GF is Gay-Friend: the Exquisite Tale of Hyuuka Hinato

Disclaimer: Bakamoto

Genre : AU/Humour/Romance/Ecchi/Shounen Ai/Shoujo Ai

Type: Continuation

Rate: E

Pairings: Hinata-Sasuke, Hinata-Naruto, Hinata-Gaara, Hinata-Sakura, and others

Summary: OOC/AU. Sasuke was afraid of commitment, but his family planned to engage him to someone else. Depressed, he asked his best friend to cross-dress as a guy to trick his whole family! Hyuuga Hinata was now: HYUUKA HINATO! sasuhina/naruhina/sakuhina/gaahina

GF is Gay-Friend:

The Exquisite Tale of Hyuuka Hinato

Chapter 1: Introducing the Closet Spoiled-Best Friend!

"Please… Hinata-tan…?"


Hinata stretched her stiff body after hours of journey from her hometown to Tokyo. It was an exhausting journey, but it was worth it anyway. She was going to continue her study in one of the most prestigious university all over Japan! Even to make her father prouder, she was one of the top ten scorers in enrollment exam. She was even given the chance to give the speech, representing the female fresh undergraduates, because she was the only female who reached the top ten scores.

She was so proud and happy with herself. Ha! In your face, Neji-niisan! She remembered when she got the letter from the university and shoved it up to Neji's face, who always teased her that she would never be accepted in the university. She already had enough of Neji's constant teasing. Not that she hated him, though. She's just already had enough of his teasing that if he still continued on it, she would have the urge to shove someone's head to a nearby toilet.

In order to study at the university, Hinata had to live alone, away from the warmth of her family. Her father, in his extreme happiness after hearing the result of Hinata's enrollment test, has bought her a new luxurious condominium for her. It was not a huge one, since she's going to live by herself (the daily maid that went back home at 3pm not mentioned), but it's a place filled with anything you need for your own self, at top quality. This was the least that Hinata could get from his father; because he actually intended to get her a new 2 storey house, complete with 5 maids, 10 bodyguards, 7 security guards, and 2 chauffeurs. She totally rejected it and threatened her father that she would not continue study in Tokyo if he still did that. Such commotion to just let a daughter go…

But it was funny, even though her father caused quite a ruckus to let her go, it was a normal thing that her father always did anyway. She remembered how over-protective her father to his daughters, ever since Hinata and Hanabi's mother passed away after an accident happened 7 years ago. Their mother was killed in a traffic accident in UK because of the constant bugging of paparazzi. There was also another victim in the accident; her name was Diane or something. Hiashi, the father, was just worried about their daughters so much to the extent of being totally over protective. Hinata chuckled when she remembered the thing that her father did on her very first date. Her twenty bodyguards (not including bodyguards in disguise) scared the guy out of his wits. Thus she failed her first date.

But that's expected. She's one of the daughters from the Hyuuga family, so wealthy that they don't even need to worry for the family's life until the next 10 generations. Her father was a man of business, one of the top ten most influential people in economy of Japan. One of the industries the family had was car industry; it has the famous logo of the 'H' letter on each product.

Hinata was the one that's going to inherit the industry, and she was going to take a degree in machine engineering faculty. She just couldn't wait to study there, to savor the sweet fragrance of oil and the musical sound of gears.

"Only three days again, Hinata… just three days… patience, patience, fufufu…" Hinata chuckled like a maniac. Whenever it was about machine, she was a total geek.

That doesn't suit her appearance. She had a long swift dark purple hair that reached her waist, white flawless skin, with a body that could make any guy melted. Not that she cared, though. For now she was content with her life, surrounded by machines and text books. Such a waste of existence for the likes of her, really.

She slid the key-card to the door of her condo; it was all brand new and shiny inside. Everything was already taken care of, her father insisted on doing so, not letting her own daughter to arrange her own things, in fear that she might hurt her arm. She rolled her eyes at her father's antics, and went to the living room. There was a paper at the coffee table, listing all of her things and where she could find them left by the condo's supervisor.

Hinata took a can of soda from inside the fridge and opened it, she was going to sit at the sofa and read the list, when she suddenly remembered that she forgot to close the door. She cursed and stood up from where she sat, going to shut the door for good, when she found that someone was already inside the room.

The guy was tall and had a well built athletic body. Onyx eyes stared at her that could just melt any girl who stared into it. His hair was jet black, with a bit spiky style at the back. Serious and stern, but still had the strong sex appeal in his looks.

"Sa… suke-kun…?" Hinata blurted out the guy's name.

He walked closer to her; eyes fixed on her and didn't even say a word. Hinata froze at her position, still too shocked. She could never expect that Sasuke was already at her apartment. Sure, Sasuke lived in Tokyo, but that didn't mean that he could find her that easily. She didn't even give Sasuke her address yet, but how could he find her?

