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Margaret's First Word

Tracy sat by the window again as the plane wended its way to Baltimore. They were set to arrive in Maryland that night at seven. The flight was on time and upon departing the plane Link found a payphone and called his parents.

"The kids just landed," Heather said after getting off the phone with Link.

Robby looked up at her. "Can I go with you to pick them up?"

"Absolutely sweetie," Heather said picking him up and kissing his forehead.

Edna came over to watch Margaret since there wasn't going to be enough room for all of them in the car. Eric, Heather and Robby headed to the airport. They parked in the lot closest to the entrance and walked inside to find the right terminal where Tracy and Link were awaiting them. When Robby saw them his eyes lit up and he began running to them.

"MAMA DADA!" he exclaimed as Tracy swept him into her arms.

Tracy laughed as she kissed his cheek. "Hey sweetie! Boy we missed you!"

Robby hugged her. "I missed you too."

"Robster!" Link said.

Robby held his hands out to Link and Tracy handed him over.

"Missed you dada!" Robby said hugging his father.

"Missed you too!"

Heather and Eric had walked up to them. Heather pulled both Tracy and Link into a hug.

"How was Vegas?" she asked.

"Incredible!" Tracy answered.

Heather smiled. "How about we go home and you can tell us all about it?"

"Sounds great mom. Let me just get our luggage first," Link told her.

They walked to the baggage claim and Link let Robby to the ground so he could grab the bags. Eric took a couple bags and Link took Tracy's suitcase and another bag.

Heather smiled at him. "You're so sweet to carry Tracy's suitcase to the car."

Link grinned. "I know." Eric and Link loaded the suitcases into the car and everyone got in. Tracy and Link sat in the back with Robby nestled between them in the car seat while Heather was up front with Eric at the wheel. They soon arrived at Tracy and Lin's house where Edna, Margaret and Wilbur were waiting them. Robby went through the door first followed by Tracy and Link. When Jim saw them he came bounding in the room and jumped on them nearly knocking them both down including the suitcases Link was holding. He licked Tracy's hand and then Link's as they patted his head.

"Hey boy we missed you too," Tracy told him.

Upon hearing Tracy's voice Margaret started fussing. She was in the living room with Wilbur and Edna. Tracy went over and picked her up.

"Hey Margaret how are you sweetie?"

Margaret calmed under Tracy's voice and just looked at her happily. She then started searching around the room.

"Linky I think she's looking for you."

Link immediately came up besides Tracy as she handed their daughter to him. She looked up into his mirror image eyes and grabbed his nose.

"She missed you guys," Edna said as she hugged Tracy then Link.

"We missed her too," Link replied.

"Where are Robby, Heather and Eric?" Tracy asked.

"Right here," Eric answered as they came in the room with the rest of the suitcases.

Tracy smiled. "Time for presents."

Robby's eyes lit up at that word. Tracy went to one of the suitcases and handed him a box, Edna and Wilbur each a box as well as Eric and Heather. She also grabbed a bag and walked back over to Link and Margaret. Jim ran into the room and sat besides Tracy.

Robby opened his first to find a toy airplane. "Oh boy!" he exclaimed before flying it around the room.

Edna opened hers next to find a bracelet with a light brown stone charm on it. "Thank you hun."

"You're welcome ma."

Wilbur was next. He found a colorful shirt like the ones he wore to the joke shop. "Thanks Tracy."

"You're welcome."

Eric and Heather went next. Eric found an Ann Margaret album and Heather had a bracelet similar to Edna's. They thanked Tracy and Link.

Next Tracy put a small package in front of Jim. He ripped it open to find a bone. He wagged his tail happily as he started chewing on it. Tracy took out the treats that she had bought him for later.

"Now its Margaret's turn," Link said.

Tracy nodded as she took out a stuffed dog and showed it to her. Margaret made a joyous noise and reached for it.

"Guess she likes it," Wilbur said.

