Chapter Before –

"Right, before you cut me off, the only way I will forgive you is if you.." she trailed of dramatically, "COME SHOPPING"

"No, no, no, no" I backed away slowly, taking Edward with me.

"Yes, yes, oh yes Bella Swan" Alice stepped forward every time I had taken a step back.

"Help me Edward" I gave him puppy eyes and pouted.

He smiled softly and gave a soft kiss on my forehead, "Sorry baby, but I do not want to face the wrath of Rose and Alice", he pushed me forward towards the girls, whilst I gave him a horrified look.

"Traitor" I whispered, before Alice pulled me down the hall.

Chapter 19 –


Alice and Rose had me in the car quickly and sped off.

"Why must we be shopping today?" I sighed, "Or even better, couldn't you of waited until later so I could spend the rest of the morning Edward?"

Rose gave me a quick glance in the rear view mirror and smiled sweetly.

Alice answered, "Because Bella, we have a very tight schedule".

"What do you mean?" I asked, scrunching my face up in confusion.

"You'll see" was all she replied with. I knew that if I kept pressing on what she said that I wouldn't get an answer anyway, Alice and Rose are pretty stubborn like that. Instead I just rolled my eyes and pulled my iPod out and blasted some Skillet until we arrived.

We had been shopping for at least a couple of hours now. Each time Alice or Rose would find something for me to try on they would push me with the item of clothing into the changing rooms and each time they would look me over and shake their heads with disappointment, every time.

"Is there something particular you are trying to find for me?" I've been asking similar questions every time I had tried something on.

"What?" Rose exclaimed at the same time Alice shook her head "No!"

"Riiiight" I dragged, "You two are acting weird"

"Are not" Rose quirked an eyebrow, "We're just being your best friends and trying to find the right clothes for you"

"It's got to be perfect for you" Alice basically squealed.

We had pretty much been to every shop in town and I was exhausted. Alice and Rose seemed to be pretty disappointed or maybe even a little peeved off.

"WAIT!" Alice yelled, "Pull over" she spoke to Rose.

She pulled over.

"That's what we've been searching for" Alice pointed to the window and Rosalie looked out and nodded approvingly.

"Right Bella, go try that on" Rose smiled.

"Okay.." I said as I hopped out of the car with them and headed into the small shop, picking up the dress and heading to the change room, Alice and Rose following behind me closely.

I tried it on and gave myself a once over. 'Not too bad' I thought to myself.

"Bella, can we see?" Rose asked as I stepped out to show them.

"That's it" Alice nodded her head and circled me twice, "This is perfect!"

I turned and looked in the mirror again, looking at the dress. It hugged my chest perfectly all the way down to my waist before it just fell nicely. It hung loosely just above my knees. It was held up by a simple beaded strap that weaved itself around the bust, up around my right shoulder and fell loosely down my back.

"It is pretty" I commented, "But when will I wear it? I murmured to myself.

No one said anything. I lifted my arm to look at the price tag and nearly passed out at the price.

"Too bad, it's too pricey anyway" I turned and walked back into the change room.

As I walked back out Alice stole the dress of me and headed to the counter, she pulled out a card that I knew wasn't hers.

"Alice?" I questioned, look down at the card.

"Oh, it's a new one" She smiled before paying for the dress, "We better get home" She dragged me back out and we were in the car again heading towards the hotel.

Rose and Alice had practically thrown me in a chair and started playing with my hair and putting make up on me.

It was about an hour and they were done. My hair fell in loose waves all the way down my back and I had smokey eyes with a deep red lipstick. I have to admit, the girls had done a good job.

"Here" Rose passed me my new dress, "Put it on"

I did as I was told as Alice forced some shoes at me. They were black with a shiny black bow on the toes. A beaded strap that matched the dress fit snuggly around my ankles.

Alice nodded her head in excitement and smiled widely, "You look incredible and just in time"

"Just in time? For what?" I asked as a knock sounded at the door.

Rose just smiled and went to open the door.

I followed her as she opened the door.

There stood Edward, in a nice tux with Roses in his hands. His mouth slightly open in shock.. I think.

"Bella.." He started, then shook his head, "You look amazingly beautiful"

I blushed, "Thanks, now what's going on?"

He just smiled and took my hand, "It's a surprise" was all he said.

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