouted. "I'll play." She smiled. "Thanks Jazz."

I heard soft music coming from the other room. I stood up and walked over to Edward and sat on the bench with him. "Alice won, didn't she." He asked looking at me. Even though I was a vampire too I still went a little numb when I looked in his eyes.

"Yeah, Emmett's pretty upset." Edward laughed quietly. "He thought he'd never play Xbox again." I laughed at that. Emmett loved his Xbox.

It was about 6:30 in the morning when Emmett ran in the room. "Eddie, Bella come check this out!" He ran into the other rooms to get Alice, Rosalie, Jasper, Renesmee, Carlisle, and Esme. He gathered us all by the door. "Ready!" We all nodded. He swung the door open, and looked like a five year old at Christmas. It was snowing, the first all year.

"Wow." Jasper, followed by everyone else glided on the porch. Renesmee opened her eyes a little and I took her out of Rosalie's arms. Edward pointed. "Look Renesmee. It's snowing."