Chapter Before -

"I accept" I grinned and threw myself at him, kissing him hungrily. "How could I not accept after that speech?"

He threaded his fingers through my hair, "I love you"

"I love you too, Edward"

Chapter 21 – Start of a Journey

I glanced down at the ring on my finger and smiled softly. I looked down to the bed and noticed my half packed bag, glanced at my ring again and smiled, this is why my bag was not getting packed. Any time I'd see a glisten of the ring shine, I'd look down and smile at it; remembering the night Edward gave it to me. It's been two days since then.

I sighed happily and Rose glanced over giving me a knowing look, Alice just shaking her head.

"Bella really? We have more things to pack then you and we're almost done" Alice exclaimed, "Stop looking at that thing and get a move on!" she pushed me lightly, I just laughed a little.

"Okay, okay" and I tried my hardest to concentrate on packing. It didn't happen. My thoughts kept drifting to the date.

Rose threw her hands up in frustration and stomped over to me, throwing everything in the bag whilst glaring at me, muttering "Stupid, lovey Bella".

"I'm sorry Rosie" I attempted apology she just flipped me the bird and muttered a 'yeah yeah'.

Truthfully I wasn't sorry for being happy, and I knew Rose wasn't actually angry. If anything Alice and Rose were happy with me. They gushed on about how romantic Edward had been, Rose was extremely jealous.

A knock at the door broke me out of my thoughts and I run to the door and opened it quickly, hoping it to be Edward.


It wasn't Edward.

"Aw, don't look so disappointed" Emmett pulled me into a tight hug, "He's right there" he waved his hand behind him and sure enough Edward was there. I threw myself at him, hugging him with all my might.

"Well hello beautiful" he whispered and I blushed slightly.

"Hey" I said shyly unwrapping myself from him.

I looked over my shoulder to see Emmett grabbing Rose's bags and Jasper giving Alice a small hug. I smiled thinking that all my friends were happy.

"You ready to go Barbie?" Emmett boomed, grabbing Rose's arm. She pulled away from him roughly and smacked him up the back of the head, "OW! Rosie!"

"I am no Barbie, Emmett!" she seethed.

Emmett actually looked scared. Rose seemed impressed that she scared him. He just nodded at her sadly, before smirking slightly, "Whatever you say Princess"

She raised her hand again and he moved away quickly.

"You better run Emmett! You are so dead" she ran after him, he just chuckled grabbing all her bags and running out the door.

"Two down, four to go" Edward smiled smugly; "We better get going" he motioned over to Jasper who just nodded, taking Alice's hand gently.

"Let's go love" he said to her, she just giggled and let him lead her out.

"Just us now" Edward said to me.

I pulled on his hair and crushed him lips to mine, "Hm, I wanted to do that since you walked in"

He chuckled, "I missed you so much Bella"

"I missed you too" I sighed, "Now let's go! We better get a wriggle on; today we start our journey together today!" I pulled on his arm roughly, trying to get him out the door. He followed willingly.

I picked up my bag and walked down to the car. Edward followed me closely and helped me into the car. The boys were going to stay in their car whilst us girls were going is ours.

I looked up at him and he leaned down to give me a quick chaste kiss. He whispered against my lips, "Remember, no matter what I will follow you wherever the road leads us"

"Wherever?" I questioned.

"I promise" he pecked me on the lips again before running off to his car.

"Aww" Rose cooed.

"So adorable like my Jasper" Alice gushed.

"Not like my buffoon at all!" Rose exclaimed and we just laughed.

I looked down at my ring again and as Rose pulled out of the car park, I turned in the seat to see the boy's car behind us, following us. I smiled and thought 'Wherever the road takes us, I promise".

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