GF is Gay-Friend: the Exquisite Tale of Hyuuka Hinato

Disclaimer: Bakamoto

Genre: AU/Humor/Romance/Ecchi/Shounen Ai/Shoujo Ai

Type: Continuation

Rate: E

Pairings: Hinata-Sasuke, Hinata-Naruto, Hinata-Gaara, Hinata-Sakura, and others

Summary: Sasuke was going to be engaged! Depressed, he asked his best friend, Hinata, to cross-dress as his gay mate, known as HYUUKA HINATO! This was not easy when the disguise just attracts attention, from guys and girls…

GF is Gay-Friend:

The Exquisite Tale of Hyuuka Hinato


Side Story 1: Embarrassed Exterminator

The exterminator met her doom

Lee could not believe what his eyes have feasted on.

A girl with Chinese buns as hairstyle was hiding in a bush, holding a binocular to her eyes, and Lee could swear that he saw a huge sword was sheathed on her back. The girl was spying on someone, Lee did not know who, but seriously, if he's not trained enough, he could not just distinguish the girl from the rowdy bush. She camouflaged herself very well.

"That's so cool, it seems like she has trained so hard in the art of camouflation. Wait! I shouldn't have praised her like that! This is freaking weird. First it was the uke accident at the grand hall and now this? What the hell is wrong with this campus!?"

Yes, Lee just wanted a normal life after he had spent his past year as a rounin in a Chinese Shaolin temple, courtesy of his father, Maito Gai a. k. a. 'Mighty Guy'. Mister Gai has expelled him to the Shaolin temple to undergo a harsh training in order to pass the enrollment test to ToDai this year. Last year, Lee has failed miserably.

The dark past he had last year on the Chinese Shaolin Temple has traumatized him so much into anything that involved Chinese culture. He'd rather not to be near anything Chinese-y thing too much, or he would just freak out. Like, for example, when he arrived back home after undergoing the training at the temple, he broke every freaking mirror in his house. His reflection reminded him a lot with the legendary Chinese Kung Fu martial artist; Bruce Lee.

"Yo, Lee!" someone greeted him from behind; Lee quickly turned back and saw the person who called him. It was Chouji, a fat guy with a spiky hair, his old friend since grade school. Lee secretly thanked the heaven that now Chouji did not wear the weird briefs-like hat, he wore thongs-like hat instead. His friend Chouji has a fetish with undergarments ever since they were first graders.

"Chouji-san! You study here to?" Lee smiled.

"Yeah, I guess all the nutrition I consumed while doing the study preparation has showed its magic. Last year I was just a rounin, same like you," Chouji grinned.

"Yes, and I see very clearly that the magical nutrition has piled up its waste on your waist," said Lee.

"What? Are you trying to imply that I'm fat?"

"No, I just want to say that maybe you should give your nutrition to someone else in instant by doing a liposuction," Lee grinned.

Chouji did not even understand what Lee had said. He just shrugged and scratched the back of his head, "what are you doing here anyway, Lee?"

"I was watching someone who's hiding at the bush over there," Lee pointed the bush behind him without glancing at it.

"What? I didn't see anything!" said Chouji.

"Huh? Sure it's quite hard to distinguish her, but seriously, if you look at it a bit longer, you could see that a girl was hiding in the bush!"

"I didn't see anything! No one is there! You see it yourself!"

"Tsk," Lee frowned and turned his back, he looked at the bush once more, and… Chouji was right; no one was hiding at the bush.

"I swear she was right there just now!" Lee shouted, freaked out. How could the girl just slipped away without his shaolin-trained-senses noticing it?

"Whatever, dude. You are weird. Are you really that sex deprived that you imagined doing it with a girl at the bush? Dude, you creep me out, you exhibitionist!" Chouji shrieked like a girl and escaped for his dear life.

Lee twitched. That was why he did not like to be involved in anything that's Chinese-like.