Tracy and Link's parents left a short time later after having a small dinner with them. Tracy told them about the casino, hotel, and balloon ride. Link talked about the Grand Canyon and the magic show. They left out the part about Kitty. Tracy and Link thanked them for watching the kids. Not long after Tracy and Link put the kids to sleep before heading to their own room.

"Oh I missed this bed," Link said as he hugged his pillow.

Tracy chuckled as she lay next to him.

The next day Seaweed, Penny, Amber and Corny came to see them.

"How was it?" Penny asked as she hugged them.

"Amazing Pen," Tracy said smiling.

"Are you glad to be back?" Amber asked after she hugged them.

"Yes, we missed the kids and all of you guys," Link answered.

Corny hugged Tracy and patted Link's shoulder. "Glad to have you two back."

"Thanks Corny," Tracy said.

Link grabbed the gifts for them. Penny and Amber found necklaces with a light brown stone pendant.

"Look it's an amber thank you," Penny said.

Amber smiled. "Thank you for the necklace."

"You're welcome," Tracy said.

Seaweed and Corny found Dean Martin records that they had found in a small music store. Link was pretty sure that neither of them had it.

"I thought that this was one record you didn't have," he told them.

"I don't thanks guys," Corny said.

"Me neither, thanks," Seaweed added.

"You're welcome," Link and Tracy both said.

They regaled their friends with tales from their honeymoon including Link's encounter with Kitty.

"I didn't realize until she left that she was a hooker," Link said as Penny and Amber giggled.

"That's one for the books man," Seaweed told him.

"What did you say Tracy when you found out?" Corny inquired.

Tracy smiled. "I wasn't surprised that another woman found Link attractive but I was glad that he had refused her."

Link frowned slightly. "You know I'll always refuse any woman that isn't you Trace."

She nodded as she leaned in and captured his lips. "I know."

The other council members arrive a couple hours later to see Link and Tracy. Link and Tracy gave each of the council guys' records and the girls received charms similar the necklaces and bracelets Tracy bought. Maybelle and Inez came soon after. Tracy handed them each a box. Maybelle found a bracelet like Edna and Heather's while Inez found a necklace like Penny and Amber's.

"The stone is beautiful thank you honey," Maybelle told her.

"It reminds me of the desert that surrounded Vegas," Tracy said.

Inez put hers on. "Thanks Tracy."

"You're welcome."

"So how was your trip?" Noreen asked.

"Get out of the room much?" Brad teased.

"Brad!" Doreen exclaimed.

"We did some site seeing and gambling along with shopping," Link told them.

"Linky took me on a romantic balloon ride at sunset," Tracy added.

All of the girls smiled and "awed."

"He even brought champagne," Tracy said.

"Sounds wonderful," Darla told her.

"Are the kids happy to have you back?" IQ asked.

Link nodded. "Yes. Robby came with my parents to the airport."

Tracy smiled. "And Margaret started fussing as soon as she heard our voices."

"That was after Jim almost knocked us to the ground," Link added.

Jim was lying by Robby who was playing with his new airplane. He had greeted everyone with a wagging tail and licks as they entered the house. They spent the rest of the evening talking to their friends about the trip.

Five days later the weather was warm enough for Tracy and Robby to spend time outside for their mommy and me day. They were going to the zoo.

"No lions," Robby said as Tracy drove there. Link was taking care of Margaret again.

Remembering the circus Tracy nodded. "We can miss the lions."

Tracy parked and unhooked Robby from his car seat as they walked to the gate. They went inside. They immediately heard monkeys. Next were elephants. The lions were next. Tracy put a hand over Robby's eyes so he couldn't see them as she held him. She quickly walked by their cage and found a petting zoo area. She placed Robby on the ground and he walked over to a goat.

"Want to feed him Robby?"

"Can I?"

"Sure," Tracy said. She found where they sold food for the animals and bought some.

