Just a little something I wrote a while ago. All dialogue, obviously. I really like playing with the format, you know? Anyways. Totally pointless, probably FWP, fluff without plot. Which is actually what a lot of stories are...

"Oh, hi!"


"How are you? Good? Really? That's great! So. Where were you, say, yesterday at, say, three-ish?"

"Eh, sleeping?"

"Where were you supposed to be?"

"Ehm. Sorry."

"Damn right you're sorry. Next time that you pull a stunt like this I'm dumping water on your head and yanking your sorry ass out of bed."

"…so, what are you doing here in the market?"

"Bit of a change in subject, hm?"

"Of course not! What are you doing in the market?"

"Well, you see, I found that my refrigerator was bereft of many things, namely food."

"I see. So you came to the market."

"And, through good will and fortune, ran into you!"

"Sure, why not, if you want to put it that way. And I'm actually genuinely sorry?

"Too right you are. You're buying my groceries now."

"You've forgotten your eggs."

"Ey, what the bloody hell are you doing reading my grocery list over my shoulder? And I was just heading there to the egg seller right now."

"No, you were heading toward the vegetable seller. The egg person is back that way and a little to the right."

"Well, I was going there next then, okay?"

"…no, because your house is at that end of the market and the egg seller's stall is by Ichiraku, which is that way in the opposite direction."

"Okay, whatever, fine, I forgot to buy the damn eggs. Happy now?"

"And you forgot to buy mochi for tonight."

"Why do I need mochi for tonight?"

"Naruto's party thing? Because he's engaged to Hinata now?"

"Shit, I totally forgot."

"I know. That seems to be a recurring theme with you today."

"Shut up. You 'forget' where practice is all of the time."

"Okay, fair point. But I forget on purpose."

"That forget you just said wasn't in quotation marks."


"You horrible liar."

"Why thank you."

"Not a compliment."

"Are you going to go get your eggs now, Sakura? Or are you going to be omelet-less for ever?"

"Why does it matter if I get the eggs or not?"

"It's a good way to annoy you."



"You deserved it."

"Mmmm. Hey, Sakura?"


"Can I kiss you?"