Exterminate every guy who touched Hyuuga Hinata-sama.

That was written in a text message sent to Tenten's mobile phone. Tenten deleted it straightly after reading it once, that's what Konan has long printed into her brain; to get rid of any visible proof of every exterminating order. Nevertheless, Tenten felt that this kind of order was strange, since she's new to handle Hiashi's personal assassination orders. Usually, the order went straightly from Konan, business advisor and commander of Hyuuga's Undercover Exterminators Squad 1.

Her targets were usually old geezers who did dirty tricks to ruin the business of Hyuuga Company. Konan would usually do the soft approach first (meaning; involving some AK 47 pointed to the head, also some fingernail breakings), and if it did not work (which usually happened once in every three cases), Konan would order Tenten, her favorite assassin, to do the final approaching. This would usually settle things without doubt.

But this time, the targets were just some limp, spoiled guys who might not know how to fight the hard way. As a worse addition, each of her targets was not protected by personal guards. This mission would be like snatching a candy from an amoeba, to mention how easy it was. It lacked of challenge, it lacked of fight, and it just involved a kunai to the neck in midnight. How boring.

Tenten stared at the wall near her bed where she stuck her targets' pictures on it. There were hundreds of pictures, all of them were already crossed with huge red X mark, signing that the target has already been terminated. There was only one picture on the wall which was not marked, the picture of a certain black haired guy.

Tenten walked to her PC and printed out some pictures of some new targets of her mission. Well, if the mission was boring, then the new way to entertain it is by adding the target amount. Tenten smiled coldly as she watched two pictures freshly printed out; a vehement blonde guy and a cold red-head.

She smirked contently for her idea, and decided to give herself a reward by having a jog in the nearest park.

What? It was not simple as it sounded like! Jog, in Tenten's dictionary, meant checking the mission battlefield! Especially because her apartment was located near Hinata's, as Hiashi has arranged.


"Okay, so I have bought these taiyakis, and Chouji would meet me in the park around 4pm. It's still 30 minutes again, but I think I should just go there first and have some exercise."

"Mommy! The huge-browed guy talked to himself!" A 3 year old exclaimed in curiosity when he saw Lee was talking to himself. The mother quickly rushed to the child and carried her away, leaving a teary-eyed Lee alone.

Lee cursed himself. He should not still carry his bad habit, talking loudly to himself. That's why people always stare at him as if he's mad; sometimes an old lady would smack him in the head with her bag. Lee mumbled incoherently as he swore that he would do 1000 pull ups if he talked to himself again.

Lee took a left turn on the intersection, and walked around two minutes until he reached the park gate. Strangely, the park was empty. It was weird, because the weather was great. At time like this, Lee just wore a pair of jeans and a black tee.

Well, it was not like Lee would hate it though. It meant that no one would disturb his exercise. He was walking to one of the park bench when suddenly he felt a piercing chill. He quickly turned his head to where the creepy feeling came from, and his eyes went wide when he saw where it was from.

The very same girl that he saw hiding on the bush yesterday.

"Y- You…" a gasp escaped Lee's mouth.

Tenten pierced a glare at the guy who intruded her training. She knew this guy; he was the one who realized that she was hiding in the bush, spying at Hinata. If the guy could easily distinguish her perfect camouflage, then this guy was no ordinary guy. At the worst case scenario, this guy could infiltrate her mission, and Tenten knew exactly what she would do regarding this matter.


With that one word, Tenten pulled a shuriken from behind her belt, and aimed it straightly to Lee's forehead. In split second, a surprised Lee made a sudden lucky-turn, and dodged the shuriken only by an inch.

Lee looked to where the shuriken has landed. He gulped inaudibly, and could feel that his face was turning pale. If only his trained shaolin reflect didn't do him the favor, he could have just died.

