Chapter 6: Snow...again

"I think it's time to go inside." Esme led everyone in the house. Emmett challenged Jasper, Quil, and Paul to Xbox. Quil and Jasper broke the controllers and Emmett opened a closet and Xbox controllers flooded out.

Everyone laughed and I helped him shove them back in. "Renesmee, would you like some hot chocolate?" She looked up from Rosalie's lap. "What's that?"

Jared and Seth jumped up. "Oh Nessie you don't know what hot chocolate is?"

"No." They smiled. "You haven't lived then!" The ran in the kitchen to help Esme. "You guys want some too?" Esme yelled and all the wolfs replied back. "NO!" Alice, Edward, and I spun around to face Emmett. He was looking down. "This can't be happening to me. First Alice and now Quil? It can't be happening." He got up and went upstairs.

Leah went home when we came inside. I'm not sure why. Esme came in with a tray and Jared and Seth carrying more. Seth gave Jacob and Paul there's. Jared gave Quil's his and handed Seth's his. He grabbed his own and handed Nessie hers.

"Here." She took a sip and smiled. "It's good!" She cheered. Esme gave Embry his. They smiled and drank there's in one gulp. Esme gathered the cup and washed them.

The Pack left about 6:00. Renesmee fell asleep, Edward on the piano, Alice looking online, Rosalie on the couch with Nessie. Carlisle upstairs, Esme in the dining room and Jasper, Emmett, and me on the Xbox.

And we couldn't wait for tomorrow. It was going to snow again.