"Put your hand out," she told him. He did so and she put some food in it. The goat sniffed his hand and Robby laughed as he began to eat.

"That tickles," Robby said through laughs.

They found chicks next. Robby was able to hold one.

"She's so soft isn't she," Tracy said.

He nodded. "She pretty, but you are way prettier mama."

Tracy smiled. "Thank you sweetie."

Robby held the chick out to Tracy. "You want to hold her?"

"Sure sweetie," Tracy said. She gently took the chick.

Next they found lambs. Robby laughed as two of the lambs went "baa" at him. By the end of the afternoon they had seen giraffes, zebras, along with alligators.

May soon came. Margaret was getting bigger everyday. One day Penny was watching her and Robby while Tracy and Link went on a date. Margaret was lying on the blanket next to her brother while he played with a set of blocks. She was watching him play with great interest. One of the blocks fell and she tried to grab for it but couldn't reach it. So she shimmied a little but still couldn't reach it. She moved her legs and arms going towards it.

"Auntie Penny Margaret is moving," Robby said.

Penny looked over and smiled. "She's crawling Robby."

"She just moved a little though," Robby said.

Penny walked over so she was a few feet away from Margaret. "Margaret, sweetie, come to me."

Margaret looked over at Penny and smiled. She started moving her legs and arms trying to get to her. She slowly crept to Penny, who swept her into her arms.

"Great job honey," she told her as she kissed her forehead.

"Hmmph," Robby said.

"Auntie Penny look what I can do," Robby said rubbing his stomach and patting his head at the same time.

Penny watched him. "That's great Robby. When did you learn that?"

"Yesterday. Uncle Seaweed taught me."

Penny smiled. Tracy and Link came in at that moment.

"Hi Penny," Tracy said hugging her.

"Hi," Link added.

Penny smiled. "Hi, guess what Margaret just did."

"What?" Tracy and Link asked in unison.

"She crawled!"

"Really!?" Tracy exclaimed.

Penny nodded.

"Can she show us?" Link inquired.

Penny put Margaret down on the blanket. "Call to her."

"Link why don't you do it." Tracy said.

"Alright." He kneeled a few feet away from her.

"Margaret come to daddy," he said.

She smiled at him and blinked her baby blues at him. She then started towards him. He swept her into his arms when she reached him.

"That's my girl!" he beamed.

Four months passed and Robby and Margaret both got bigger. Robby was in his terrible two phase where he said "no" to everything Tracy and Link told him to do.

"I'll be glad when he grows out of this phase," Tracy said to Amber one day after she had asked him to pick up his toys receiving a "no".

"Robby please pick up your toys," Tracy told him.

He looked straight at her. "No."

"If you say no again you'll get time out."


"Alright then time out it is."

Amber gave her a sympathetic look. "Is he always like that?"

Tracy nodded. "Pretty much."

"On the other hand Margaret should be talking soon," she added.

"One can only wonder what her first word will be," Amber said.

Tracy shrugged. "I just hope its something normal like 'mama' or 'dada'."

Link came in shortly after Amber had left. He had to work late. Margaret was in the play pen while Robby sat in the corner in a time out for not picking up his toys.

"I see that Robby wasn't cooperating again today," Link said as he saw their son in time out.

"No, he wasn't," Tracy said looking at him.

Tracy heard Margaret moving and went to the living room. She picked her up.

"LLL…Linky," she said.

Tracy looked at her. "Did you say something Margaret?"

"Linky," she said again.

Link entered the room and smiled at them. "Did you call me cutie?"

Tracy shook her head. "No Margaret did."

"You and I both know that she doesn't talk," he told her.

Margaret looked at him and smiled. "Linky."

Tracy looked from her to him. "Now do you believe me?"

Link nodded. "Yes."

Later that night, Tracy and Link were asleep in bed. Tracy stirred and woke hearing a noise.

"Linky!" Margaret said from her room.