Tenten cursed silently. No one was able to dodge her shuriken attack but now. Lee really proved that his existence should better be exterminated. The reason now was not only he could fail her mission, but also, Tenten hated to see someone stronger then her. She drew three shurikens again from her belt, and aiming from Lee's critical spot.

"W- Wait, WAIT! What are you trying to do, Lady!? I didn't do anything wrong to you!" Lee dodged as fast as he could, running away from the sudden shuriken rain. Whenever he moved, he was barely able to dodge the shurikens; they were grazing against his clothes, tearing them in many places.

Tenten was still throwing shurikens at him, each time getting even more enraged as Lee could dodge every piece of it. When she was out of ammo, she threw some kunais instead at him. But this would not last long. Tenten knew very well that she only carried ten kunais right now, and she left her Chinese blade at her apartment.

Suddenly, all the throwing ended. Both Tenten and Lee were panting furiously. They were speeding against each other during the shooting.

"L- Listen…" Lee huffed in between his breaths, "I didn't know who you are. But I swear, I just saw you once yesterday… B- But, if you heard what my friend had said, and you're deeply hurt by his statement, then I really apologize… You shouldn't just take the quick toll by killing me out of rage!"

Tenten didn't say a word. After all, she was not very good in speaking to other people but Konan. There was only one word that she only capable to say to other people; 'exterminate'.

"Lady…" Lee called again after he could regain control of his breathing, "I swear, I wouldn't tell anyone that you are a sex deprived stalker! So please… stop this…"

Tenten stared at him with a confused look. What the hell was this guy talking about? Stalker? Sex deprived? Those were new words for her! Even so, she didn't like the tone of his. He seemed like accused her for something. Well, not that half of it was wrong, though.

Tenten leaped forward to Lee and quickly leashed a Chuck Norris round house kick towards Lee's head. In split second, Lee blocked the attack. His left hand which were blocking the kick felt like it was burning. The girl sure knew how to kick right.

"Lady…" Lee tried talking his way out again, "Please listen-"


Lee's words were stopped abruptly by the sound of a hungry stomach.

"W- What? Was that… you?"

Lee turned his head to see Tenten straightly. The girl was blushing furiously. It was a strange expression though. Her face was still cold and deadly, but Lee could clearly see that pink shade was creeping on her cheeks.

"You're hungry?" Lee laughed softly.

Tenten withdrew her leg from the kick. She just stared at the ground, feeling weirdly embarrassed and angry because she did something silly to fail her assassination.

Lee just smiled, and he turned her back at Tenten. Tenten quickly held Lee's wrist, holding him at place.

"Don't worry, I won't run away. If you're still pissed, you can continue killing me later. But I kind of think that it should be best not to keep yourself hungry," said Lee as he withdrew his hand from Tenten's grip. He walked to the bench where he placed his taiyakis before Tenten attacked her.

"Here, I bought some taiyakis before. It's still hot. You can have them all, I could always buy it again later," Lee handed the paper bag to Tenten.

Tenten's blush was getting even redder, but the stoic, robotic expression never left her face. Her lips were slightly open, confused. Lee noticed that the way she looked right now was kind of cute.

"What's the matter? You don't like taiyakis?"

Tenten quickly shook her head.

"Then eat it, it has red bean paste filling. Have you tried it?"

Tenten shook her head again, still blushing.

"Have you ever eaten a taiyaki before?"

Tenten shook her head, again. This was getting irritating. Seriously, if the guy was going to ask her something again that required shaking head as an answer, she'd castrate the guy.

"That's funny," Lee laughed heartily, "You should try them, because they're my favorite snacks. I'll treat you more again sometime, okay? Now you should eat it. Don't worry, it's not poisoned. I was going to eat them myself before," Lee smiled softly at her.

Tenten nodded once and opened the paper bag. Inside he could see four fish-shaped cakes. She could feel the steam on her face, the snacks were still hot, and she could feel that she was practically drooling. Before she took one of them though, she raised her head and stared to Lee, as if wanting to say thanks. But no, she could not speak. She just couldn't.

