Author's Note –

Okay I really am so sorry for anyone that loved this story and wanted to see an update. I just lost all motivation to write. I even stopped reading! Recently I have found myself reading again, a lot! I've missed it and now I am motivated to write again. I'll see how I go.. I don't exactly remember where I was going to be taking this story.
Will update this and see the response I get, otherwise I just might end up removing it altogether.


Chapter Before –

"Bella" I heard him murmer.

"Yeah?" I asked.

He looked deeply into my eyes, "Stay with me tonight?" he pleaded, his green eyes melting my heart, who could resist that? Definitely not me.

All I knew was.

My date with Edward was the best ever; I hope Rose and Alice don't mind that I'm spending the night in Edwards's suite.

"Sure" I answered, taking his hand as he led us back to his room.

Chapter 18 –


I woke to be wrapped in Edwards arms. I didn't want to move, loving the warmth of him pressed against me.


"What's wrong beautiful?" he whispered, tightening his grip around my waist.

"Nothing, handsome" I turned to face him, looking up into his eyes.

"Then why the sigh?" he looked down at me, concern lacing those beautiful green eyes of his.

"I'm just perfectly content laying here with you, wrapped in your arms" I looked down and felt a light blush cross my cheeks, "Makes me kind of sad to think it won't last long because my two best friends will come looking for me".

"I know how you feel love, I'd love to just lay in bed all day with you" he smiled before placing his finger under my chin to lift my head to look straight into his eyes, "I love you Bella Swan" he placed a quick peck on my lips.

"I love you too" I smiled back, snuggling into his chest.

BANG! BANG! I jumped at the sound of something hitting the door.

"OPEN UP OR I'LL BREAK THIS DOOR DOWN" I heard Rosalie's voice.

"I'LL HELP HER" Alice's voice trilled right after.

I sighed lightly, and got out of bed looking at Edward "Told you" I pulled on Edwards shirt and my jeans before opening the door to two very amused faces.

"Lovely to see your still alive" Rosalie smirked "We thought he might have murdered you and we'd find your body scattered all over the park".

"Ha, ha" I laughed dryly, "As you can see with your own two eyes, I am perfectly alright!" I stated as Edward came up behind me wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me tightly against him.

"Well how were we supposed to know that?" Alice glared up at me, her arms resting on her hips, "You didn't even bother to text us!"

"Sorry Al" I pouted, "Forgive me please"

She got a devious look in her eyes "The only way that I'll forgive you is if you –"

"NO!" I stated horrified.

"Oh yes Bella Swan" Rosalie nodded.

"Right, before you cut me off, the only way I will forgive you is if you.." she trailed of dramatically, "COME SHOPPING"

"No, no, no, no" I backed away slowly, taking Edward with me.

"Yes, yes, oh yes Bella Swan" Alice stepped forward every time I had taken a step back.

"Help me Edward" I gave him puppy eyes and pouted.

He smiled softly and gave a soft kiss on my forehead, "Sorry baby, but I do not want to face the wrath of Rose and Alice", he pushed me forward towards the girls, whilst I gave him a horrified look.

"Traitor" I whispered, before Alice pulled me down the hall.

Well there you guy, only a little update. Depending on the response depends on if I continue this or not.

Thanks to my loyal readers.