Sasuke stood right in front of her, their distance was so close that she felt that he was over-towering her. Her body trembled, she was scared. She's always scared of Sasuke whenever they met.


The guy glomped at her, almost suffocate her to death. In the sudden bear hug crush, Hinata lost her balance, and both of them fell to the floor, Hinata was at the bottom. But Sasuke didn't let her go; he was still hugging her like a kid hugging its favorite blanket.

This was what she fear the most from Sasuke.

The hug.

"Mou~ Hinata-tan~ why didn't you tell me that you're already in Tokyoooo~~~~? I miss you so much~!" Sasuke pouted so out of character-ly. He didn't let go of her, or even bother to slip away from on top of her, regardless that he was crushing her with his weight.

"Ne, I just arrived here, Sasuke-kun! I don't even have the chance to look at my place first, let alone contacting you. Could you just be patient?" Hinata slapped her own forehead in distress. Her long time best friend didn't even change a bit after all this time. Still acting spoiled and childlike to her, even though they were separated for years.

"B- But I miss you, Hinata-tan~"

There. Sasuke put on his puppy eyes again. Hinata admitted her defeat; she just couldn't hold herself whenever Sasuke put that move on her. She smiled and patted her hand on Sasuke's head, making him grinning ear to ear.

"I'm really sorry, Sasuke-kun. I wanted to give you a surprise actually. But now, let us do our reunion in a proper way and not crush my fragile body, shall we?" Hinata smiled. Sasuke then lifted his body from on top of her, but his arms were still clinging to her neck.

"And the bear hug too, Sasuke-kun. We could save it for later…"

Sasuke sighed and let her go. He helped her to stand up and then walked to the sofa. Hinata took another can of drink from the fridge and handed it to Sasuke.

"Ne, peach tea, your favorite!" Hinata grinned.

"Hinata-tan…" Sasuke looked at her, eyes gleaming with tears in happiness.

"Cut the exaggeration already, Sasuke-kun," Hinata sighed.

Sasuke stuck out his tongue, and then he grinned at her happily.

"It's not exaggeration, but I just let my whole feelings out, like water pouring out from a broken facet," reasoned Sasuke.

"That's exactly what exaggeration means," Hinata rolled her eyes, but she laughed anyway.

"I miss you, Hinata-tan," Sasuke smiled a soft smile at her. Hinata smiled back, how she loved her best friend. It was 7 years already after their last reunion. The only time Sasuke met her again was at her mother's funeral, after that Hinata moved with the family to another place, where her mother used to live. They were all so busy that they never even had the chance to reunite, but they kept on contact all the time. At least Sasuke or she herself would call each other once a week for two hours of chat session.

"I miss you too, Sasuke-kun," Hinata smiled heartily.

"Doesn't it sound like a hug moment?" Sasuke grinned.

"No way, you crushed my back already!" Hinata stuck out her tongue at him.

"Sorry~ it was just a sudden body reflex, even if I want to, I couldn't stop it. Well, not that I want to, anyway," Sasuke laughed.

Hinata observed Sasuke's face. He looked like he's happy and content right now, but something was hidden on his eyes. Hinata had known Sasuke for 15 years, even just a gesture of him could say a hidden word.

"What's wrong, Sasuke-kun?" Hinata asked carefully. She held Sasuke's right hand on her own, showing him that she really was concerned about him.

Sasuke's eyes went wide for a second, but then he smiled softly at her. Hinata, she always knew whenever he was down. That's why he loved her so.

"You still can notice it, eh?" Sasuke grinned.

"It's as obvious as your pimple which you had on your face 3 years ago."

"Damn it, cut the tease already! Itachi-niisan sent the picture to you, didn't he?" Sasuke pouted.

"But it was so obvious~!" Hinata giggled for a moment, but then she changed her tone, "seriously, what's wrong Sasuke-kun?"

Sasuke breathed deeply, and he then finally sighed; "I'm going to be engaged."

"Ha?" Hinata's eyes widened in a state of shock. Her long time best friend… was going to be engaged?

"It's my parents' plan. They wanted me to marry a girl from the Haruno family, you know them, the top of fashion industry in Japan, even included as a top brand in Europe too," Sasuke sighed.

"But… why fashion industry? Aren't your family deal in electronics?"

"Ask that shit-head Itachi-niisan. He has graduated from his design school, and even though he has his own brand and already got the light spots on him, he wants to get to the top of Japan's fashion industry. Thus, he planned my marriage with the Haruno heir, Sakura, and even getting my mother to support this," Sasuke massaged the temple of his head, whenever he thought about this problem he would always have a sudden headache.

