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Another boring date, I'm sitting here waiting for the night to end. Like most of my dates they seem to ramble on and on and on about things that completely disgust me or I'm totally not interested in.

This is the time in the date, where I seem to tune him out, not on purpose just a habit. Like right now I'm with Tyler Crowley and I'm falling asleep in front of him, how lame am I, I can't even stay awake. Like, where are all the guys that like to listen to the girl speak every once in awhile, like I don't like to talk but, I would like to be able to say something every once in awhile.

Don't get me wrong Tyler's not a bad guy, just not MY guy, if you know what I mean, he's cool and we've been friends for a while, we even live to apartments down from each other, and guess what, the only reason I'm on this date is because he does live close to me and he kept bugging me until I said yes. So what did I do I said YES and now I have wasted the last half an hour of my life with him. It's true though he's not the worst I've had just boring that's all.

Tyler's voice brought me back to reality.

"Bella, are you ok? You seem to be tuning out" Only if he knew I was doing that out of habit.

"Yea, I'm totally cool, just you know" I didn't know what to say because I was tuning him out.

Right then as if they knew I needed to escape my phone rang. The caller id said it was Alice but no doubt that Rosalie would be there to.

"Hey Alice, is everything ok, you seem kind of worried?" I just need to escape.

"Did I call at the right time? What are you going to use this time to escape" She asked.

"Are you serious, at the hospital you say, oh my god I will be right there" I acted totally upset.

"Yep at the hospital, jeez Bells we need to go see real guys" she sounded bored.

"Yea I totally agree I will be right there" I cried and hung up.

"I'm sorry Tyler, but I have to go, Mum she is at hospital and I need to get there straight away" I sounded worried, yes how I was meant to sound.

"Oh that's fine, do you know why she's at the hospital? Here I will give you a lift" He said while standing up.

"No, I don't know why she's there and no it's ok the hospital is just down the road I can walk".

With that I turned and kissed his cheek and ran out the door. Freedom at last, I love the fresh air I'm feeling right now, I'm glad I got away. Did I just kiss his cheek, Oh My God spit right now! I steered myself towards the grass and spat as much as I could to get the taste of Tyler's cheek from my mouth and lips. Ewwww.

I trudged down the path to my apartment and took the elevator to the third floor. Once I got the floor I took the second door on the right, which is where Alice, Rosalie and I live. We have known each other since junior High and lived with each other for just over a year now. We can't see our lives without one another.

As I opened the door I put down my keys in the bowl we had as we walked through the door. I put my jacket in the closet and headed for the tiny living room.

There in the living room sat my two so called sisters, who were waiting for me with excitement plastered on the faces.

"Hey guys, what's the vibe I'm feeling" I asked them.

"You know how we recently have been going out with the most boring guys ever?" Alice asked while Rosalie and I nodded our heads.

Rosalie continued. "Well Alice and I thought that all 3 of us could go on a road trip for awhile, you know to get away and have a break" She said while looking excited.

"A road trip, what will that solve?" I asked, how the hell did they come up with this?

"Well we will get a break and I have a feeling if we go on this trip, something good will come our way" Alice said while showing a smug grin.

"Okay a road trip it is then" Not wanting to disappoint my girls. "We will head out tomorrow, let's pack".

We started to pack, but realized we didn't discuss how long we were going for. We ended up deciding for at least 2 weeks tops. That should be a long enough break shouldn't it? If we want to stay longer we can.

After our packing, I ended up with 1 suitcase and 1 backpack, Rosalie 1 suitcase and a basket of clothes and a backpack of hair accessories and make-up and Alice, 2 suitcases and a backpack.

Wow, I feel like we're going for months instead of weeks. Right when we were loading everything into the car, I got a funny feeling that this trip was going to be worth it. When I got this feeling I looked up to my girls and we smiled at one another.

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