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Forever Young

Scott's POV (Monday)

I was dreading school. It was my first day back since the accident, I has just got out of the hospital Saturday. I pulled into the senior lot next to Jeth's car and waited for him, Abby, Tony, and Ziva to pile out before I got out of the car, and even then I walked over to them slowly. Abby had offered for me to start hanging around with them more since Jenny was gone. Her funeral was tomorrow, that reminded me. I walked over, my arms and neck still bandaged up and Tony clapped me on the shoulder.

"Heya Scott," He said as I winced, he was just trying to be friendly, he didn't realize that was burnt too, "You gonna play ball this year?"

"Don't think so," I said as we all turned and headed up to the school.

"You should," said Jeth as he took Abby's hand in his, "Might keep you busy."

"Maybe," I said as we walked through the door, and I realized that Cynthia, Jenny's best friend had already move on.

I watched from across the cafeteria as she demonstrated that she had taken Jenny's place as cheer captain. I just followed Jeth and Tony with my head down, trying not to draw too much attention. Abby was talking about something, and as always Jeth was paying very close attention to every word. Ziva and Tony however, were in a more depth conversation in hushed tones a few feet away from us. It was amazing to me how the school and the world were not so different than before the accident. My world had stopped when it happened, and just now was it starting to turn a little bit again.

"Tony, did we get a name yet?" Jeth asked as Ziva and Tony rejoined the group.

"Oh. no," said Tony, eyeing me wearily, "I was just talking to Zive about it, nobody's going to fess up and no body's gonna want to squeal."

"Squeal about what?" I asked and Tony just looked to Jeth, and then to Abby who answered me.

"Who brought the booze," said Abby solemnly and I nodded, "Do you know?"

"No." I lied pointedly, and Jeth seemed to be analyzing me slightly with his eyes before the bell rang to go to homeroom.

Jeth was then distracted by having to lean down and kiss Abby before she went off to her homeroom. Homeroom was weird. It was almost deathly silent, for once, and I knew it was just because I was present. I just sat in a seat in the back and waited for the first period bell to ring. I knew that I would not be learning anything today, and I might as well have just stayed at home.

I wondered slightly, as I walked to first period, and Tony waved to me with a little cheer-you-up smile what they would do if they knew it was me. If they knew that I was the one who brought all the beer, and I was the one who passed out and lived. They would, surely, all hate me, and I don't think I could take that along with all the guilt I already had. That was half the reason that I was out as long as I was. The therapist at the hospital gave me extra days because he said that I wasn't mentally stable enough to be released.

Of course I wasn't mentally stable, I had not only lost my girlfriend, it was my own fault. I felt like dying, I wanted to die. I didn't want to be here, and I didn't deserve to be there. Scum like me didn't deserve to live. I had thought of so many ways to end it all, lying there in the hospital bed. I guess therapists weren't such crackpots after all.

I walked into Dr. Mallard's class and rolled my eyes as I realized this was one of the many classes that I sat next to Jenny. Or I used to sit next to Jenny. Dr. Mallard seemed to remember, and he told me to take whatever seat I liked, no need to bother with my assigned seat, he knew my name.

I picked one in the way back of the classroom, and I just sat there all the class. I felt like I was going to cry, I just felt so helpless. After school out in the parking lot, Abby invited me over to the Gibbs' but I declined, I just wanted to go home and sleep to escape for a little while if I could.