Hinata strengthened the grip on Sasuke's hand, as if urging him to continue the story.

"But luckily, father still has his feet on ground. He told my sick brother and my mother to give it easy on me. Not that he disagrees with the plan though, he just wanted to give me a chance to pick my own future spouse, noted that she has to be in the same background as me, though," Sasuke sighed.


"If… after one year I couldn't find any suitable person, then my marriage with Haruno Sakura will be inevitable. Thus end my life story tragically like Titanic the movie."

Hinata stared at Sasuke. Dear best friend of hers was going to be forced into a marriage. With someone that he never knew nonetheless, just to fulfill his mother and his brother's crazy wish to take over Japan fashion industry. Poor guy, Hinata would like to do anything to help her beloved friend, even including…

"Why don't you marry me instead, Sasuke-kun?"

The sentence was blurted out from Hinata's lips. Sasuke lifted his head in shock and stared at his best friend's face. Hinata's face was serious when she said this. Did she really mean it?


They shifted closer, hand in hand. Slowly closing their distance, both of the pair of their eyes stared deeply to each other.

There was no noise, until someone blurted:



They started to laugh loudly. Thrilled with what one of them just said. They continued on laughing their guts out, even though tears were already on their eyes and they're already falling to the floor, they just couldn't stop themselves. It took approximately 3 and a half minute until they could regain their calmness back.


"That was…"



They looked at each other's face, and grinned.

"Don't say that again, Hinata-tan. I might die if you cracked me like that again."

"But that's epic, don't you think so?" Hinata was still grinning ear to ear.

"Maybe I should just let myself die in laughing, that way I won't have to get married," Sasuke mused.

"Don't say that, Sasuke-kun, getting married is not that bad actually," said Hinata, trying to comfort him.

"Not that bad? It's BAD! I mean, committed with one person that you never know, taking care of the children, getting the rage of jealousy from your spouse, and in the end: divorce! Besides, people like us; we will never have a normal family life and warmth! Always the jet set and high class life that's bad influence for the children and lack of privacy when you announced your relationship with someone. It's THAT bad, Hinata-tan!" Sasuke shrieked in fear.

"Paranoid of commitment, as usual…" Hinata rolled her eyes.

"But what I said is true, Hinata-tan," said Sasuke in a serious tone.

Hinata, who was already laying down on the sofa besides Sasuke's, shifted her gaze to him. Ready to listen more.

"People like us; we are the heirs of industries that have its roots on Japan national economy. We will never have the luxury of having a normal family," Sasuke sighed.

Hinata was going to hug Sasuke after he said it, not only because she wanted to comfort him, but actually to herself as well. What he said just now applied to her future life too. It's possible that maybe her father might marry her with someone who'll bring fortune to the business. That, or maybe her father will kept her as a maiden forever because of his antics, and cloned her if she was going to pass away, so there'll always be a new heir to the industry.

"That is why; I need your help, Hinata-tan!" Sasuke stood up from his seat and sat at the floor besides Hinata's sofa. He took Hinata's right hand with him, clutching it with both of his. He raised his head and looked at her with full determination and seriousness that he could force on his already stiff face.

Hinata straightened her sitting position. She was blushing, shocked with the sudden change in Sasuke's behavior. He was never this serious with her, and the look he was wearing now, showed her that he was not the little spoiled guy that she knew from years ago. This was a man, on a bended knees yearning something from her. That only she could fulfill.

"Sa- suke-kun…?" Hinata's blush became deeper.

She never saw this Sasuke-kun, why suddenly she felt nervous?

"Please… Hinata-tan…"

Both of them were silent, as if mustering courage to not faint.

"Please, be my GAY FRIEND!"


Elsewhere, Itachi sneezed.

-To be Continued-


Mou: I don't know the exact meaning of this, but usually the Japanese use this when they're pouting. I refuse to use any English version, it'll be less funny.

The suffix of –tan: It's actually a more childish version of '-chan'. Usually used by girls, Sasuke used this to call Hinata, showing total OOC.

Author's Note:

I am suddenly in love with sasuhina that I decided to write a fanfic about them, and wheee! Such cliffhanger!!! Ahahahha, nothing beats giving cliffhanger in the climax!

And yes, both Hinata and Sasuke, and all the rest in this story are OOC. There's a reason why this called as 'fan-fiction', so don't flame me about it. Hinata and Sasuke were about 18-19 years old.

The next chapter will be updated two or three weeks later. I have to finish my other stories update too. Right now I have 4 ongoing fictions, mid exams at my new university, and xxxHolic kei and FMA anime for download. Geez, talk about being ambitious.


Just because of her long time best friend needed her help, it didn't mean that she's going to help him that easily. But Sasuke kept her ultimate weapon hidden. He's not going to get a 'no' from Hinata.