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Chapter Before -
He gave me a light kiss, before pulling away, "Would you do me the kind honour of being my princess tomorrow night?"

"Huh?" definitely confused. He nodded for me to look behind me, a huge poster was hanging up and sure enough, there it was. Tomorrow night the hotel was holding a fairy tale ball.

I glanced back to him, "Of course, as long as you'll be my prince"

"I'd be anything for you Bella" and the sincerity in his voice made me quiver with love and told me that he would indeed be anything that I needed him to be.

Chapter 23 – Wake Up Call

A sharp knock on the hotel door made me jump from the bed, I had been awake for quite a while reading my book whilst enjoying the company of a sleeping Edward. I raced to the door to stop the annoying knock before it woke him up.

Swinging it open hard and preparing myself to be stern with this person, I was greeted with a small petite Alice who was bouncing up and down with excitement. Only one could guess what she was so excited about.

"Guess you got asked to the ball?"

She gave me the stink eye before placing her hands on her hips, "How did you know?"

"Because why else would you be at my door at eight in the morning, bouncing with excitement?"

She huffed loudly, her hands falling to her sides, "Ah, good point" a wide smile spread across her face, "and guess what, this means it's a shopping trip!"

I groaned. Of course I should have seen this coming; I didn't have anything for a ball, let alone a fairy tale one. Alice pushed her way past me and jumped onto the bed, waking a sleepy Edward bounce and fall straight to the floor.

"What the?" he sat up suddenly, rubbing his head. I raced to his side, asking if he was okay before turning and glaring straight at a sheepishly looking Alice.

"Oops" she didn't even looked one bit concerned, Edward got off the floor with the support of the bed.

"What's with the wakeup call?" he asked, still rubbing his head gently, poor baby.

"Well Jasper asked me to the fairy tale ball and I knew you asked Bella"

"How the he.." he interrupted her.

The interrupted right back with a tap to her head, "I just know things"

Edward shifted his eyes over to me and I nodded, she was scary like that.

"Anyway" she kept talking, I sat down next to Edward snuggling into his side, "Bella needs to go shopping for an outfit and so do I"

"What about Rose?" shouldn't she have to shop to?

"Oh, don't even mention this to Rose, that buffoon of a boyfriend of hers didn't even ask her, I already made that mistake this morning, informing her of our attendance" Alice shuddered.

"Poor Emmett" I shook my head along with her.

"She looked livid" Alice concluded.

"Do I need to go protect the great big oaf?" Edward looked at both of is hesitantly.

"NO!" I hugged him closer, he laughed and Alice smirked.

"I would listen to her Edward; Rose can be pretty scary when she wants her way"

"Suppose I better have a shower and go see what Jasper's up to today" Edward gave me a soft kiss to the cheek before leaving for the bathroom. I turned to Alice who looked happy and radiated with excitement.

"Let's get going!" she dragged me out the door and down to the car. Luckily I was up early and already dressed, I honestly don't think Alice cared if I was ready or not.

"Okay so I have our costumes planned out" Alice walked straight into the third costume shop.

"You've said that a few times now" I groaned, "Anyway, isn't it supposed to be my choice in what I wear?"

"It's a fairy tale ball Bella, what are you going to wear?"

"Clothes, I hope" I smirked which earned me a glare.

"Ha Ha, very funny" she put sarcastically.

"A dress?"

"What kind of dress?"

"I don't know Alice! A pretty one?"

"And this is why I have planned our outfits" she smirked and I rolled my eyes.

"So, what are you going as?"

"You'll just have to see"

"And what am I going as?"

"You'll find out tonight"

"Come on Alice, what if I don't like it?" I whined.

"Don't you worry Bella, I know you'll love it; I've thought of everything" she smiled before running her hand through the rack of clothes.

Guess I'll find out tonight.

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