'Oh,' He said airily, with a casual flick of blonde hair, 'by the way, I happen to be dying.'

Spoken like a bureaucrat, not a human being. Dying was just another event on the addenda. His voice lingering on the tone of statistics and data. Damage Control.

The news had shocked the four. A grim reminder of both his and their mortality. Foreknowledge that everything dies. a prediction made at the very beginning that the men and women of the Investigations Division of the Department of General Affairs, affectionately named the Turks, of ShinRa Electric Power Company, or what was left of it would one day meet their end.

Now it was his turn. He had been diagnosed with the Stigma. His body was trying to fight off the alien matter, and it was killing him.

And Rufus ShinRa was dying.

A/N;; Prelude. Partially inspired by 'Time Enough.' It's in my faves. Go find it. And partially inspired by a House M.D. and the song 'What Sara Said' by Death Cab for Cutie. A will upload a new chapter every day, one a day, for the next five days. There are six stories total, each focusing on one specific character, and the Five Stages.

1. Denial

2. Anger

3. Bargaining

4. Depression

5. Acceptance

Tomorrow is Denial. Yay.