Tracy shook Link and he moaned.

"Your daughter wants you."

Link's eyes fluttered open. "I went last time."

"I'll do it again when she starts to say 'mama'."

"Oh alright but you owe me," he said.

Tracy raised her eyebrow. "What will it take?"

Link grinned. "A lot of extra affection for your doting husband, and breakfast in bed Saturday morning."

Tracy nodded. "Deal."

He stood and went to look on Margaret. Tracy snuggled into her pillow smiling as she heard Link sing "It Takes Two" down the hall. Moments later she was fast asleep with Jim lying at her feet. The next day Heather came over for a visit. Jim greeted her with a wagging tail.

"Hi Heather," Tracy said as she hugged her.

"Hi Tracy, how are you dear?"

"Fine, and you?"

"I'm good. Where's that son of mine?"

"Upstairs with Margaret and Robby."

"Grandma!" Robby exclaimed as he came down the stairs and straight into Heather's arms.

Heather smiled. "My you're really getting big aren't you?"

Robby smiled and nodded.

"And he's getting into all kinds of trouble like not picking his toys up," Link said coming into the room holding Margaret.

Robby shook his head. "No dada I'm good."

Link smirked as he walked over to his mom. "Hi mom."

She hugged him. "Hi dear, how are you?"


"And how's Margaret?"

"She said her first word yesterday," he told her.

Heather smiled. "Great! What was it?"

"Trust me you'll hear it soon," he said.

He put Margaret down in the playpen.

"Linky," she called.

"Well, I guess she's heard Tracy use it a lot," Heather said thoughtfully.

She looked up at him. "Want me to work on teaching her a new word?"

Link nodded. "Please."

She looked back at Margaret. "Margaret can you say dada or mama?"

"Linky," she said.

Heather shook her head. "I think it might take a few days."

For the next few days Heather tried to teach Margaret a new word. Link walked into the nursery one afternoon. Heather was sitting in the rocking chair while Margaret sat on the floor. Jim was watching her and she threw his favorite chew toy across the room. He ran to the other side of the room and grabbed it with his teeth before returning to Margaret who clapped and smiled. He dropped it in her lap and watched her hoping that she'd throw it again. She did. Jim saw Link and walked over to him and dropped the toy at his feet. Margaret looked at where Jim went and saw Link.

Margaret's eyes shined and she smiled. "Dada."

Link smiled. "Thanks for teaching her a new word."

"You're welcome but she still prefers 'Linky' though."

"Hopefully she'll grow out of that," Link said gazing lovingly at her.

"I think it's cute," Tracy said coming in the room and standing next to him.

He shook his head. "But that's your nickname for me. I'm her father and 'dada' is more appropriate."

"Robby's quiet, I would think he'd be vying for attention," Heather said looking around.

"He's taking a nap at the moment," Tracy replied.

"The only time he's not getting into trouble," Link added.

Heather nodded. "He'll get better."

After Heather had left that evening Link turned to Tracy.

"You know Trace tomorrow is Saturday."

"It is isn't it?" she said.

"And we have a deal," he reminded her.

She smiled. "Yes we do."

The next morning Tracy cooked Link's favorite breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and sausages for him.

"Thanks this is my kind of deal," he said as she set the tray down.

"You're welcome," she said smiling before kissing him. He quickly returned the kiss before eating some pancakes.

Tracy took her own bite. As she was chewing she was reminded of how lucky she was. When Link broke up with her it seemed like her whole world came crashing down. Then she found she was pregnant with Robby and facing single motherhood. But Link had returned, begging for forgiveness and she had given it to him. Now they were happily married with Robby and Margaret. Link saw her thoughtful look.

"What are you thinking about Trace?"

"I'm thinking about how everything has worked out."


"And how I was on my own for awhile until you came back."

"Tracy you'll never be on your own again," he said.

She leaned in and captured his lips in a sweet kiss. "I know."

The End *sniffs*