"Oi, Lee!"

Suddenly, a voice called for Lee, and he quickly turned his head to where the voice came from. There he saw Chouji, walking fast towards him from the park gate.

"Yo, Chouji, over here!" Lee walked to his friend, leaving Tenten who was staring at his retreating back.

Tenten felt something weird in her. It felt like she was slightly disappointed. She still wanted to be with the guy.

"What the hell? What happened to your clothes!? Those cuts!? What the hell did you do!?" Chouji exclaimed his shock upon seeing Lee's current state.

"Relax, Chouji. I just encountered this weird girl here, and we were having a spar. Here, let me introduce you to her," Lee pulled Chouji's wrist and drag him to the place where Tenten was.

He was shocked when he saw that Tenten was not there anymore. Even the weapons that were thrown to him earlier were not even there. How could she just disappear like that without leaving any trace!?

"I swear, Chouji! The girl I told you yesterday was here! I was fighting with her, she even threw some weapons on me, and I even gave her those taiyakis!" Lee tried to explain the situation to Chouji, but Chouji was only staring at him.

"I KNOW IT! You were imagining boning a girl in the park! Involving Sadomasochism and taiyaki! You… you sick exhibitionist!" Chouji quickly escaped for his dear life, again.

That's it. Lee knew what's worse than being involved with Chinese-cultured thing; it was being involved with a blood-thirsty girl who had Chinese buns as a hairstyle.

From on top of a tree, Tenten was hiding, watching at Lee who was clearly confused. A very small smile crept upon her lips.

'Name… Lee…'


It has been a week since Lee's encounter with the strange girl. He kind of missed her. He admitted that he's really curious with her, especially with her skill. Lee has visited the park everyday at the same time, to see if the girl was there again. But never in these seven days could Lee see her.

"Oh well, let's just give it another chance today! After all, I told her I will treat her more taiyakis!" exclaimed a happy Lee.

"Mommy! That guy was talking to him self again!"

Anime tears fell swiftly on Lee's cheeks. Well, it's going to be 1000 pull ups for tonight.

Lee quickly made his way to the park, ignoring the three years old kid who was being dragged by her mother again. Only two minutes, and he has arrived on the park again. He quickly went to the same spot where he met Tenten before. But as part of his pessimism could already guess, no one was there.

Lee's shoulders dropped in disappointment. Too bad, seemed like there was no way he could see her again.


Lee was shocked to hear that someone called his name from behind. That voice… there was no mistaking it. The same cold and robotic tone he noticed belong to only someone certain.

"It's you again!" Lee quickly turned to face her, and he was grinning broadly. But he stopped when he saw that the girl was carrying a paper bag. He could smell the thin fragrance from the bag; it was taiyaki.

Tenten gestured Lee to take the bag from her. Lee stepped forward, only to be suddenly attacked with a kick to his head again. Luckily, he could block the attack.

Lee smiled.

"Looks like it's going to be hard to just eat taiyaki, eh?"

-To be Continued-


Rounin: it actually means as a homeless samurai, who doesn't has a master. But that was like hundred years ago. Nowadays it would actually means as people who just graduated from school and didn't succeed to get a place in the university.

Taiyaki: It's a type of Japanese snack. It's a grilled cake in a shape of a fish. Originally, it's filled with red bean paste. But nowadays there are a lot more flavors available. I even have tried Ice Cream taiyaki with chocolate paste! Yummy!

Shuriken, Kunai: Seriously… you guys… seriously… ignorance sometimes is okay… but seriously…

Sadomasochism: Why don't we ask dear google image for this? (wink, wink)


Author's Note:

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SPOILER for next chapter:

Even though the two of them decided to stick together, they were slowly going separate ways, without realizing it themselves. Both the two of them found someone else to fall in love to, and keeping it hard to be together. This was… their very first fight.

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